Clarifications on Mayweather vs. McGregor

By Paul Magno on August 3, 2017
Clarifications on Mayweather vs. McGregor
Boxing, itself, has made a mockery of just about every historical record and benchmark.

It’s up to guys like Hauser with his unique grasp on combat (!) and even more keen grasp on ethics (!!) to put everything into perspective…

Like clockwork, boxing writer Thomas Hauser is out with a series of articles three weeks after the fact and chock-full of thoughts and ideas already expressed by other writers who actually bothered to write about the subject matter when it made sense to write about it.

But like a gigantic vulture with a man-perm picking through the remains of everyone else’s ideas, the dean of modern boxing writing has finally gotten around to addressing Mayweather-McGregor.

To cut to the chase (and to save everyone the effort of thumbing through a three-part RingTV Cliffs Notes summary of what uncredited, mostly unsourced boxing writers think of Floyd vs. Conor), let’s just say that he doesn’t like it one bit.

You know the drill by now—it’s a non-boxer vs. boxer, novice vs. expert farce aimed at cheating gullible rubes. And, of course, it’s up to guys like Hauser with his unique grasp on combat (!) and even more keen grasp on ethics (!!) to put everything into perspective.

What all the preaching—from Hauser and everyone else before him—doesn’t take into account is that maybe lots of us unwashed masses-type people aren’t quite as ignorant as imagined. Maybe we know a bit more about the realities of Mayweather-McGregor than some care to understand.

So, that’s why I wanted to write this little piece clarifying what I (and a lot of fight fans like me) see in Mayweather-McGregor and why the “purists” who are flipping their lids over this mega-spectacle need to get a grip on their own bloated self-righteousness.

First and foremost, no knowledgeable “boxing” person, anywhere, thinks that this fight will be competitive. To feel the need to write about how Floyd Mayweather is a much, much better boxer than Conor McGregor is kind of like writing a basketball article on Lebron James and feeling the need to mention that he’s a basketball player and very athletic. Duh. This whole “but McGregor isn’t a boxer” routine smacks of condescension.

Sure, there are plenty of people out there who somehow imagine McGregor beating the McNuggets out of Mayweather, but none of these people are knowledgeable boxing people. They are the guys who debate at a party whether Mike Tyson can beat Oscar De La Hoya and who think that both are still active. But that’s okay. Not everyone has to be a hardcore boxing fan tuned into every bit of boxing minutiae. Let fans be fans, no matter how “wrong” we think they are.

Second, fans buying into Mayweather-McGregor aren’t buying into the event for the same reason other fans will buy into Canelo-Golovkin. The reality is that people purchasing the PPV on August 26 will be doing so for the spectacle—and regardless of the outcome of the fight, there will be PLENTY of spectacle in Floyd vs. Conor.

Third, and maybe most importantly, SO WHAT? What exactly are we losing out on by Mayweather vs. McGregor being made? Mayweather was retired and looking to stay retired and McGregor wasn’t even in the mix. Floyd vs. Conor is bonus material—a bit of fluff in a usually dead August and something to whet the appetite before some really good September fights.

And spare me the silliness about the offense of Mayweather breaking Marciano’s undefeated mark with such a pointless soft touch. Boxing, itself, has made a mockery of just about every historical record and benchmark. If we’re going to cry about this insult to history, then we need to back up and go through a nearly endless laundry list of boxing’s offenses against its own history.

I know it’s easy to say that Mayweather-McGregor is a cheat, a hustle, a con. That’s the easy, lazy way to paint this mega-event. But I fail to see who, exactly, is being conned if knowledgeable boxing fans already know what to expect and the curious newcomers are just coming in for the spectacle, anyway. Is anyone really going to pretend that they’re up in arms over the “sanctity” of boxing when these same moral crusaders have let the sport fester in grift, corruption, and deadly incompetence for several generations now?

Mayweather-McGregor is probably not going to be a compelling fight and it shouldn’t be the least bit competitive, but there’s no downside to it happening. If anything, it could bring in some new eyeballs to the sport and expose fans to boxing who would otherwise never be exposed to it.

Whether it’s worth 100 bucks on PPV is up to the fans. I won’t be buying it, but I’ll happily watch it because I like boxing of all sorts and I’m genuinely interested in how the spectacle plays out. Boxing people who tune in to the fight will be watching for the same reason. We’re not dupes. We’re just fans who don’t share this ridiculous notion of keeping boxing as a super-serious, sanctimonious private club where others have to enjoy the sport in the exact same way we do.

Nobody is forcing the fight on anyone and it’s not being wedged in as a main event for network subscribers who have already pre-paid for supposed “premium” boxing content. There is no bait and switch here.

Boxing writers like Hauser just like to play outraged over things like this that don’t really matter as compensation for perpetual writer’s block when it comes to the things that DO matter.

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  1. victor 05:05am, 08/04/2017

    The article makes perfect sense.The spectacle,from a business standpoint and also entertainment is in order.The people involved took a gamble and it seems that they will reap crazy rewards.As a boxing fan, i am not as eager for it as i am for canelo-golovkin.But as far as promotion goes,boxing fights should take a page from it.

  2. Koolz 04:21am, 08/04/2017

    It’s a Cheat and A Con of the biggest Magnitude!  A huge blood sucking money grubbing scandal that can only happen in Las Vegas!

  3. Buster 08:46pm, 08/03/2017

    Paul, I wholeheartedly agree with you. You are right in all your cogent points. Real boxing fans know this is a circus but many are not going to admit being quite curious. They have been drawn into the “spectacle” via the antics of Floyd and McGregor who put on quite a show. Anyone who looks at this as a legit boxing match is a fool. It’s a spectacle more in common with “Wrestlemania” than boxing. And that profane bum who called your article “the most idiotic ever” and told you to perform an unnatural act on Floyd has to be Hauser himself. Who else would be so vitriolic? After all, you exposed him, but the bum doesn’t have the balls to answer you using his real name. What a pathetic schmuck.

  4. Pete The Sneak 10:46am, 08/03/2017

    Let’s be real folks…If McGregor would have fought even half of a real boxer before this ‘fight,’ he would not be commanding the kind of payday he is getting, as his boxing flaws would have been so apparent that you couldn’t sell this upcoming ‘match’ to anyone. As it is the allure of the ‘unknown’ remains a key part of the selling point…Just not to yours truly…Peace…

  5. Arnold Dinero 09:47am, 08/03/2017

    McGregor should have tested first the waters before fighting Mayweather. Algieri should have been a true test for McGregor.

  6. Charlie Gard 09:09am, 08/03/2017

    Madoff’s pig in a poke turned out to be that 1980s IBM AS400 Server in the back office of the 17th floor of the Lipstick building. Got a hunch that the thing squirming in this poke is a fighter who couldn’t beat Nate Diaz in an honest to goodness boxing match.

  7. Idiot magno 08:28am, 08/03/2017

    The most idiotic article ever. Keep on sucking Floyd’s dick ugly bald faggot.

  8. Charlie Gard 07:44am, 08/03/2017

    Jeez! Give it a break! This is a pig in a poke scam if ever there was! If Conor had come over to boxing and blasted out even one or two ranked fighters as a set up this would make some kind of sense…...this only works because the suckers can’t take their eyes off of what’s squirming in that poke!

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