Class Act: Cotto Schools Geale

By Robert Ecksel on June 6, 2015
Class Act: Cotto Schools Geale
Fighting out of the blue corner in sky blue trunks, Cotto fought like a fighter reborn.

If ever the old adage, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall” had meaning, it was when Cotto destroyed Geale in Brooklyn…

Saturday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, Miguel Cotto (40-4, 33 KOs), from Caguas, Puerto Rico, successfully defended his WBC middleweight title by stopping Daniel Geale (31-4, 16 KOs), from Mt. Annan, New South Wales, Australia, via TKO at 1:28 of round four.

Fighting out of the blue corner in sky blue trunks with red trim, Cotto fought like a fighter reborn. His signature left hook to the body landed early and often, but Cotto no more neglected to use his right hand than he neglected Geale’s head.

Geale, fighting out of the black corner (an indication of how times have changed) in blue trunks with red and white trim, entered the ring weighing 180 lbs., 20 lbs. over the middleweight limit. But if ever the old adage, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall” had meaning, it was when Cotto destroyed Geale in Brooklyn.

Round one set the tone for the rest of the fight. At the bell to start the fight, Cotto landed a left hook to the body. Geale countered with a right to the head. Cotto countered the counter with another left hook to body. The hostilities had begun with bang. Just to keep things interesting, Cotto landed a short left hook to Geale’s face. The Aussie connected with a sweet three-punch combination. Cotto landed another body shot at the bell to take the round 10-9.

According to CompuBox, Cotto landed 13 punches to Geale’s 9.

Between rounds, Freddie Roach told Cotto, “That a boy. Do not let him come to you. Do not let him get off first.”

Geale started round two with a right hand that found the mark. Cotto, embracing the notion that if ain’t broke don’t fix it, landed a left hook to the body, followed by a three-punch combination. He fired off a jab. He connected with another hook downstairs. Cotto landed a 1-2. Geale landed a 1-2 of his own. But Cotto, who was already on fire, was turning up the heat.

Cotto landed 18 of 54 punches thrown to 8 of 37 for Geale.

Cotto landed a power jab to Geale’s head to start round three. He followed that up with a jab to the body, which set up Cotto’s money punch, another delectable left hook downstairs. Geale landed a right. By way of thanks, Cotto landed two more hooks to the body. Geale connected with his best punch of the night, a right to Cotto’s face. But he might as well have punched a brick wall for all the good it did. Cotto landed a left-right-left combination with Geale on the ropes at the bell.

Between rounds three and four, Roach told Cotto, “More combination again. Don’t get lazy and stay in front of him.”

In the opposite corner, Geale’s trainer, Graham Shaw, had much the same advice for his fighter. “A little more aggressive,” he said. “Throw more combinations. You can win this thing.”

Whatever chance Geale had of winning this thing was upended a half minute into round four. The many punches Cotto had landed during the first three rounds had Geale wary of the champ and what he could do. The Pride of Puerto Rico, smelling blood, pushed Geale to the ropes, where he landed an accidental headbutt to the face, followed by a right and dynamite left hook to the head that dropped Geale to the canvas. He got to his feet at the count of nine—and Cotto jumped on his man. Throwing any and every punch in his arsenal, a right to the forehead put Geale down a second time. Again he beat the count. But when referee Harvey Dock asked Geale if he wanted to continue, the Real Deal shook his head no.

The final CompuBox numbers suggest that the fight was a slaughter, albeit an entertaining slaughter. Of total punches, Cotto landed 68 of 183 (37%) to Geale’s 33 of 127 (26%). In the power punch department, Cotto landed 43 of 110 (39%) to 22 of 50 (44%) for Geale.

When it was over, rather than strut around the ring or climb the turnbuckle to sneer and pound his chest, Cotto fought his way into Geale’s corner to make sure he was okay and congratulate him for fighting the good fight.

During the post-fight interview, Cotto didn’t praise his opponent. He didn’t even praise himself. Instead, he lauded his trainer Freddie Roach.

“I feel like the Miguel Cotto from the 2000s, from 2010, 2004,” he said. “Freddie is the best thing that ever happened to my career. I mean it. He’s the best thing that ever happened to my career. Freddie is a humble, simple guy who always came with his best, trying to get the best from you, and having got that from him just made me be better every day. Freddie just wants me to give more and more. That’s his style, and that’s what I like about him. Freddie Roach makes me feel like never before.”

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  1. Koolz 04:08am, 06/09/2015

    Raxman yea that’s two times he quit on HBO.  Not much of a warrior anymore.

    Just a pay day.  Well hope his family is happy.

    The old Geale is probably not coming back.

  2. raxman 04:06am, 06/09/2015

    tuxtucis - i think we could be on the verge of interesting times in the HW division the reign of the KIlt is near over - Fury, Wilder and new kid on the block Anthony Joshua, could provide for some entertaining fights - they each epitomize the new era of Super Heavy so they’re fights will never be as entertaining as the guys from the 70’s who at around 200-215 pounds could actual move and fight at the same time - not one or the other as the modern version - but this parity of quality - very big and also pretty good is what was missing for Lennox Lewis - who’s legacy would be greater had Riddick Bowe grown a pair and fought him - and if only the kilts had come along 5 years earlier - we could have had an interesting era then as i believe we are about to have now

  3. raxman 09:45pm, 06/08/2015

    koolz - it wasnt GGG that took something from Geale. it was mundine. and it wasnt what he took, it was what he gave. enough money for Geale to never have to work again - how many boxers can claim that? Geale lost his heart once his bank balance went through the roof.
    the geale that fought sylvester and sturm in germany would never have quit like he did, especially v Cotto
    its the worse case of coward quitting i have ever witnessed

    Geale makes Victor Ortiz seem like Arturo Gatti

  4. Koolz 06:50pm, 06/08/2015

    Forget it!  It’s obvious that Geale suffered from that loss of three pounds and then became a jug of water to be smacked around the ring.

    I don’t see Cotto fighting Golovkin ever.  GGG would Knock Cotto down and it would be over.

    I can even see Canelo beating Cotto in a very hard fight.

    But what happened to Geale has to be demonstration of how Catch weights are BS!

    Sorry don’t by the Cotto Hype.

  5. tuxtucis 03:05pm, 06/08/2015

    The past prime overweight superlightweight started Miguel Cotto outclasses a top 5 natural middleweight contender. The same Cotto was destroyed by flyweight started Pacquiao and lopsided by superfeatherweight started Mayweather Jr. It’s water clear today’s boxing has is best in the smaller weights and is near dead (except former Soviets) in heavier weights.

  6. Eric 01:32pm, 06/07/2015

    beaujack….Good point. Old time fighters got themselves down to the lowest possible weight that wouldn’t interfere with their strength. Jim Jeffries had said that you would be surprised at how little a large man needed to eat to maintain his strength. Jeffries had an UNBELIEVABLE TRAINING SCHEDULE to maintain while eating very little. I’m sure Marciano could have easily looked relatively trim at 195-198lbs, but he purposedly trained himself down to 184-187lbs, feeling at this weight he could maintain his strength without sacrificing speed and stamina.

  7. Koolz 11:12am, 06/07/2015

    Did GGG take something away from Geale now?  Man that was horrible performance from him!
    Cotto wow yea!  Go fight Golovkin now! 
    Still think Catch weight are crock of Sh##t

  8. Pete The Sneak 09:54am, 06/07/2015

    I love my Boricua brethren Cotto, but I truly do hate catch weights, so call it a ‘catch 22’... I’m no sports doctor or nutritional expert, but there has to be some effect on an individual whose weight dramatically see-saws over a 24-48 hour period…I posted on the Cotto/Geale preview article that Geale would not only give Cotto a difficult fight, but had the type of toughness that could possibly have pulled off an upset (heresy by Boricua standards)...Cotto did look great and boxed masterfully at times, but this was not the rough and tumble Daniel Geale I had seen in the past. Was he still feeling the effects of his previous fight with GGG, or was it a foregone conclusion that Cotto would have beaten him regardless of the weight issues?  Not to take anything away from Cotto’s performance, however me thinks Geale shot his load way before this fight with making the weight and knew once he was down that he absolutely had nothing left as a result…Thus the mini no-mas ending…Just my humble opinion…Peace.

  9. Kid Blast 07:22am, 06/07/2015

    Irish, Fat Dan is a humongous elephant, but he was correct about Geale who came in looking like Bowe vs Golota. Bad skin color. Hollow shell. But as a boxer, he warrants respect even if he trained poorly..

  10. Kidd Kulangot GirlGago 06:54am, 06/07/2015

    Cotto is shot. All his Ws after his loss to Pacquiao were against unskilled tomato cans, washed-up senior citizen, one-legged fighters, etc. Canelo will demolish Cotto…. Hey, if Miguelito is after a BIG payck to fortify his retirement fund then good luck vs. Alvarez.

  11. nicolas 06:49am, 06/07/2015

    What I think Geale’s second straight embarrassing loss shows is that if you are going to be the true middleweight champion of the world, you need to go through the USA much earlier and apply your craft there. This has been the path of most of the true middleweight champions. Geale, Strum, and Abraham were never true world middleweight champions. Only the period really between Nino Benvenuti, to Alan Minter did you have middleweights who did not come to the USA to be greater fighters than they would have otherwise been. Benvenuti when he defeated Emile Griffith to win the world title had never fought in the USA before, nor did Carlos Monzon. Rodrigo Valdez did have a few fights in the USA, some he even lost.  Had DIck Tiger not come to the USA earlier, it is very possible he might not have beaten Gene Fullmer, a man he was two years older than. He even had split a pair before there two title fights against Joey Giardello, also a fighter about a year younger than he. While I had never really been impressed with Geale, even feeling that Felix Sturm deserved a draw with him, I guess I took it for granted that all these ‘boxing experts’ knew something I did not, as he was lauded as a ‘master boxer.’ I think we excused the Golovkin loss, and I and many thought he would be extending Cotto, and might make it a close fight. Instead as Al Gore would say, there is an inconceivable truth, and Daniel Geale sadly learned that truth.

  12. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:17am, 06/07/2015

    Hell….maybe he did get on the scale in his skivvies….either way he had at least a twenty pound pull in weight.

  13. beaujack 06:08am, 06/07/2015

    Why would a Geale enter the ring at 180 pounds puzzles me.? Today most fighters think “more is better”, bulking themselves up tp proportion size that the oldtimers would laugh at…Excess weight slows down your reflexes that got you to fame and fortune in the first place…Like lugging a trailer in back of your 4 cylinder car…I put on the Guerrero fight and saw a bloated fighter half as fast as he was at his best, looking like a shot fighter…More weight is better in a butcher shop, not in a ring…

  14. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:07am, 06/07/2015

    Rodriguez, Martinez, and now Geale….all coming after that trouncing by Trout…..not saying Cotto is not an ATG but whoever is lining ‘em up for him to knock ‘em down is really earning a nice taste of the Canelo bonanza. Styles…yes…matchmaking…..even more!

  15. Clarence George 06:01am, 06/07/2015

    It’s not a matter of my lack of respect, Matt, but of Geale’s lack of wisdom.  His answer to Cotto’s pissant refusal to defend his middleweight title as (what’s this?) a middleweight should have been General McAuliffe’s “Nuts!”  OK, he didn’t see it that way and made the weight.  Sure, everybody expected him to come in a few pounds heavier the night of the fight, but 23?  I’m stunned that he thought such an overnight weight gain, unsuitable for his size and frame, would somehow benefit him.  It was poor judgment, and doesn’t warrant respect.

  16. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:48am, 06/07/2015

    I read that for some damn reason when he arrived at the arena he got on the scale in his street clothes and weighed 182 which means he was probably closer to 175 in his skivvies.

  17. Matt Mosley 04:46am, 06/07/2015

    Can’t wait for Cotto-Canelo.
    Great performance by Cotto last night.

  18. Matt Mosley 04:45am, 06/07/2015

    Clarence George, have you ever tried making 157lbs?
    Show Geale, a professional fighter, some respect.

  19. Clarence George 02:45am, 06/07/2015

    Did Geale really come in at 180?  First he agrees to emaciate himself to 157, then he bloats himself to what was pretty much Rocky Marciano’s fighting weight (what today is somewhere between light heavy and cruiser).  What an absolute ass.

  20. raxman 09:36pm, 06/06/2015

    Geale turns out to be a total coward and weak c**t. Two fights in a row he could’ve easily kept going but instead quit. I’m ashamed that i ever supported him.

  21. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:23pm, 06/06/2015

    At fight time Dan Rafael tweeted, “Geale looks humongous!”....I’m betting big Dan doesn’t have any mirrors in his domicile. Memo to Real Deal Geale: Stop it…no, really….just stop it, because this was more about you than where Cotto is in his career at this point.

  22. Kid Blast 08:13pm, 06/06/2015

    Enjoyable as hell, Cotto is a class act indeed.

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