Cops, Strippers, and Money

By Robert Ecksel on November 1, 2014
Cops, Strippers, and Money
Mayweather "has NEVER done anything wrong at a strip club—particularly with women.”

Floyd Mayweather has provided good copy to TMZ for years, yet it now sounds as if they’re disparaging his sexuality…

It’s a good thing he can box.

He may give out turkeys to the homeless on Christmas Day. He may be good to his mother. But as a role model he’s flawed, a public relations nightmare in the flesh.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather, the pound-for-pound king who is winding down his career with less of a bang than a whimper, is in the news for a change and for a change the news as usual ain’t good.

TMZ, that storied outlet which publishes gossip that borders on the inane, recently broke the latest news regarding Floyd and his relationship with strippers.

In the breathy prose for which TMZ is best known, it reported that “Las Vegas strip clubs are getting a stern warning from cops—DON’T LET FLOYD MAYWEATHER INSIDE ... because he sexually harasses strippers ... something Floyd denies.”

I don’t spend a lot of time in strip clubs. It’s that not undulating flesh is repellent. On the contrary, it can be appealing under the right conditions. But public displays of affection for the purpose of extracting money are more than I can endure.

But I’m not Floyd Mayweather, as he keeps reminding me.

TMZ Sports has learned,” TMZ continued, “the Vice unit of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department contacted multiple strip clubs in Sin City ... telling them Floyd and his crew have run roughshod in various clubs, manhandling the girls.”

To TMZ’s credit, “manhandling” is the perfect verb in this context.

An unnamed law enforcement source said that “He [Floyd] goes in and pulls a ‘Do you know who I am’ and does inappropriate things with some of the women.”

What is and is not appropriate in that context depends on how much money one throws around.

“We spoke with honchos from multiple strip clubs who tell us they will NOT heed the warnings, because they’ve never had a problem with Floyd. Plus, everyone knows he spends a TON of cash.”

Money talks and bullshit walks. The rest of it is bluenose-ism to the nth degree. If Money wants to waste his money so he can do “inappropriate things with some of the women,” so be it, more power to him, you only live once.

“Sources close to Floyd tell us the boxer is adamant he has NEVER done anything wrong at a strip club—particularly with women—and has no idea why cops would have him in their crosshairs.”

Mayweather has provided good copy to TMZ for years, yet it now sounds as if they, or sources close to Floyd, are disparaging his sexuality. When TMZ writes, “he has NEVER done anything wrong at a strip club—particularly with women,” I don’t know what to think.

And the less said about the word crosshairs the better.

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  1. houston strippers 09:13am, 03/31/2015

    Excellent article. I just came across this post and I am so glad that I did. Very well done!

  2. Eric 02:56pm, 11/03/2014

    @Artichoke…I doubt Floyd did anything. Hell, just from what I’ve seen of the vid, he would be the “dream” customer for these working girls. He’s literally throwing money at them without so much as a peak, a touch, or a lap dance. Probably his “posse” that does the “manhandling” stuff, and they probably figure they’re entitiled to it especially after Floyd makes it rain dolla bills. If and when Floyd goes broke, wonder how many of those leeches can be found.

  3. Artichoke 11:27am, 11/03/2014

    strip clubs have their own rules
    money rules & far worse has been endured by strippers in pursuit of a Ben Franklin
    this boxer chooses to go to one & does not expect to be judged (or filmed)

  4. Ben Thompson 02:41pm, 11/02/2014

    Floyd cannot buy “RESPECT”

  5. Eric 07:16am, 11/02/2014

    This guy is such a tool. If those strippers could summon up one ounce of dignity, they should just ignore the money Floyd is throwing around. Instead of humoring this douchebag by bending over and picking up the money, just leave it on the floor or stage. Of course if they did offend Floyd by doing so, I’m sure their jobs would be threatened. If Floyd is throwing away money like that, no way in hell is the owner of the strip club going to bar him. I’m sure the strippers have to pay the club so much to work there each day (that’s the way some clubs ran the bidness back in the day), so just the chance of Floyd appearing in their club would make these ladies “work” or show up daily. Floyd probably hasn’t done anything wrong in a strip club besides being a douchebag, but I’m sure members of his posse have pushed the envelope a time or two.

  6. Pete The Sneak 08:35pm, 11/01/2014

    ‘Plus, everyone knows he spends a TON of cash.”....Nuff said…If you run and/or own a strip club,  that’s the bottom line. And Floyd and his butt kissing TBE enablers are welcome with open arms…Not to defend FMJ and his TBE goon squad, but I’m sure in this business (strip clubs) these type cretins show up everyday and they don’t spend damn near anything close to what Floyd & Co. spend in these places. So his supposed behavior issues and the liberty he and his minions may take with these ladies are more than excused, as long as they continue to “make it rain.”...Not speaking from first hand experience of course…Peace.

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