Cornerman—A Musical Tribute

By Joe Masterleo on February 12, 2016
Cornerman—A Musical Tribute
Friends and family can only watch the ordeal from a distance. (Louis Cesar Ewande)

Boxing is solitary combat sport. Like an island in cold waters, each subject must stand alone inside the ring against an opponent, struggling courageously each round, unable to call time out or rely on teammates.  Friends and family can only watch the ordeal from a distance. Day by day, inside or outside the ropes, the only reliable human ally a boxer has is his cornerman, the head trainer in charge of a boxer’s preparation, strategy and overall welfare. It is in regard to that bond that the recorded sounds and assembled images herein are blended and portrayed…

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Cornerman - A musical tribute

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  1. Gordon 08:50am, 02/28/2016

    Love it.  We all need a cornerman and to be a cornerman for others. Thanks for this wonderful piece Joe.

  2. Frank Duck 04:49am, 02/15/2016

    Nice job, your the corner man!

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