Cotto-Canelo: Last Man Standing

By Jarrett Zook on November 20, 2015
Cotto-Canelo: Last Man Standing
I’d be willing to bet that Canelo Alvarez will emerge victorious by late round stoppage.

Saturday night it will be the fighter who is fresher and nearer to his prime who will be the last man standing…

Cotto vs. Canelo will be a great fight.

I’m admittedly less sure about who the winner will be, but I’d be willing to bet that Canelo will emerge victorious by late round stoppage.

Cotto is still a potent fighter, but was seen by many as being burnt out, before re-emerging as a middleweight. In his two fights at middleweight, he stopped both Sergio Martinez and Daniel Geale. Martinez was a great boxer, but his aging knees were held together by pins and needles when he met Cotto. Geale is a respectable foe, but is by no means a top fighter.

Canelo will be far fresher than Martinez was and is superior to Geale. Additionally, even though Canelo is fighting for the first time in the middleweight division, he won’t be the smaller man. He’s two inches taller than Cotto and has a three and a half inch reach advantage. Additionally, in both of Cotto’s fights as a middleweight, he has weighed in at well below the 160-pound limit.

Alvarez has shown he can slug with sluggers and has some boxing ability. He was able to overpower heavy hitters Kirkland and Angulo and he threw Cotto conqueror, Austin Trout, off his game. Canelo is vulnerable to master boxers, but Cotto is no master boxer. Even with an improved set of boxing skills, Cotto is a slugger at heart and will take some shots, which will prove to be his downfall. Canelo will be there to get hit as well, but come Saturday it will be the man who is fresher and nearer to his prime who will be the last man standing.

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  1. KB 04:04pm, 11/21/2015

    TheSweetScience has the beat

  2. Ishola Jegede 02:41am, 11/21/2015

    Dear Editor
    I still haven’t found a solution to my application. The return to articles mechanism is not working. Someone by name Dimitri sent me a mail asking for details about my handheld device and network operator. I provided!!!.  Please help me!!!!!

  3. TheSweetScience 11:11pm, 11/20/2015

    Except for when its manny pacquiao (minus marquez 4) hahaha.
    But im with the Atzec Warrior. I live here in New Mexico, and have many Mexican fighters as my top favs.
    Im 40, and have had many mexicans as favs throughout my life
    Julio Cesar Chavez is SUCH my fav. Fighter that i even root for Jr. Every single time

    Im a cotto supporter as well, but i think all his and freddie’s talk about how good his camp is, and his re-emergence… Will just end up showing how much training he needed for this fight to not end before the 5th.
    Im loving everything cotto has to say, and a win/callout of mayweather would be fun.

    BUT, the stars have finally aligned… This is clearly where the beloved Saul Canelo Alvarez finally gets to stop hearing the he will be king SOMEday when he matures. Ya cant GET any more experienced by his age, as he is. He took hid master class vs Mayweather, and has very little wear n tear. Every fight he has inched closer to showing no matter what style a fight, he will make his adjustments and catch the opponent with air-sucking shots. This is clearly when the man called CINNAMON, takes his rightful place atop the throne, as the new King of kings. We have our heir apparent…

  4. Aztec Warrior 03:26pm, 11/20/2015

    When in doubt, ALWAYS bet on the Mexican :)

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