Cotto vs. Trout Predictions

By Boxing News on November 30, 2012
Cotto vs. Trout Predictions
Cotto's guaranteed to take Trout into deep waters at Madison Square Garden on Saturday.

There’s no one Cotto hasn’t fought and his record isn’t perfect, but his behavior has always been exemplary, in and out of the ring…

Saturday night at New York’s Madison Square Garden, Miguel Cotto attempts to dethrone undefeated WBA super welterweight champion Austin Trout. Cotto needs no introduction. He is one of the most admired and respected boxers in the fight game today. There’s no one Cotto hasn’t fought and his record isn’t perfect, but his behavior has always been exemplary, in and out of the ring. Trout is younger, rangier, faster and hungrier than the Pride of Puerto Rico, and he’s a southpaw to boot, which should make things interesting. And while Cotto may be getting a little long in the tooth, he’s guaranteed to take his Trout into deep waters. We’ll soon find out if Trout is in over his head, whether he sinks or swims at The Garden. This is how’s writers see the fight unfolding.

Adam Berlin: “Miguel Cotto is a wise veteran. And his wisdom and experience will tell the tale of this fight. I see Cotto sizing up the longer, leaner Trout quickly then moving inside with punishing shots. Austin Trout has never been fully tested. He’s bigger than Cotto, but as his record indicates, unless his opponent has half a chin, he can’t knock anyone out. And while Trout is quick, Cotto has handled quicker fighters before. The crowd at Madison Square Garden, Cotto’s adopted home court, will spur their man forward to victory. Ultimately this should be a story about a fish and a fisherman. Cotto has the hooks. Trout won’t get away. Cotto by late-round stoppage.”

Teron Briggs: “I want to pick Austin Trout to win. He’s the fresher/younger fighter, he’s naturally bigger, and I expect his southpaw style to pose a problem for Cotto. However, Miguel is always competitive in his fights, even in his losses. It’s going to take a Herculean effort for a fighter to get a decision against him in Madison Square Garden (aka Little Puerto Rico). Ask Shane Mosley and Joshua Clottey, who were both on the wrong end of close decisions there. Austin seems like a really good guy, but I don’t think he’s enough of a bad ass to really take the fight to Miguel. He’s been unable to stop mediocre guys like Taronze Washington, David Alonso Lopez and Rigoberto Alvarez, instead outpointing them over 12 rounds. I’m picking Cotto to win by a very narrow decision.”

Slee Christopher: “Cotto via convincing UD. Cotto should be riding high after hanging tough against the best fighter in the world. He has advantages in both the skill and experience departments and will benefit from an electric MSG filled with Puerto Rican flags. Trout—last seen in a complete snooze-fest against Delvin Rodriguez—will simply not have enough firepower to consistently win rounds. I expect a defensive minded Trout to hold off Cotto with the jab enough to survive the fight, only to lose in clear-cut UD.”

Ben Hoskin: “Cotto-Trout is a tough one to call. They’re both great family men so it’s impossible to root against a bad guy. Class and exposure to top opponents favors Cotto but that is in stark contrast to the hunger, vigor and aspiration of Trout. Last time out Miguel gave Mayweather a decent contest and Trout has never faced a truly elite fighter. I may be bucking the trend but I feel Cotto may be a little long in the tooth now and having the number of wars he has engaged in, he may be biting off more than he can chew with his younger, bigger foe. Trout does have a tendency to hold his guard very low in some bouts before he tees off but I don’t expect him to against a man of Cotto’s caliber. The venue will be turned into a mini suburb of Puerto Rico in support of their hero but I envisage a late stoppage on a technical kayo for Austin, though it pains me to come to such a conclusion as Cotto has been such a luminary for so many years. Best of luck for two good fellas.”

Mutaurwa Mapondera: “Hope + Doubt = Passion and a big part of Miguel Cotto’s appeal is the fact that it’s hard to know that he’ll win a fight. He’s a special fighter with a deep résumé of impressive accomplishments, but he’s also shown his flaws and has taken two one-sided losses in addition to squeaking by less-than-stellar opposition like Joshua Clottey. Austin Trout is young, rangy, athletic and undefeated so he could pose a lot of problems for the shopworn Puerto Rican veteran. However, I feel the gap in experience will carry Cotto to a unanimous decision victory in front of his adopted hometown fans, and feeling is really all you can go on with Cotto.”

Norman Marcus: “I haven’t seen much of Trout in the past. His opposition has not been top rate. Just looks like a good payday for Cotto. Cotto by UD.”

Gordon Marino: “Cotto wins in an 8th round TKO.”

Laurena Marrone: “This is going to be an exciting fight and closer than many people think. Cotto is my second favorite fighter, so it’s difficult for me not to lean towards him. But Trout has excellent defense and counterpunching skills which I think will save him from a KO. He also really deserves this shot. So, by way of twisted arm, my guess is that this will go the full 12 rounds leading to a unanimous decision for Cotto.”

David Matthew: “Trout is a fine ring technician with the physical gifts to make this a very competitive fight, but does he have the supreme willpower that has come to define Miguel Cotto as an elite fighter? Trout is still somewhat of a wild card as we don’t quite know what he’s capable of, given his lukewarm level of competition. At times, he looks dynamically gifted with a blend of craft and athleticism that could rise to championship-level application. Other times, he looks far too content with inactivity, throwing too few punches and not committing to the fight. Cotto’s experience and adaptive abilities will be too much for Trout, who has not seen a fighter like Cotto who can both bang on the inside, and box on his toes showcasing fluid footwork. Cotto by UD.”

Robert Mladinich: “I haven’t seen much of Austin Trout but he seems strong, smart and durable but no ball of fire, as he showed in the Delvin Rodriguez fight. Unless you’re a ball of fire, or you plastered your gloves, you are not going to beat Miguel Cotto, one of the purest fighters of recent times. This should be an easy one for Cotto, and I expect him to wear down and stop a determined Trout around the 10th round. Trout will someday make a great announcer, but he’s not ready for the likes of Cotto just yet. Cotto by 10th round stoppage.”

Ted Sares: “Trout is 25-0 with 14 knockouts; Cotto is 37-3 with 30 knockouts. Cotto is smaller, older, and has more miles on him, but he’s still an elite fighter and his resume far exceeds that of his opponent’s. Trout is a somewhat boring fighter but he knows how to win fights by being ring savvy and by doing just enough. Moreover, Trout has had an intensive training camp while Cotto seems to have had too many friends and family members around to distract him. In fact, while Cotto attends basketball games at MSG, Trout is all business. I’m going out on a rare limb and picking Trout to cut up Miguel’s now very cutable face with stinging jabs and then winning a close decision down the stretch. One big intangible is how the judges will see it in Cotto’s home away from home.”

Michael Schmidt: “Had the pleasure of watching Trout, ringside a few years back at Casino Rama up here in Canada—I don’t think he has the fire power to keep Cotto at bay and Champion Cotto has always had a more than better ability to cut the ring off and find the target. The only rider on this fight, as always for a guy of Cotto’s vintage, is this the same Cotto that fought Mayweather or are the wheels going to, as they will at some point, suddenly I suspect, fall off the Cotto bus. Not this fight—Cotto in nine or ten.”

Peter Wood: “Cotto by 8th round KO. Trout’s reach advantage isn’t enough to beat back Cotto’s power, determination and ‘hometown’ crowd. Cotto still has some mileage in him.”

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  1. Don from Prov 09:38am, 12/07/2012


    I pick Trout

  2. the thresher 06:32am, 12/02/2012

    Rax, great minds think alike

  3. raxman 09:43pm, 12/01/2012

    you and me both ted the bull. and as i said on the other thread. bitter sweet. it was obvious - we to yours truly and the thresher anyway - that the faded jaded cotto we saw scrape out wins vs mayorga and margarito, only lifted vs floyd because great fighters bring that out in warriors. any way off to collect my winnings

  4. the thresher 09:15pm, 12/01/2012

    Nailed that one!

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo (aka) Gimpel 03:02pm, 12/01/2012

    Pabon….“world class referee” about world class asshat…can’t even call a knockdown….Guzman down four times…clean…only one called… and one buttmunch “judge”  had Guzman ahead…as two of the commentators were gushing and gurgling over Joan as Khabib was mauling him!

  6. NYIrish 10:53pm, 11/30/2012

    Cotto’s gonna catch the Trout.

  7. T.O.N.E-z 08:01pm, 11/30/2012

    Cotto will give Trout a serious run….His power and aggressiveness will give Trout trouble in the early rounds, but Trout will be quick on his feet and once he feels Cottos’s power he might hold here and there but will catch Cotto with his fast hand speed but Cotto can take a punch so Trouts power against Cotto’s chin is something i’m looking forward to see…This (in my opinion) is what will happen..Cotto will dominate after round 4 win by decision i believe it will go the full 12 rounds… 


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