Couch Potato Blues

By Dennis Taylor on June 26, 2015

C’mon, hon, just one more tripleheader ... then we can watch your movie! Jake Donovan, managing editor of, reports that ratings have been falling in recent days for televised boxing.
“The recent ratings trend suggests (televised boxing) is being spread way too thin. Case in point, the less-than-spectacular numbers produced over the last couple of weekends,” he wrote.
Donovan reported that PBC’s Porter-Broner broadcast on NBC attracted just under 2.4 million viewers, a number that might sound gaudy, but “pales in comparison to a favorable broadcast in that time slot,” namely the U.S. Open golf tournament.
The final hour of Porter-Broner overlapped with two other televised boxing events—Andre Ward’s rout of Paul Smith on BET, a Roc Nation card that averaged 323,000 viewers, and the Fox Sports 2/Fox Deportes showing of Golden Boy’s match between David Lemieux and Hassan N’Dam, which reached an average of 163,000 homes.
So, are fight fans getting sick of all the televised boxing? No, but the non-boxing folks in their households might be. Divorce courts are filled with fans who watch five or six hours worth of sports during prime-time TV hours.

About Billions: Turns out all of you schnooks to forked out over $90 for PayPerView to watch Mayweather and Pacquiao snooze through 12 rounds weren’t the only losers during “The Fight of the Century.” The Associated Press reported today that Vegas casinos took more than $1 billion from gamblers during that event. Presumably some of those folks were lucky enough to have missed the fight.

Sorry ... no vacancy: California State Athletic Commissioner John Frierson says Al Haymon blatantly attempted to screw his promotional rivals by tying up dates at both the Forum and the Staples Center in Los Angeles.
Frierson told Ivan Goldman of Boxing Insider that Haymon held dates at those venues long enough to force other promoters to stage their events elsewhere—then he pulled out of his scheduled events after it was too late for rivals to plan their own shows.
“When I was a youngster, gangsters ran boxing—Blinky Palermo and those guys. Now it’s a different crew in ties and suits, and they go around the law,” the commissioner told Goldman.
Haymon’s also was called out for his stunt by Golden Boy Promotions, which filed a $300 million lawsuit, charging that he has violated the Muhammad Ali Act. Main Events also threatened to sue Haymon in 2014, but dropped the litigation later in the year.

Thin Air on Planet Khan?  Amir Khan is a terrific fighter—exciting to watch, not only for his fast hands and mobility, but also because he’s vulnerable. I like watching him.
  But I’ve gotta call bullshit when I listen to his relentless propaganda campaign to convince us that he deserves the Mayweather fight above all others ... and also that Kell Brook is some second-tier bum who hasn’t fought anybody, and doesn’t belong in the same ring with him.
  The worst anybody can say about Brook at this point of his career is that he has, for the most part, beaten all hell out of everybody they’ve pushed in front of him. The guy always seems to bring his ‘A’ game—something Khan shouldn’t attempt to claim with a straight face.
  Khan got stretched by Breidis Prescott, was obliterated by Danny Garcia, and fouled his way out of a possible victory over Lamont Peterson. Khan hasn’t lost since 2012—he’s on a six-fight winning streak against Carlos Molina, Julio Diaz, Luis Collazo, Devon Alexander and Chris Algieri. All are solid pros, but I don’t see any shoo-in Hall of Famers on that list.
  Granted, Floyd hopefully is goofing on all of us when he talks about awarding the Sept. 12 gig to Andre Berto or Karim Mayfield—Khan and everybody else has a perfect right to roll their eyes at that. But Khan is the only logical choice to fight Mayweather? That only makes sense on Planet Khan, a place without Golovkin, Thurman, Brook, Garcia, Pacquiao, Maidana, Bradley, Porter ...

Speaking of Porter ... “Showtime” Shawn reportedly is setting his sights on Marcos Maidana. Anybody want to see that one? Yep, me too.

Look out below ... Wil Esco from reports that Gennady Golovkin is training to fight at 154 pounds. .  Any takers, junior middles?

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