Crawford Blasts Lundy in NYC

By Marc Livitz on February 27, 2016
Crawford Blasts Lundy in NYC
Steve Willis waved it off at the 2:09 mark of round five. (Alex Menendez/Getty Images)

The winner by way of TKO tonight, Terence “Bud” Crawford may have started slowly but didn’t stay in a stagnant state for very long…

Terence Crawford may not have exactly flown out of the gates this evening, but he surely sprinted to the finish line tonight at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York. The undefeated WBO super lightweight champion from Omaha, Nebraska fought in his traditional orthodox stance for only a brief minute before he switched to southpaw and the change was enough to help him get a fifth round TKO victory over “Hammerin’ Hank” Lundy.

Lundy continued to stare down Crawford as the final moments passed leading up to the opening bell. He looked jangled with nerves, almost antsy in the initial minute, yet he was able to land two clean left hooks on Terence, who switched to southpaw in the closing sixty seconds. They exchanged shots close in as time expired for a close first round. Crawford (28-0, 20 KOs) remained in the left-handed stance in the second as he used his right jab to look for opportunities. As was the case in the first, Lundy tried to pressure his Omaha opponent but found this tactic to becoming a bit more difficult. Hank’s jab was not much more than a rangefinder. He continued to look for the chance to land his overhand right. His left jab connected as well.

Crawford’s right jab was rangy enough to keep Lundy (26-6-1, 13 KOs) back just a bit in the third and fourth, which may have caused his Philadelphia foe to switch to southpaw himself. His right eye began to bleed from around the cheekbone. Hank caught Terence with a left hand to get the fifth rolling, after which Crawford connected with a combination of his own. Two hard left hands in the second half of the round sent “Hammerin’ Hank” to the ropes and soon thereafter, “Bud” Crawford went to work. A straight left hand sent Lundy to the canvas for the bout’s first knockdown. He beat the count and was on his feet by the count of eight, but the damage was beginning to pile on.

Another hard left was followed by more lefts as well as rights. Lundy retreated into a corner as Terence proceeded to unload at will. Successive shots connected until referee Steve Willis jumped between the two men to end the bout at the 2:09 mark of round five. The winner by way of TKO tonight, Terence “Bud” Crawford may have started slowly but didn’t stay in a stagnant state for very long.

He commented, “The earlier rounds were when we are feeling the other out. I just had to adjust and when I did, you saw what happened.

“I told everyone that I have power in both hands and a great boxing I.Q. I never duck anyone. I took all fights. I asked Bob (Arum) to put me in there with whoever and I just train and train to fight.”

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  1. mo 01:48pm, 02/29/2016

    always fights small guys. the last two opponents are lightweights. hats off to lundy for taking the fight as the other champions know they can make the same money fighting lesser opposition. provodnikov, marquez, postol, styles are all wrong against crawford. they won’t take the risk. since crawford hydrated up to 151 ( i hate the hydrate crap ) why not step up and fight porter as a replacement for thurman. a win brings floyd back. $$$$$

  2. gordon analla 03:43pm, 02/28/2016

    I’ve been impressed with T. Crawford ever since he debuted on HBO against Prescott.  I think he was scheduled to fight someone else in an 8 rounder, yet as fate would have it, Prescott became his foe.  Crawford is a skilled technician.  Lundy was very game.  But I had the feeling Crawford was just waiting for his opening.  Would like to see Crawford in a defining fight.  Whomever he fights, my money is on Terence.  He’s class.  Silky smooth.

  3. Eric 10:00am, 02/28/2016

    Been nearly two decades since the Nebraska Cornhuskers captured numero uno in college football, they captured 3 titles in the ‘90’s alone. The KC/Omaha Kings left decades ago, and the Cornhuskers are no longer as dominant as they used to be a few decades ago, so it looks like Crawford is the only act in town. Nice to see this prairie town get some recognition, lived there for 18 months,  genuinely nice people in Omaha, no fake hospitality bullsheet like you see in the South. Birthplace of world class athletes like Bob Gibson, president Gerald Ford, and actor Marlon Brando. Congrats to Crawford and Omaha.

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