“Creed” Is the Real Deal

By Johnathan Lee Iverson on November 27, 2015
“Creed” Is the Real Deal
Everything about "Creed" was right—the story, the acting, and yes, even the fight scenes.

Art imitates life when the formidable Wheeler (Andre Ward) who is set to take on Conlan is suddenly sidelined by injury…

I sat in the movie theater stunned, fighting back tears from the emotional depths of the new Rocky spin-off. Everything about Creed was right—the story, the acting, and yes, even the fight scenes. Too often films about prizefighting are rife with caricatures of what a fighter’s life is, accompanied by all too superficial storylines and a distressing lack of authenticity regarding the craft.

There was none of that with Creed. Filmmaker Ryan Coogler threads a remarkable human story, as well as a respectful rendering of the sport from the gym to the climatic fight scene. It was a lesson in boxing fundamentals on celluloid. Sylvester Stallone delivers the most impactful performance of his career as the aged Philadelphia icon grappling with the past while on the verge of despair. Rising star Michael B. Jordan brilliantly encompasses the internal struggle of his character Adonis Johnson, and his plight for identity under the magnanimous shadow of Apollo Creed. Jordan’s physical transformation is equally astonishing. There was nothing theatrically exaggerated; he wasn’t an actor portraying a fighter, he was a fighter.

The enchanting Tessa Thompson renders a strong accounting of her talents as Adonis’ love interest, Bianca, while the regal Phylicia Rashad graces audiences with a scrumptious sample of her thespian powers as the widowed Mary Ann Creed.

Coogler cleverly draws upon a plot made famous in the original Rocky, which presents the talents of British pugilist, Tony Bellew, as troubled light heavyweight champ “’Pretty’ Ricky Conlan.” Fight fans will be delighted to see none other than Andre Ward back in the ring (sort of) as contender Danny “Stuntman” Wheeler. Oddly enough, art imitates life when the formidable Wheeler who is set to take on Conlan is suddenly sidelined by injury. 

Not since the first installment of Rocky has a movie simultaneously packed a punch and tugged so strongly at the heartstrings. “Creed” delivers in a very big way.

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  1. DAVID GONZALEZ 07:21pm, 11/29/2015

    The timeline of the movie seems to be ok. Apollo Creed died in 1985 before his son was born.So Adonis Creed was born in 1986 .He is 29 in the film,seems to have finished college which takes about 4,5 years, has gotten a promotion at his job,which means he has been at it for a while.He has won 15 fights in Mexico,so he must have been fighting pro for 3 or 4 years.

  2. Eric 09:19am, 11/29/2015

    “Lang” will follow. hehe. Unfortunately you can bet there will be a sequel. We live in a time when Hollyweird can’t do much more than make movies about comic book superheroes, remakes, and sequels.

  3. Lee Lee Russell 08:27am, 11/29/2015

    Saw Creed yesterday great movie has a lot of Rocky elements if you haven’t seen it you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Johnathan Lee Iverson 12:07am, 11/29/2015

    Please let there be NO sequel. This installment marks the perfect ending to the ROCKY series.

  5. TheSweetScience 09:43pm, 11/28/2015

    I do hear u guys about creeds son and the age discreprepency. It is a bit old to start boxing, but if u consider Gennady Golovkin, he is, in real life, being sped through the ranks, due to being 32-34 yrs old while taking on his american boxing prime. Maybe in this case, art really does imitate life. Shall see

  6. Eddie Pryor 08:33pm, 11/28/2015

    I saw Creed today and this movie was terrific. The storyline was captivating and the chemistry between Adonis Johnson (Creed’s son) and Rocky makes this movie an instant classic. The fight scene angles made me feel like I was in the ring. I can’t wait for the sequel!

  7. Eric 08:20am, 11/28/2015

    When I first heard about this film I couldn’t believe it. I remember when Stallone swore that Rocky III was going to be the last Rocky film. I keep hearing decent reviews on “Rocky 7” aka “Creed” suprisingly. I thought the guy would have been Apollo’s grandson. I was 15 when Rocky came out and I am a grandpappy now, guessing that Apollo would have been in his early 30’s in the first Rocky. A 69-70 year old man would more than likely have a son in the 35-45 range, but we do have old-timers creating babies in their fitties, sixties and even seventies nowadays. Of course the Russkie killed off Apollo in Rocky IV when Apollo would have probably been in his late 30’s at least as far as his character was concerned.  I might have to swallow my pride and drop a few bucks and go see this one.

  8. Clarence George 04:05am, 11/28/2015

    Fair enough, but what about the age discrepancy?  I assume Adonis is depicted as being in his late teens or early 20s, but Apollo’s son would be around 30.  Well, perhaps I’m wrong.  After all, the actor himself is in his late 20s.  A bit old to start boxing, but not unheard of.

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