The Crossroads: Holt vs. Coleman

By Ted Sares on March 9, 2012
The Crossroads: Holt vs. Coleman
Holt has risen to the occasion before. I see Kendall likely putting an R rating on this one.

I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees.
I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees.
Asked the Lord above for mercy, “Save me if you please.”

                                                —Robert Johnson

“This is going to be a great night of boxing. Both Holt and Coleman are looking to get back in the win column and I expect them to come out swinging. A win for either fighter can get them back into title contention.”—Gary Shaw, Holt’s promoter

“I feel like my back is against the wall and I need to leave everything in the ring.”—Kendall Holt

When New Jersey’s Kendall “Rated R” Holt (27-5) meets Tim “Pit Bull” Coleman at the Morongo Casino Resort and Spa in Cabazon, California on March 16, it will represent a quintessential crossroads battle. The “Pit Bull” was muzzled by Vernon Paris (24-0) in his last outing and lost his USBA light welterweight title. “Iceman” Paris finished the Bull off with a brutal body attack. For Paris, it was a pivotal win. Earlier in 2009, many (including me) thought Coleman got a gift SD win against “Mighty” Mike Arnaoutis.

The inconsistent Holt has lost three of his last five and is coming off a SD loss to tough Danny Garcia. He also lost to Kaiser Mabuza (badly) and Timothy Bradley. While “Rated R” has KO power and, by extension, the ability to win a fight in any given round, he is especially dangerous early and one should never leave the TV during the early moments. In short, don’t blink. Holt won the WBO light weight title in July 2008 with a scintillating redemptive KO of equally heavy-handed Ricardo Torres. That unforgettable first round when both combatants were down was one for the books.

Now these two men meet with the winner back in the mix and the loser moving further to the outside. In keeping with a sudden surge of fan-friendly bouts, this one looks to be a departure from a string of boring ESPN Friday Night matches. Moreover and in an indirect way, a fight like this can carry as much gravitas as a championship bout.  A title may not be at stake, but a career might be on the line.

Holt has risen to the occasion before. Coleman, who on occasion has displayed stamina issues, has also shown that once he is in dire straits he can be finished. I see Kendall Holt likely putting an R rating on this one with an early chilling of the Pit Bull. However, if Coleman can survive the early going, he could make his bite equal his bark.

As an interesting aside, Roy Jones Jr. will be in Holt’s corner as a substitute trainer for just this fight. Jones doesn’t regularly train boxers because he remains an active fighter and also works for HBO as an analyst, but wouldn’t it be great if this were a prelude to a new role for Roy?

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