Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ — Chisora vs. Fury Preview

By Mohummad Humza Elahi on November 25, 2014
Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ — Chisora vs. Fury Preview
David Haye was supposed to be the guy who would shut Tyson Fury’s mouth for good.

A lot depends on Fury’s conditioning and concentration; one drop of the hands and Chisora could make him pay…

Two Different Men

If you take Tyson Fury at his word, the animosity between himself and Dereck Chisora is real. Judging by the video clip of him falling over trying to jump over a bar, posted on Chisora’s Twitter feed, he may have to be fleeter of foot and hand than of mouth and words.

After much fanfare and a disappointing postponement from the summer, Tyson Fury (22-0, 16 KOs) and Dereck “Del Boy” Chisora (20-4, 13 KOs) meet each other for the second time on Frank Warren’s ‘Bad Blood’ card at the Excel London on November 29th. Fury’s last outing against Joey Abell in February was a quick night’s work, breaking 18 months of inactivity in pursuit of a fight with David Haye that never came to fruition. That may be a weak excuse, but the British fans enthusiasm for that fight was beyond palpable; David Haye was supposed to be the guy who would shut Fury’s mouth for good. Coupled with some personal matters in the Fury household, the big man’s career has slowed considerably and although age is definitely is on his side, the public may not be and that’s something that a good win can help fix. 

It also helps that in some circles, Del Boy Chisora may be more loathed that Tyson Fury. The North London man, coming by way of Zimbabwe, has over the years garnered an infamous reputation for being closer to a thug rather than a boxer. He slapped one Klitschko and spat on the face of the other. He brawled with the aforementioned Haye in Germany. He was found guilty of assaulting his girlfriend in 2010 and also has other incidents on his record. However, Chisora has been trying his best to change all of that. He’s looked more focused and in shape against Ondřej Pála and Kevin Johnson and has seem to have calmed to a more thinking and cerebral fighter, one that appears to have accepted his past mistakes. Normally drawn into any sort of confrontation, he made Fury look like a pantomime villain when being goaded at a presser, a performance that induced more rolling eyes as opposed instilling fear.

A crossroads for the pair of them, both attempting to get back onto the world stage after various setbacks, which in theory, should make for an exciting night of boxing. Did I mention that this is the final eliminator for Wladimir Klitschko’s WBO strap? And both the British and European belts as well? Here’s hoping that can give the requisite impetus to let both men leave it all in the ring.

Fight Night

Chisora – Leaner and meaner the only way to get the victory.

I think Chisora remains the underdog and not just because Fury already scored a win over him. The Del Boy that fought him then was bloated and unfocused, yet still managed to supply a few scares in the opening rounds before running out of steam and letting Fury pick him apart. He looks more dangerous when weaving in and out and fighting in the pocket, throwing short hooks and overhand rights. Although improved, what he’ll give up in size and weight largely depends on how much he can bring to the fight with respect to activity and a willingness to let his hands go. He’ll be dominated if he fights on the back foot, so his only option is to try and jab forward and find some angles to either get to Fury’s body or to feint and score some shots when Fury drops his hands. It’s a big ask for Del Boy and will require him to fight every second of every round. That’s tough, even for the lighter guys and nigh on impossible at heavyweight. There’s also unpredictability about Chisora, so if things aren’t going his way, questions will be asked on if he has the fortitude and dig in and keep throwing. But if he can get his weight to a good level (around the 225 to 235 mark), that edge in speed may be enough to create the opening he needs. Fury can be put down; Chisora just has to make him stay down.

Fury – A tireless jab and staying out of mid-range exchanges

On paper, Fury has matured as a boxer but flaws do remain. The biggest point that needs to be addressed is whether or not his inactivity will play a part in him being a step or two behind Chisora in the early rounds before gradually finding his rhythm and picking Del Boy off with solid jabs followed by sharp right hands. The jab will be his most important weapon; he’ll have to keep pumping it out to stop Chisora moving in, with maybe a straight right or uppercut to discourage any further attempts to get closer. I’ve mentioned that Fury should stay out of the mid-range exchanges as this is where Chisora may try a swing-for-the-fences overhand right or leaping left hook. Chisora has an improved inside game and this is where Fury can just simply use his size to lean on the smaller man, so I’m definitely not expecting any ‘fight in a phone booth’ type of action. If Fury has the patience to throw that jab all night long and overpower Chisora if he gets too close, it could conceivably be a very easy night’s work for him.

A lot depends on his own conditioning and concentration; one drop of the hands and Chisora could make him pay and if he gets put down and gets up again, that might prove to be the psychological edge that sees him through to the final bell.


Rematches are always tough to call. Four years is a long time and both may approach this more cautiously considering that a world title shot is on the line. If anyone is going to be frustrated on the night it will be Chisora, being unable to close Fury down and get some decent work done. So that means that complacency will be Fury’s main enemy and with the lack of activity in the past 18 months, it could prove costly. A genuine pick ‘em, and as much as I hate to say it….

Fury to win by UD

I’ll be in the crowd screaming Del Boy on, but my rational self tells me that Fury is just too big and has already proven he can get up off the floor and finish a fight. Here’s hoping I get my money’s worth!


For the more avid followers of British boxing, the fight everyone has REALLY come to see is Billy Joe Saunders (20-0, 11 KOs) face-off against Chris Eubank Jr. (18-0, 13 KOs) for EBU, Commonwealth and British middleweight titles. Both unbeaten and finally putting their money where their mouths are, this could be an absolutely cracking fight.

Saunders is more of the veteran and has fought more established names on the scene, whereas Eubank Jr., as physically blessed and talented as he is hasn’t fought anyone that would be considered in the same class as him, whereas Saunders has handed first losses to Jarrod Fletcher, Gary O’Sullivan, John Ryder and Emanuele Blandamura. Some are favoring Eubank Jr. due to his undoubted physical gifts but I think he’s not as savvy and technical as Saunders, who may not possess the same power but can handle 12 full rounds whereas he hasn’t gotten past 8. I’m picking Saunders to grind out a win and derail the Eubank Jr. train.

Prediction: Saunders by UD

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  1. The Tache 12:53pm, 11/28/2014

    No, Mohummad, sadly I wont be there in the crowd but I will be investigating if I can get Boxnation on PC only instead of on TV. If it is on Sky even better, I can watch round my brother’s or a mate’s.
    Assume you will be there, if so, hope it will be a good evening’s entertainment for you. Good to see the occasional British themed articles on this site either way.

  2. Mohummad Humza Elahi 06:34am, 11/27/2014

    @The Tache: Definitely, are you gonna be in the crowd as well?  The biggest bit of news in the build up is that Eubank Jr. finally made it to a presser!

  3. The Tache 11:47am, 11/26/2014

    I will be cheering for Chisora because I have always had a soft spot for him for some reason, I think it is because I have always viewed him as being a bit bonkers rather than nasty. Fury, on the other hand, I have never warmed to. He seems to just be an uneducated, wannabe thug who is not a fraction as witty as he thinks he is.
    I think if Del Boy can land a couple of those overhand rights that Fury is a sucker for then he can beat him, otherwise I fear that Fury will do a poor man’s Klitschko routine on him.
    Eubank Jr v Saunders should be a cracker, first real step up for both of them so will be interesting to see what happens.

  4. Mohummad Humza Elahi 02:46am, 11/26/2014

    @ Darrell: Too right, I think Del Boy has turned a corner and if he’s still around when Klitschko retires, he might have a shot at winning something.  What do you think of Saunders vs Eubank Jr.? That could turn into a proper tear-up, especially since Eubank Jr. has refused to do pressers and has demanded £50k in an escrow account cos Saunders threatened to slap him!  Don’t think the mind games will work this time.

  5. Darrell 07:38pm, 11/25/2014

    This is a good fight and I too will be cheering on Chisora.  I think Fury should win but do believe it will be a much closer fight than the first.  Go Del Boy!!

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