Daniel Dubois signs for Warren

By Cain Bradley on January 11, 2017
Daniel Dubois signs for Warren
Frank Warren described Dubois as one of the best young heavyweights in the world.

Warren has to turn around his promotional company. He needs stars who can be world champions. Daniel Dubois is one…

Frank Warren announced he has signed heavyweight prospect Daniel Dubois. This is the one of the better moves Warren has made recently. Eddie Hearn has had an advantage in picking up boxers from the GB team and some of the best prospects from the amateur scene. For Warren to nab the super heavyweight that most had assumed was heading to the 2020 Olympics is a major scalp.

Not only does it give him a top heavyweight, the money division of boxing, currently enjoying a renaissance but it also gives him someone young who should continue to improve. He is 19 and only had six bouts as a senior. Frank Warren described him as one of the best young heavyweights in the world and that may not be hyperbole. He has been around the GB squad since 2014 and done well internationally. It is also stories from sparring that enhance his reputation as he has apparently dropped Anthony Joshua. He has trained at Lynn, Dale Youth, Islington, West Ham and Fisher and at 6’5 is a towering presence.

Frank Warren needed something to really up his talent level. When looking at the prospects in his stable none really stand out with the potential to dominate a division. Dubois does! He could be absolutely anything at this point, he could lack a chin or plenty of other skills that are not necessarily as important at amateur. But this is a swing for the fences and every so often they turn into home runs. Frank Warren has to turn around his promotional company. He needs stars who can be world champions. Dubois is one, let’s see if he follows it up.

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  1. Moon-man 11:23am, 01/11/2017

    My apologies. Looks like Richard Dunn was an Englishman after all, and not Welsh. Good thing I didn’t say he was an Irishman. hehe. Black & Tans on the house for everyone, mate.

  2. Moon-man 10:32am, 01/11/2017

    Jolly ole England, that opportunistic little country. One minute, they’re fighting against America, France, or Russia, the next they’re fighting alongside them. An English/British heavyweight used to regarded as something of a joke across the pond, but nowadays, that tiny little country is producing a lot of talent. Of course one can question whether fighters like Lewis, Bugner, or Tyson Fury can be classified as British or English. “British boxing” has come a long way since the days of Richard Dunn or Don Cockell. Me thinks Dunn was a Welshman, but close enuff.

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