David and Goliath

By Robert Ecksel on September 10, 2012
David and Goliath
“But you know, the Klitschko team, they have their own doctors, they have their own setup."

There are a few things we can depend on. The world will turn. The sun will rise. The grass will grow. And David Haye will say something controversial.

The former WBA heavyweight champion is in demand after his brief sabbatical. Having defeated Dereck Chisora twice, first at the Munich press conference and then in the ring in London, Haye’s credibility has been restored.

With that restoration complete, or nearing completion, Haye wants as he has wanted all along to fight Vitali Klitschko.

To that end, the globe-trotting heavyweight contender trotted to Moscow over the weekend to observe, and participate, in Klitschko’s execution of Manuel Charr.

Although Charr was cut and bleeding like a stuck pig, there has been some dispute about the referee’s fourth round stoppage, and among the disputers is none other than David Haye.

“It was a fight, a Klitschko fight, frustrating,” Haye told the RTL network. “There were a lot of empty seats in the auditorium. The referee, the Klitschko referee, stopped the fight, and he shouldn’t have stopped it.”

If one likes partisan commentary, David Haye is sure to provide it.

“He should have let Manuel Charr fight until he was knocked out. He didn’t get the opportunity to, and it’s a shame. Vitali knows how that feels.”

Haye was referring to Vitali’s 2003 fight with Lennox Lewis. It might also be said that he was rubbing salt in a very old wound.

“I’ve had worse cuts in my career and they didn’t stop the fight. Vitali complains to this very day, that his fight should not have been stopped against Lennox Lewis—every day, every interview, I hear him complaining, ‘if the referee would have let me carry on I would have won!’”

Whether Vitali complains every day in every interview is for you to decide.

“Why not get a doctor that allows fights to carry on?” Haye asked. “But you know, the Klitschko team, they have their own doctors, they have their own setup. So Manuel Charr had no chance, and it’s a shame.”

It’s as likely as not that Haye will get his shot at Vitali. But I’m not convinced that the constant opining, the constant harping, is doing much to further his cause.

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  1. Jethro's Flute 08:24am, 09/12/2012

    I notice that Andy Murray won the US Open after losing 2 toenails during the match.

    I think he should fight Vitali Klitschko instead of David Haye.

  2. The Tache 05:48am, 09/12/2012

    @The Thresher
    Don’t dispute that David Haye is an ATG when it comes to the business side of boxing, or that he would pose a genuine threat to Vitali, if he decided to try. But what I don’t understand is why people who know his game are happy to play along.
    Can’t we at least restrict articles about David Haye to when there is actually something to discuss, like an actual fight? Or are we doomed to months of Haye said this, Haye tweeted that, Haye spilt Vitali’s pint and said his mum smells of wee, until the inevitable bumper pay day is upon us.
    Then we can discuss if David Haye took his chance at upsetting Vitali, or took the money while laughing at the dumb sheep who fell for his routine, again. Then we might also discuss how long his latest retirement will last. SPOILER ALERT: Until he can earn another big pay day for minimal effort.

  3. mike schmidt 08:30am, 09/11/2012

    David moves forward—the giant lumbers forward—David gets out his slingshot, winds up annnnnnnnd David trips on his toe, David trips on his toe—down goes David, down goes David, down goes David—done in by a sore toe.

  4. the thresher 05:01pm, 09/10/2012

    I am a Haye fan and think he has a great shot of upsettiing Vital should they meet. Sosnowski set a bit of a blueprint for how to get at Vitali and Haye is clearly no Sosnowski. Haye is dumb like a fox and understands the boxing buisness as well as any promoter.

  5. The Tache 11:58am, 09/10/2012

    I think his constant harping must be working because we keep getting articles about what David Haye has just said.
    Haye is a publicity junkie and Robert Ecksel seems to be acting as an enabler!!!

  6. Jethro's Flute 10:03am, 09/10/2012

    Let’s hope he doesn’t knacker his toe again….

  7. Mike Casey 09:14am, 09/10/2012

    Brilliant talent, charismatic, fiery and never short of a quote - I do so love Caravaggio.

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