David Haye: Seeing Is Believing

By Ted Sares on June 14, 2015
David Haye: Seeing Is Believing
“Fury can forget it, though. Destiny has decided he’s not going to get a payday out of me.”

In the case of David Haye, seeing is believing because his past promises have been as hollow as a seashell…

“I’ll only come back for a Klitschko. Or a Chisora. Or a Povetkin. Or another Audley.”—An old quote from David Haye

“An all-British world title fight would be an ideal situation.”—A more recent quote from Haye

“If we (Joshua and Haye) do fight each other it means I’m back to my best and he’s carried of winning emphatically, so there would be no other location than Wembley.”—Haye

David Haye, who at 26-2 fights less frequently than Andre Ward, is now crowing about a British heavyweight title fight against Anthony Joshua at Wembley which translated means that he fancies the same big payday that Froch got against Groves. The 34-year-old former heavyweight world champion hasn’t entered the ring since 2012 when he knocked out Dereck Chisora. In fact, he has had only five fights since 2009. The reason for his most recent absence was due to a career-threatening shoulder injury, but now the” Hayemaker” wants to take on up-and-comer Joshua.

Haye said, “I’ll be back—100 per cent I’ll fight again. I’m in no rush to name a date or an opponent, but it will definitely happen. I was ringside at the Carl Froch-George Groves fight last year and I realised how much I had missed big stadium fights. Fury can forget it, though. It’s just not going to happen—destiny has decided he’s not going to get a payday out of me.”

However, Haye realizes that he has spent too long on the sidelines and cannot automatically expect to headline a big show. The fact is, he might even be willing to be a support act to one of the division’s leading lights.

In a recent comment that can only be described as whimsical , Haye states, “If he (Joshua) continues on the progression path that he’s on, he’s probably only five or six fights away from fighting a Deontay Wilder…I wouldn’t be surprised if he got to someone like Wilder or Klitschko before me.”

Really!?! “before me”?

And in one of Haye’s more ironic assertions, he says of Tyson Fury, “He would be cheating his way to Millionaires’ Row, and I would hate to be an accessory to that.” And God knows Haye did not do that against Wladimir Klitschko.

Hayes business philosophy always had been to make the most doing the least. Nothing has changed. Like investing into a mutual fund, one has to look at past performance to get a “feel” for future performance. In the case of David Haye, seeing is believing because his past promises have been as hollow as a seashell.

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  1. Tex Hassler 06:18pm, 06/17/2015

    Try as hard as I can but I cannot be a David Haye fan.

  2. Pete The Sneak 12:01pm, 06/16/2015

    Nice write up Toro…I guess you can compare Hayes to the premise they used in the ‘Seinfeld’ sitcom…“It’s a show about nothing.’‘.....Peace.

  3. Kid Blast 11:25am, 06/16/2015

    nicolas, I agree. I too was and am suspicious of his every move. But I doubt he wants to box. He just wants the attention. No longer going to fall for his con.

  4. nicolas 10:50am, 06/16/2015

    I always was suspicious of his injuries that he suffered before the fight he was supposed to have with Fury. I felt at the time that Fury would beat him. I think that he just does not have it in himself to box any more, but that he misses the limelight, and this is one way to keep himself relevant. Perhaps in his dreams he does fancy himself to be in the ring again. But if he were to come back now, unlike Vitali Klitschko who did against Peters in dramatic fashion, I thing that Haye would lose pretty badly to the people he just named, though at one time he probably could have won. I did not fault him for losing to Klitschko. When he fought Wlad, it was like a Jr. Welterweight fighting a middleweight.

  5. Kid Blast 05:35pm, 06/15/2015

    Biker, that’s why je won’t fight again

  6. bikermike 05:05pm, 06/15/2015

    BULL…..hear me good..

    I must not have made myself clear….
    Haye vs Klitschko….he kept swinging..as much for defense as for trying to catch the chin…in a ‘fair fight’ situation…(knowing your opponent..and no outside influence)..the best defense is offense.
    Now…when I first started to BOX…at age of twenty seven….my club sparring partner was the National Champ..in the late sixties….and he could throw lots of punches that came up short….THANK CHRIST.

    upon review…Haye threw a lot of punches that were short…if you know what I mean

    Like I said earlier…if Haye wants to fight for money…he ain’t gonna get it by fighting local wannabe’s…..He’s got to face higher rated fighters….

    If he does…he’ll lose

  7. Kid Blast 07:08pm, 06/14/2015

    David, how is the beach mate? Haye won’t fight again. Bet on it.

  8. David Ball 03:30pm, 06/14/2015

    Whatup Kid and Biker, Iron Beach here….Haye might have a good chance against Wilder style wise….Joshua’s people will hopefully and                                   rightfully keep him away from the bionic ToeMan for 3-4 more fights ....whats the rush? Joseph Parker….hopefully we see that next year.

  9. John aka L.L. Cool John 03:27pm, 06/14/2015

    Very well said, The Tache!!!

  10. Kid Blast 02:19pm, 06/14/2015

    Good stuff Biker. He still has a big fan base but I no longer count myself as being in it. Can’t believe anything he says.

    He has taken the business model to an extreme. I can live with Floyd’s but not with Haye’s.

  11. Kid Blast 02:17pm, 06/14/2015

    The Tache has the beat

  12. bikermike 12:50pm, 06/14/2015

    Nice article Ted.
    We’ve seen a lot of this….‘Make the most from doing the least’...shit going on in Boxing ...over a long, long time.

    Not so far back…it took Marvin Hagler fifty fights to become World Champion…that was undisputed World Champion

    Corruption reigns
    Promotors and ‘BOXING FEDERATIONS..

    ....Four…count ‘m…FOUR ‘World Champions’...for far too many weight divisions….and prima donna’s rule.

    Big name fighters of all weights…(Klitschko excluded)...rarely fight the number one contender…choosing to ride their name recognition…instead of taking on the most worthy opponent.

    It’s gonna take a while for that pacpbf stench to clear

  13. bikermike 12:39pm, 06/14/2015

    His last outing with Klitschko…..I was with him until the ‘toe’

    He’s still around…..but nobody cares…..with the last half dozen fights don’t get anyone to cream themselves…

    He might get a fight as a gatekeeper…but not for much

  14. The Tache 12:31pm, 06/14/2015

    I lost interest in Haye after the Klitschko fight, not because he lost but the manner of the defeat and his subsequent embarrassing toe excuse. Like a lot of people I bought into his hype about being a fast, mobile heavyweight who would bring excitement back to the division, but no more.
    All he has done since then is prove that he is just in it to milk as much money from the sheeple as possible. He will never achieve a fraction of what Lennox Lewis did at heavyweight, hell, he hasn’t even been in with the half the calibre of men dear old Frank Bruno did. BRUUUUUUNOOOOO

  15. Kid Blast 11:42am, 06/14/2015

    Haye is a con man working another con on the fans. First time shame on him, second time shame on us. He used to be one of my very favorite fighters who had it all, but once he and Booth got some serious money and moved to Cyprus, he changed. To hell with Haye. He betrayed my trust.

  16. John aka L.L. Cool John 10:19am, 06/14/2015

    How’s his toe doing?
    I agree, Big Wally.

  17. Big Wally 09:50am, 06/14/2015

    Good Stuff.  Haye is full of crap.

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