David Lemieux on Power Drive

By Ted Sares on June 10, 2013
David Lemieux on Power Drive
David Lemieux floored Robert Swierzbinski three times before the slaughter was halted.

Canadian middleweight KO artist David Lemieux (29-2) lost back-to-back outings against Marco Antonio Rubio and Joachim Alcine, respectively, in 2011. The loss to Rubio was particularly frustrating as David gassed in the late rounds allowing the Mexican power-puncher to catch him and end matters in front of a shocked crowd at the Bell Centre in Montreal and on television.

The Alcine fight for the WBC International middleweight title was a close MD defeat and was a Fight-of-the-Year-type contest that showed Lemieux was far from done.

Six months later, the Montreal native KO’d Mexican Jaudiel “Negro” Zepeda (12-5-1) in the second round of a confidence-builder that probably should have followed the Rubio loss.

He followed this up with a first round KO of Mexican Alvaro “La Cobra” Gaona (11-1) in December 2012.

Lemieux then chose as his next KO victim Russian Albert Ayrapetyan (20-3) who lives in Germany but fights mostly in Spain. He TKO’d the Russian in round two.

Last night at the Bell Centre in Montreal, David got things heated up as a precursor for the Stevenson icing of Not-So-Bad Chad Dawson by dispatching Pole Robert “Shy” Swierzbinski (11-2) in the first round. The destruction featured Lemieux flooring Swierzbinski three times before the slaughter was halted at 2:21 of the round. Lemieux finished “Shy” off with a short and crunching left to the head.

This was Lemieux’s fourth quick stoppage win (at six-month intervals) since he suffered the back-to-back-defeats. In these four wins, Lemieux has gone only six rounds, but his defining statistic is his KO percentage which stands at an eye-popping 90.32.

If the 24-year-old Lemieux can successfully step up to a higher his level of opposition and continue his KO ways, he once again will become a top-level player in what has now become a red hot Quebec boxing scene.

The possibilities are intriguing to say the least.

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  1. Ted 05:05pm, 06/13/2013

    Re Stevenson, I think people are going overboard on one punch. Is he that good, or was Dawson that bad. I think Adonis might get a shock in his next one.

  2. raxman 05:02pm, 06/12/2013

    ted - no way he’s got the wbc super middle title - you mean andre wards title??? that’s the one that S. Bika is fighting for on the paulie v broner undercard. its vacant and he’s fighting marco Antonio Periban (not Rubio) for it. maybe he’s got the WBF? that’s about the level of those gate keepers they get secondary alphabets - or in some cases interim or regular titles
    i’m not Canuckaphile. aussies and Canadians are very similar in temperament and life style. don’t base reality checks on lemeiux and bute as the sum of my feelings. I don’t mind pascal (won money on him vs dawson) - but I think Adonis Stevenson will be found out his next fight - especially if he fights Pascal for a Canadian super fight.
    and I have nothing but respect for the great George Chuvalo
    Rubio has nice record but its not that different to Ali’s 56-5 - so lets keep the statistical element of records in there perspective, as one man’s 57-6 pales to another’s 56-5

  3. Ted 06:19am, 06/12/2013

    raxman , you are a Candianphobe!

    Rubio is 57-6-1 with 49 KOs. He holds the WBC super middleweight title.

  4. Darrell 09:05pm, 06/11/2013

    He sure is exciting to watch.  He may have his day….

  5. raxman 06:21pm, 06/11/2013

    Ted - we shall let the future determine the truth my friend. however in the meantime we’ll have to settle for facts - and yes I know you much prefer excitement, assumption and prediction to facts but regardless…
    Rubio: he’s a gate keeper at best - which is exactly why this lemieux kid was put in with him - and guess what Rubio slammed the gate in his face. Rubio has losses to pavlik and chavez junior - and a host of guys not of their quality like kasim ouma
    Alcine: he’s the guy both angulo and macklin ko’d in the first round, enough said!
    so spare me the hype - and please ted don’t insinuate I place bute and golovkin in the same basket as lemiuex, even in jest. of course I don’t - I think those guys are good fighters - bute is a good fighter and golovkin could prove to be a great fighter; once he steps up from the blown up 154 pounders and (the already ko’d at the top level) matthew macklin

  6. tED 05:54pm, 06/11/2013

    That’s baloney, Rax. He lost to Rubio who is now a world champion and had a life and death fight with Alcine. He waxed everyone else. Give the guy a chance. He is only 24.

    You have a thing about Canadian fighters that gets in the way of your otherwise fine perspectives on boxing.

    Plus Bute and GGG are truly fine fighters LOL

  7. raxman 04:31pm, 06/11/2013

    no chance. another hype job banger who can’t even beat B grade fighters let alone the elite.

  8. Laurent 09:59pm, 06/10/2013

    Nice work from him again! I’m proud he is from my provinces. Hope to see him challende for the title soon !

  9. Ted 11:20am, 06/10/2013

    The easiest job in the world is to be a judge at one of David’s fights.

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