David Lemieux’s New Chance

By Marc Livitz on May 6, 2017
David Lemieux’s New Chance
David Lemieux has won three straight, two by knockout and one by a near shutout.

He was once a very highly touted middleweight prospect who had fought exclusively in his native land of Montreal, Quebec, Canada…

Just moments, as in mere seconds after weighing in Friday afternoon at the 163-pound limit for tonight’s bout against Marcos Reyes, David Lemieux began to rehydrate his body. Indeed, no sooner than his feet had left the scale, there was a full size bottle of Pedialyte or a similar well known, post weigh-in elixir in his grasp. To be fair, those who have had to go through the pains and walks over fire and glass in order to make an agreed upon weight understand the process from beginning to end. The last time we saw Lemieux in the ring, he delivered an unexpected, if not astonishing knockout victory over Curtis Stevens. Although both David and Curtis each share eighth round knockout losses to middleweight king, Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, the convincing win by Lemieux (37-3, 33 KO’s) last March did wonders for his career in terms of future possibilities.

He was once a very highly touted middleweight prospect who had fought exclusively (as in only) in his native land of Montreal, Quebec, Canada and was riding high upon an unbeaten streak for the first four years of his professional life. Matters changed when he collided with Marco Antonio Rubio in April 2011 before not only his fellow Montreal compatriots, but perhaps most importantly in front a national audience on ESPN’s “Friday Night Fights”. Undefeated in the first twenty-five fights of his career, he had to be saved by his corner in the seventh round as he suffered his first loss via TKO. He returned to the ring eight months later, although perhaps a bit too soon because he lost again, this time by way of points to Joachim Alcine. Still, he displayed resolve and rested for six months before he was able to run off nine straight wins until he was flattened by Golovkin in October 2015. Since then and leading up to Saturday’s clash with Reyes, Lemieux has won three straight, two by knockout and one by a near shutout. We as boxing fans have sadly become accustomed to being let down, over and over again and led too many times to mention down the Primrose path of hope.

The main event tonight at the T-Mobile Arena could be a prime example. No one asked to see Canelo Alvarez take on Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr., but the all too reliable nationalistic chain was yanked once again and to great effect. So, it should come as no surprise if late tonight in Las Vegas, Alvarez declares himself ready to take on Golovkin next September, similar to the assertion he made last May after he knocked out Amir Khan. Remember that? The “we don’t “F” around” declaration? The wheels never left the runway for that bout. Should David Lemieux pummel Marcos Reyes tonight, then look for him to fight the winner of the main event if negotiations with the Golovkin camp become hours in a sand glass once again. On the other side of the coin, look for him to face Chavez, Jr. (should Julio lose) in a farewell type of contest. We can always hope and at least if matters turn out this way, then bad things won’t always happen in groups of three.

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  1. anonymous 07:27am, 05/06/2017

    Bad stuff here, You write as if David is coming back from the dead. Check out his record for Gods Sakes. He wins tonight, he hits the early retirement jackpot against Canelo.

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