David Tua vs. John Ruiz

By Boxing News on March 14, 2018
David Tua vs. John Ruiz
David Tua was 22-0. John Ruiz was 25-2. The fight was scheduled for 12 rounds.

On March 15th, 1996 at the Convention Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey, David Tua, from Faleasiu, Samoa fought John Ruiz, from Methuen, Massachusetts, for the WBC International heavyweight title. Tuaman was undefeated at 22-0. Ruiz was 25-2. The fight was scheduled for 12 rounds…

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John Ruiz Vs David Tua Full Fight KO

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  1. shaun sinclair 01:47am, 03/16/2014

    Great web page lads.
    Who do you think would of won between Nigel Benn and Marvin Hagler?

  2. paul 07:27am, 03/18/2013

    Terrifying speed at heavyweight, and equally terrifying footage! Ruiz fell only once, but received at least 2 brain altering/ko punches. Brutal. Hands UP

  3. Eric 04:18pm, 03/16/2013

    If only we could’ve been treated to a Tua-Tyson fight. By the time Tua came into his own, Iron Mike had lost a step or two and this would have made this bout a dynamite matchup. Prime Tua probably would’ve given even prime Tyson some desperate moments. This match would’ve been on par with fictional dream matchups like Dempsey vs Marciano,  Joe Louis vs Jack Johnson, George Foreman vs Sonny Liston, Roberto Duran vs Julio Cesar Chavez, etc. Of course a lot of times certain matchups that look good on paper will sometimes be a big letdown, i.e., George Chuvalo vs Oscar Bonavena.

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