Day at the Beach: Timothy Bradley

By Michael Schmidt on January 29, 2012
Day at the Beach: Timothy Bradley
Timothy Bradley is 28 years old, 28 wins, no losses and he is fresh, young and very quick

Bradley grew up with what he would call a “thug mentality” ready to punch people in the nose but he has his act together big time now…

Dunsten of the Caribbean “dat mah nam mon, we be talkin’ Sherman Williams.” And so my introduction started.   

Perhaps I should trace back a bit. I am on Grand Bahama Island for 12 days of January doing some work for a client. Most afternoons I have off so yesterday I decided to grab some of my dive gear, including snorkel, face mask, dive watch and fins, and head up to the west end of the Island, near “Old Bahama Bay” and keep it simple with some snorkeling. I put on a gift shirt from friend and Champ, Fitz “The Whip” (With Hope It’s Possible) Vanderpool, boxing logo’s and all and off I went for some of the best of the best Island tranquility I have seen and I have seen a great deal of them. Indeed what’s not to like here: blue turquoise waters with glistening sunrays sparkling off the water, endless miles of white sand beach with ten people total and backdropped by the shading of light trade winds swaying palm trees and sea grapes. The underwater scene is just as stunning. I am hardly in the water and along with the usual assortment of parrot fish are two large sea turtles, one dinner plate-sized octopus, two big white-gray sting rays and twelve eagle rays swimming together. The biggest has a wing span of about eight feet. This is a rarity indeed. I am out of the water drying off with the warmth of the sun, the smell of burgers and fresh conch sizzling under a wood burning barbecue, when, yes, boxing starts. All good, I suppose, as they say.

“Dunsten of the Caribbean “dat mah nam mon, we be talkin’ Sherman Williams. Ya bin in da blue (water) long time mon but eye bin lookin’ ya safe, ya like a fish mon. We got cracked conch, cheeseburg, fresh fish fry fe ya soon. Ya da boxing mon da T-shirt, we be talkin’ our Bahama brother Sherman Tank Williams if ya like while I be finishen lunch.” And so I do.

I tell Dunsten, who is darker than the sea urchin I just saw spiking out of a fan coral area, and as big as the palm trees, that I do not know much about “The Tank” but that I would say this, and that I do: “Well ‘DC’ it seems to me he is around 38 or 39 years old, has some 50 plus fights under his belt and he sure looked to me like he was on the verge of dropping Holyfield big time. It would have been nice to do a big rematch show over in Nassau but that is not going to happen. Again, don’t quote me word for word but after the fight I remember ‘The Tank’ saying something along the lines of ‘This is what is wrong with boxing. I am 38 (?), I got robbed, and I have been used and abused.’ And you know what DC I did not disagree with him that night.”

“Ah mon, be right, be right Mr. Michael Schmidt, yes. But ya too much negativahhhhteeeeeeee, Mr. Schmidt yet be right on Mr. Williams. The conch be sizzlin’, the burg be cookin’ and fish a fryin’. Dis the quiet life mon and dis be me scene so tell me the positive boxing mon, the chosen one he be deservin’ the cash for the smash mon.” The cash for the smash. Boxing positive. Well, well and as Dunsten of the Caribbean would say, “Ho ho, ho ho.” First thing in my mind, cash for your smash, boxing positive, the one that should be chosen and perhaps, given the shot , the chosen one, Timothy Bradley. 

“I give you, DC, Timothy ‘Desert Storm’ Bradley.” 

“Whoa, whoa, da Bradley mon, ‘Deserted Storm.’ He be like dat black water rain spout like ting way out dare in da distant, it may come in ere, it may go way out dare, might get in might get out, hee hee tell me bout da Bradley mon, tell me da full, but in a coconut shell worth. We be almost ready to eat under da palm tree shade mon.” 

In a coconut shell worth then, and you have heard it before, but perhaps Dunsten has not and I am wondering what his reaction will be. “Well DC in a coconut shell ‘Deserted Storm’ is 28 years old, 28 wins, no losses and he is fresh, young and quick. And he is always in great shape and he is tough, mentally and physically tough. Three of his last four opponents total a record of, I think, 77 wins and no losses. He is beating up guys, young guys, in their prime guys unlike some other folks at the top of the heap. His bank account up to his first title fight was running a negative balance and it is not that long ago at all that he was washing dishes at ‘Coco’s’ and serving tables at ‘Mimi’s’ eight hours per day while training early morning and late nights. I think DC those were the name of the places but, again, don’t quote me on those things.

“He grew up with what he would call a ‘thug mentality’ ready to punch people in the nose but he has his act together big time now. I met him and his small but tight boxing team in Las Vegas, at the MGM, just after the weigh in for his last fight. He was outside a men’s clothing store in the MGM. I was with my ‘fearless editor’ as I call him from a boxing website. I wished him well for the fight and one of his group asked how I saw the fight going. I mentioned that his opponent, in my opinion, was not on his level, that his opponent would try and make it an ugly clutch and grab fight and that he had a habit of leaning over one side so that Champion Bradley should take his time, work the body and that the right uppercut to the body would be there at the right time. They smiled and said ‘you got it’ and Champion Bradley got it the next night. Afterwards, when I was coming into the media press conference room the Champ was being TV interviewed and as I went by I gave him a thumbs up.

“He mouthed a quick thank you and I like those kinds of small boxing moments DC. It shows me the Champ Bradley is the real guy.”

“I be feeling the Bradley Storm mon, he be real. Do you want some fresh lemon slices mon? Give me the rest of the Bradley shell mon.” 

“Yes on the lemon and yes, it is going to be a lemon if Bradley does not get a good title shot this year. I mean cash good DC and big time exposure big. Bradley’s wife not too long ago stated that Champion Bradley walks in his town and people don’t know who he is. There has been a lot of talk guys he has already given a thumping to getting the big time fight—Pacquiao and Mayweather are those big time fights—but it is Bradley’s turn before those guys, I think. If not then he deserves a topnotch fight against guys named Marquez, Rios, Berto or Ortiz. I would love to watch those fights. Bradley has the work habit, the hunger, the skill and the smarts to give all of these guys, Mayweather and Pacquiao included at this time in their careers, all they can handle and more. AND POSSIBLY A LOT MORE. He is in his prime and ready. That’s it in a coconut shell. What do you think DC, and if you don’t know these guys what’s is your deep water instinct on it? 

“So again, Dunsten, I think Champ Bradley deserves the big Pac or Mayweather fights as much as anybody. What yours back at me Sir?” 

“Bradley, he be da mon. He be Island patient and bring in his own storm. He be lookin’ back, a bit, to stay hungry in da memory and dat good, but he be lookin’ forward but not without da patience steady, and dat good. The Bradley mon he be fabulous when it comes ‘cause he put da time in at sea already ready and he know it mon in his heart, spirit, mind, body. He gonna be lucky in da spot, lucky in da life cause he made his way mon and he be doing it for the love of his heart, da glory, and da bread on da table, wheee hee. He been real, he been steady patient, the ting he need mon. The Storm, he goin’ to come in. Dunsten, he know da pattern. He not gonna be deserted out dare. Da be know holding back da storm when he finally come in. He going to be swayin’ like dat big coconut tree over dere Mr. Schmidt and den he gonna drop some coconut on some dumbass head sir, wee hee. Cause he done the time and no cuttin’ nit short. Nope, no cheaten. Did I get it right Mr. Schmidt?”

“In a coconut shell, ya you got in right DC. Interesting times for young Champ Bradley and it’s about time. Pass the conch. After lunch I’am back in the water!”

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    Ya mon, lotta fun dis article!

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    LMAO. Good job and not an easy one to do.

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