Days of Whine and Hosejobs: Canelo vs. GGG 2 is Here

By Paul Magno on September 12, 2018
Days of Whine and Hosejobs: Canelo vs. GGG 2 is Here
There’s a touch of dread coming along with the intrigue of this weekend’s rematch.

Forget the facts behind what’s really what, the story painted eventually becomes the accepted reality…

Most people watching the first Canelo-Golovkin bout were entertained, acknowledging that the fight, after two tedious years of buildup and he-said/he-said drama over why it wasn’t happening already, was a pretty good scrap—until the scorecards were read.

Gennady Golovkin fans had a mass hissy fit at the announced split-decision draw and members of the boxing media, who had been fawning over Golovkin ever since he hit America with his humble killer, “big drama show” routine five years earlier, soiled their panties in unison.

Judge Adalaide Byrd’s ridiculous 118-110 score for Canelo obscured the reality that this fight WAS close and that a draw, although very anticlimactic for those with two years invested in the will-they-fight or won’t-they-fight soap opera, was a completely fair outcome.

The reason for the outrage was simple. “Purist” fans and the media really, really wanted Golovkin to win and, in a best case scenario, beat Saul Alvarez into a ginger pulp.

The love affair with Golovkin is not hard to understand.

In a sport obsessed with casting backwards glances and embracing the macho fairytale stories of past heroes, Golovkin is a present-day counter to the jaded, business-talking fighters purists abhor. In the minds of his rabid supporters “Triple G” is the smiling assassin who only exists to kick ass and scare all the sissy millionaire champions into hiding. Golovkin is what boxing would be if written and cast by adolescent boys—or frustrated middle-aged boxing scribes with waning testosterone levels.

On the other hand, Canelo is the pretty boy matinee idol, star to teenie-boppers, whose road to stardom just seemed too damn easy.

That’s the narrative that followed both fighters to the ring September 16 of last year. That’s still the story today, just days before their rematch. Alvarez’s clenbuterol debacle earlier this year only reinforced this narrative.

Forget the facts behind what’s really what, the story painted eventually becomes the accepted reality. Golovkin IS an offensive marvel and the top middleweight in the world at the moment, but he’s also someone who has had a remarkably painless free ride throughout the vast majority of his 8-year, 21-fight championship run. But Canelo, who WAS gifted a couple of world titles and has been treated with extreme deference because of his drawing power, didn’t exactly come from a place of privilege in his early life and, truth be told, has actually faced better, more complex opposition than Golovkin.

At some point, as a writer trying to be fair, it’s tiring to keep pretending that the whining and hand wringing is coming from both sides of this Canelo-GGG drama. One has to toss in mentions of whiny Canelo fans, just to make it clear that bias is not in play and that the intention is not to churn out “anti-Golovkin” pieces.

But that’s just being disingenuous and intellectually dishonest. The fact of the matter is that, really, it’s the Golovkinites—both fans and media-fans—who are the crybaby whiners and buzzkills in this scenario who will piss in the punchbowl if they can’t have all the Hi-C for themselves.

And they’ll totally do it again if Canelo doesn’t have the decency to let himself be knocked out this Saturday or if the judges don’t give “their” guy every benefit of every doubt on the scorecards.

That’s why there’s a touch of dread coming along with the intrigue of the rematch. No outcome other than a dominant and decisive Golovkin victory will be allowed to stand. If Golovkin fails to shine or, worse yet, Canelo wins, the outcome will be dumped on with a fetid load of conspiracy theories and excuses.

As in their first encounter, the quality of the bout will be obscured underneath layers of wet blankets unless the Golovkinites get their way. The biggest fight of the year will be turned into a complete waste of time if this macho fairy tale about a humble killer from Kazakhstan doesn’t get a happy ending.

Brace yourself for the wrath of the Golovkinites.

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  1. Kid Blast 05:40pm, 09/13/2018

    thrashem , you are a kid. I am THE GEEZER here.

  2. thrashem 10:53am, 09/13/2018

    I’m over 65 and have fun with the elders. Mafia still exist just under a different name “Government!

  3. Chico Salmon 09:17am, 09/13/2018

    thrashem… Respect your elders, youngblood. One day you will grow old and grey and grow hair in strange places. teehee. Nice learning about some forgotten people from yesteryear. I think I’ll go rub some horse liniment on my wrecked shoulders and trim my nose and ear hairs. Anyhow, take it easy youngster, don’t you know the Mafia doesn’t exist anymore.

  4. thrashem 08:47am, 09/13/2018

    Can you geezers go back a little further “Silent Movies”!
    Judging is always a problem when it comes to Vegas. Vegas didn’t get built by whiners or winners (Unless you are in the Mafia) In USA boxing rules, you can dispute the refs decision in a stoppage, but never the judges game ending decision. Start hiring foreign judges who are not biased. Can’t say incorruptible (it’s Vegas and money talks)
    The first fight/boxing match between these two was a clinic. The rematch is tainted, but has more hype than the 1st bout. You guys are doing a great job keeping the juices flowing.
    GGG cuts a ring off into a quarter it size and forces fights. Canelo is very quick counting once a load has been dropped on him. GGG chin is like a bobblehead doll and his mind stays on task. Canelo is a tough kid on a mission.
    It will be another great fight and will someone fall???

  5. Chico Salmon 08:00am, 09/13/2018

    I’m probably predicting more with my heart than with my head here. I am saying a GGG tko victory in the middle rounds. I can’t help but think this scenario has been played out over and over in boxing where the young lion nearly always defeats the old lion, just as the a good big man will always beat a good small man. G3 has his work cut out for him,  fighting corrupt ringside judges, present day politics, and old Father Time as well. Odds surely favor a prime 27 year old against a middle aged 36 year old.  Hard not to root for a guy that is fighting with so many odds against him.

  6. Chico Salmon 06:26am, 09/13/2018

    Lucas McCain.. I did a search on Barbara Payton yesterday after reading Casanovita’s comment. Came across an article saying the poor girl was doing half of Hollyweird, even Howard Hughes was mentioned. The article could be FAKE News, but if true, it seems the old gal had some mental issues as well. Another life ruined by Tinseltown.

  7. Kid Blast 06:22am, 09/13/2018

    Lucas, re “geezerhood,” I resemble that comment!

  8. Lucas McCain 06:01am, 09/13/2018

    Chico and Casanovita,

    There are several Payton bios on the web.  She was a deeply screwed up gal, self-destructive for reasons that go back, but obviously sexy in ways beyond her looks.  Bob Hope (Packy East) was another ex-boxer who was “into” her, but I don’t think Bob roughed anyone up—too much money at stake.  She looks a bit like Virginia Mayo (though I liked Mayo better as an actress), which may be behind Cagney’s enthusiasm!

  9. Chico Salmon 05:54am, 09/13/2018

    LMAO at the comments.

  10. Lucas McCain 05:48am, 09/13/2018

    Just saw Franchot Tone in an old Twilight Zone rerun, “The Bet.”  He was into geezerhood by then, but still a handsome old dog.  The Plastic Surgeons put him back together pretty well after Neal thrashing-and-coma. 

    As for GGG-Canelo, whenever I hear the phrase “grudge match,” or “real grudge match,” I start smelling the the odor of pro-wrestling kayfabe.  Not that the fight isn’t going to be on the level, or worth watching, but I also read something on “if the fight goes the distance and it’s close and exciting, maybe a third bout.”  That did have a slight stink about it, and I think I’ll rub my hiking boot a few more times on the grass before going back inside

  11. Sam Young 05:37am, 09/13/2018

    Hey Paul Magno. Get into Leftist Liberal Politics you’re a Great Biased Liar, who doesn’t know what he is talking about. Paul you definitely have Severe Mental Problems. Listen Canelo is Faster of Hand and of Foot than Golovkin, and definitely is a Better Boxer and is Better Defensively than GGG. But Canelo is a Pampered Fighter that has the Judges in his back pocket. GGG is definitely past his Prime. That is a Fact. I wouldn’t be surprised if Canelo wins a Decision over GGG even though I want GGG to win. Get out of Boxing Paul Magno and get into something you’re good at - Professional Boxing isn’t something you’re good or truly knowledgeable at. I know you think Hillary truly won the Presidency over Donald Trump LOL !!!

  12. Kid Blast 02:14pm, 09/12/2018

    I think that woman was Barbara Payton but I could be wrong, She was very hot!!

  13. Paco 12:45pm, 09/12/2018

    Totally unbiased and fact based article. Keepin’ it real and nothing but straight talk here. NOT.

  14. Robert 11:50am, 09/12/2018

    I like your articles Paul but you are not objective here and showing too much emotion and some whining of your own—and the golovkinites definitely have a gripe with the failed drug test and poor scoring by byrd—I think the cheaters should be vilified and called out for their disgrace—and for canelo should be ashamed. Thank you for the courtesy!

  15. Donald Grant 10:47am, 09/12/2018

    Every damned article…the writer is clearly patterning himself on the fictional E. K. Hornbeck, who “never pushed a noun against a verb except to blow up something.”

  16. snowflake 10:20am, 09/12/2018

    I actually find GGG’s rabid fans pretty annoying myself… but this article only makes sense if you’re insistent that Byrd’s indefensible scorecard was merely “ridiculous” as opposed to “corrupt.” When fans feel like big money is as much the opponent as the guy standing across the ring, you can understand why they feel a bit defensive for their guy. And honestly, trying to address Byrd’s scorecard in anything other terms than “bought and paid for” is credulous to the point of willful denial. When you add Canelo’s failed tests into that mix you can understand why he and Golden Boy have lost all credibility to fans who want to believe that it’s a fair sport where the best win.

    Thankfully I have no such illusions and enjoy watching both men fight. The bad blood before and after thr first fight seems to have led to a general underrating of Canelo’s abilities. But writing off GGG’s fans as whiners because they quite rightly perceive that their guy has to beat 2 opponents Saturday, whereas Canelo merely has to survive to the closing bell (no easy task against GGG!) to get the W is myopic. Even if you believe a draw in the first fight is fair, there’s no argument that GGG didn’t get screwed that doesn’t come off as Pollyanna-ish. Not a great look for someone who covers the sport

  17. Casanovita de Ahome 08:54am, 09/12/2018

    “Here’s a tip. If the rival for the attentions of your dream girl is a boxer….keep dreaming.” (Clarence George)

  18. Chico Salmon 08:36am, 09/12/2018

    Casanovita.. Interesting story on Tom Neal and Franchot Tone. Never heard of either man, or the story. Wow. The lady who they were fighting over stood by and let this Neal character nearly beat Tone to death, drops Tone after a couple of months and goes back to Neal. Nice lady.

  19. Kid Blast 08:36am, 09/12/2018

    Casanovita has the beat

  20. Kid Blast 08:34am, 09/12/2018

    Too much man lust here for the Red Head. Why so much cynicism? It’s a fine matchup and I will gladly do the PVV especially given the sizzling undercard.

  21. Casanovita de Ahome 08:20am, 09/12/2018

    Golovkinites?! What about the chauvinist fux that back Canelo who could give two shits less that he is dirty dog dirty as long as he wins! They didn’t give a fuk less that their matinee idol had a fifty pound pull on 108 lb Solis when he sucker punched and literally shattered his face! Kinda reminds of when Tom Neal almost killed Franchot Tone! Both cases involved women and guys with muscles pounding the shit out of skinny guys with big dicks! If they haven’t found a way to game VADA (you just know they were trying like a son of a gun) then GGG needs to stop this guy or he isn’t all that he was stacked up to be!

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