DAZN—Ten Bucks, Gone in a Flash

By Marc Livitz on March 21, 2019
DAZN—Ten Bucks, Gone in a Flash
GGG signed a 3-year, 6-fight contract earlier this month. Someone's gotta pay the bills.

We as boxing fans and loyalists can either act disappointed or perhaps let down, yet certainly not shocked…

We as boxing fans and loyalists can either act disappointed or perhaps let down, yet certainly not shocked. The news put forth today from streaming service DAZN in a mass e-mail to its subscribers wasn’t as shocking as say, when James Bond improvised in his time of need and threw an electric fan into a claw foot tub to keep an assailant from using his own Walther PPK handgun against him, but nonetheless a bummer of sorts. Many of us were likely downright skeptical last year when the London based streaming service was initially offered in the United States as one of the nails into the coffin of the pay TV industry. For just 10 bones per month, subscribers would have access to over one hundred fights nights per year featuring either boxing or mixed martial arts.

When the former’s most recognizable star, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, signed a 5-year, 11-bout contract worth $365 million last fall, the gears between the ears of fight fans may have already begun to hum. One of the selling points put forth by DAZN was that among the 100 or so bouts available per year, a few of them would feature Alvarez (51-1-2, 35 KO’s), who is among the best pound-for-pound fighters in the sport. Lost on some is the fact that someone like the redheaded middleweight champion from Guadalajara has been among the superstar class of talent in boxing for nearly a decade. The decision to keep DAZN simply to watch his contests will equal somewhere in the neighborhood of a pay-per-view purchase over after a few months. One box of the deal was ticked this past December when he moved up to super middleweight to face WBA champion Michael “Rocky” Fielding at Madison Square Garden. We all know how that went and where Alvarez went afterwards. That discussion has been crushed into dust.

On Thursday afternoon, the following message was sent out to DAZN subscribers via email. “At DAZN, we always want to give fans the most fights for an affordable price. That’s why we’re introducing some updates to our pricing and we want you to be the first to know about it.” The notice continued. “Starting March 25th, we’ll debut a new annual pass option of $99.99 per year. You’ll get over 100 fight nights per year for less than 100 bucks, or pay $19.99 per month if you want to stay flexible.”

One note of particular interest, however, is the fact that the streaming service will allow current subscribers to keep their $9.99 per month rate active until March of 2020. This announcement also comes less than two weeks after we learned that one of Canelo’s arch rivals of recent times also put ink to paper with DAZN. Gennady “GGG” Golovkin (38-1-1, 34 KO’s) signed a 3-year, 6-fight contract earlier this month. Hey, someone’s gotta pay the bills.

In this writer’s home state of the Republic of Texas, the monthly fee for DAZN with applicable taxes is $10.81 per month, which translates to just under $130 per year. Their new monthly setup takes the rate to $21.64, which is an increase of $10.83 per month and $129.96 per year. At this time, of course subscribers are able to cancel at anytime, yet this won’t be likely if someone chooses $99.99 for the entire year ($108.24 after taxes).

Where do you stand on this? Are we surprised or did you see the writing on the wall? Of course, there’s always the clear understanding that when’s something’s too good to be true, then, well….

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  1. snowflake 10:09am, 03/25/2019

    What I’m expecting is that DAZN hums along at its current prices and seems like a good deal until they have a truly monster event on deck… say Canelo/GGG 3 or Joshua/Wilder… at which point they offer their first ppv. I just find it hard to believe they’re going to let subscribers view the 1-2 truly marquee events possible in this sport without paying extra. But I’m hoping to be wrong

  2. Bruce 05:19pm, 03/22/2019

    Even with the fee increase, DAZN, in my opinion is a better value than ESPN+ which is underwhelming at any price.

  3. thrashem 07:15am, 03/22/2019

    Makes me wonder, how large is the fight game fan base to support this, outside the main event-arena??? Sounds too cheap, $100 bucks per year. Good investment , if real. Even if it flops, nothing lost! Hmmmm

  4. The Tache 07:06am, 03/22/2019

    Still doesn’t sound like a bad deal to me, where do I join? Oh, I can’t because I live in England where Eddie Hearn won’t step on the toes of his paymasters at Sky Sports, who have dominated sports viewing here for decades through subscription TV and would happily put 2 tramps fighting on PPV if they thought it would sell. How much is Sky? £35 a month, 18 month contract and add your PPV fights on top. Yet I could DAZN in Spain, Italy or Germany. How does this not break European competition laws?

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