De La Hoya and Trump—Sentiment and Delusion

By Marc Livitz on April 30, 2016
De La Hoya and Trump—Sentiment and Delusion
“We have an opportunity to show Mr. Trump just what Mexicans and Muslims can achieve.”

Oscar De La Hoya took to the screens of televisions across the nation as he took part in a taping of “Cavuto Coast to Coast” on the Fox Business Network…

Professional boxing is in no way immune to its own brand of politics or bipartisanship. As election season in the United States nears, one needs to press a few more buttons on the remote control in order to find a news source which is indeed “fair and balanced.” To be sure, such networks are few and far between and surprisingly, such respective media outlets don’t jump through hoops to get people to listen. Usually, situations and hot button issues such as taxes, healthcare, immigration, gun control and the like are what call our eyes and ears to the forefront.

There’s nothing new in seeing politicians use sports analogies in their campaigns. It’s a bit similar to when a handful of the unfortunate souls in the path of an oncoming hurricane seek to personify an act of nature by asking the wind and rain to bring its destructive best. There’s thinking outside of the box and then there’s debatably stepping outside of it. Closer to home and within the confines of this article is a case of stepping outside of boxing.

Earlier this week, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, Oscar De La Hoya took to the screens of televisions across the nation as he took part in a taping of “Cavuto Coast to Coast” on the Fox Business Network. The former multi-division world champion exercised his right to free speech as he used the example of two of boxing’s top names to discredit statements made by presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Of course and as many of us are aware, Trump has shown no fear to play with fire as he’s made some quite abhorrent comments in the past regarding Mexican immigrants and people of the Muslim faith living within the United States.

If any of this is news to the reader, then please, by all means see for yourself just what the possible face of the Republican Party had to say. Oscar naturally took exception to such comments, as he himself was born in Los Angeles into a family of Mexican immigrants. Hard work is what has made this country great and the desire to reach as well as live the American Dream should be open to everyone. The nonsense created by the Census Bureau in terms what box to check in regard to our ethnicity or race should never be a deciding factor. The color of our blood is the same.

During the interview with Neil Cavuto, Oscar took the time to express his understandable disdain towards Trump’s approach to some immigration issues, whether actual or imagined on the part of Donald. “I want to take this opportunity to invite Mr. Trump to the Canelo vs. Khan fight on May 7 in Las Vegas”, he said. The head man of the promotional giant continued. “We have Amir Khan, a Muslim fighter from the UK, fighting against the most popular boxer in Mexico, Canelo Alvarez, opening up the new T-Mobile Arena.”

“We have an opportunity to show Mr. Trump just what Mexicans and Muslims can achieve — and in a city that screams America: Las Vegas. Trump, let me invite you so that you can see what a Mexican and a Muslim can generate.”

Kind words from a good-hearted individual indeed. However, let’s tap the brakes and throw this into reverse for just a moment. There seems to a mix-up in the words chosen. First, neither Alvarez (46-1-1, 32 KOs) nor Khan (31-3, 19 KOs) is American. Secondly, such statements have irrevocably tagged one participant’s nationality to that of the faith of the other. Amir Khan is British and of Pakistani parents, so it’s natural that he is a Muslim. Canelo Alvarez is from Mexico and likely a Catholic. Give or take fifty years ago, being a Catholic was a hotbed topic in the United States. It’s what mudslingers threw in the direction of John F. Kennedy.

Most of us already know what a Mexican and Muslim can achieve in the case of these two fighters. It’s the reason why their May 7 bout is being sold for over fifty dollars a pop on Pay TV. Canelo is one of the pound-for-pound best boxers on the planet and Amir Khan is somewhere on the list as well, depending on who is asked. Maybe, just maybe such a view sets the wrong example for groups who are minorities, whether by growth or numbers in America. Of course, it’s changing and for the better day after day.

Individuals such as parents, teachers, ministers and the like all push the idea that professional sports is not the only way to a happy life. By all means, dream big and set the bar high, but try not to put all the cards on one side of the table. To see what the aforementioned groups can achieve and have been achieving for generations over, one need only stick their head out of the window. It’s everywhere and it’s great.

While Alvarez and Khan are to be highly commended for the sacrifice, determination and dedication shown to their chosen vocation, they may not be the best examples of what can be accomplished under the guise of being politically correct. Blue-collar jobs, industry, construction, medicine, engineering and law. Those are some good examples of what is achieved by the groups of people in undeserved question.

Although the United States holds firm ties with Mexico and the United Kingdom, two millionaires from the two respective locations can’t really show us what can be reached. We already know what they can do. It’s not likely that twenty thousand people will show up to watch much better examples hone their trade. We probably won’t see a million or so clicks of the “buy” button to see how two of the most hardworking populations can strive for greatness and individual security. Oscar’s comments were likely made from the hip as well as heart. He’s a good guy. There’s no harm in trying to help, is there?

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  1. Buster 10:49pm, 05/01/2016

    Hey Eric, you miserable little piss ant. Your obvious anti-Semitic slip is showing once again. What has Israel’s immigration policies got to do with this puff piece? Israel is the size of New Jersey and yet has taken in thousands of refugees from Somalia, Ethiopia, Russia and now Syria. It has to be careful not to be overwhelmed by refugees who would love to flee to the only democracy in that part of the world. And bringing up Javits and Cellar out of the blue?—how interesting that they happen to be Jewish. Your blatant racist graffiti on this site is getting tiresome. Mr. Editor—you are losing readers because of this clown. This is a boxing site—or maybe not. Get a life Eric.

  2. AMERICA FIRST 07:44pm, 05/01/2016

    T ake Back Our Country
    R estore America
    U nited We Stand
    M ake Our Country Great Again
    P rotect Our Borders

  3. Aztec Warrior 05:59pm, 05/01/2016

    You are correct…this is ,or at least was, at one time a boxing website. Now we’re mixing in politics. Great… Guess I’ll look elsewhere for informative insight on the Sweet Science that I love. BTW, Trump is a dick. No two ways about it.

  4. Jeff Cucksworthy 06:21am, 05/01/2016

    If you think that Trump’s rhetoric is bad for the GOP image, you might be a cuckservative.

  5. MAGA 05:22pm, 04/30/2016


  6. Sanchez 03:31pm, 04/30/2016

    Hey Eric. Did you check your brains at the door? This is a boxing website you mental midget…..

  7. Jimmie Starr 12:10pm, 04/30/2016

    Goes to show that Oscar should stick to promoting boxing. Trump talked about the aspects of their illegal migration into our country and the fact that we can’t vet them that are coming! Oscarshould his ignorance! This is why people think fighters are ignorant! I represented Homer Gibbins and he understands the truth of what Trump has said!
    I will add that I wouldn’t take advice from a man who screwed over people! (Duva’s) although I rather like what he did it still speak of his character!!!

  8. Eric 12:01pm, 04/30/2016

    BTW, does Oscar still dress in women’s undies?

  9. Eric 12:00pm, 04/30/2016

    Oscar is a friggin’ HYPOCRITE. Has this double-digit IQ maroon actually taken a look at Mexico’s immigration laws and policies? Why doesn’t Oscar criticize Israel’s immigration laws? Mexico and Israel have some of the most draconian immigration laws in the WORLD. Maybe clueless people like Oscar need to read Ann Coulter’s excellent book, “Adios, America” or Pat Buchanan’s, “State Of Emergency.” Of course Ann tries to lay the blame for the 1965 Immigration Reform Act solely at the hands of Ted Kennedy, when in fact, it was Jacob Javits and Emanuel Celler who actually orchestrated and legislated the act. Buchanan was warning the masses about the border waaaaaaay back in the 90’s, when Pat decided to run for POTUS. Trump just borrowed Pat’s playbook and ran with it. Buchanan was just a tad more diplomatic in how he addressed the issue of illegal immigration. Trump didn’t discover the border crisis. Hell, there were people talking about America’s southern border problem back in the late 70’s. I see Oscar didn’t mention the crisis in Europe because of open borders, how convenient. UNTIL every single nation in this world adopts the same “no borders” crapola that people like HYPOCRITE Oscar wish to impose on the West, he’s is doing nothing but talking caca.

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