Oscar De La Hoya Speaks

By Robert Ecksel on June 4, 2014
Oscar De La Hoya Speaks
It could be whatever you want it to be because whatever De La Hoya knows he isn't telling.

If there was a top and bottom to the now defunct relationship between Richard Schaefer and Oscar De La Hoya, Golden Boy Promotion’s now former CEO and current president, Schaefer would be the top and De La Hoya would not.

Despite having spent years in front of cameras and microphones, trading on his good looks and sparkling personality, Schaefer’s arrival, while a boon to business, shoved Oscar into the shadows. He was able to compete with everyone from Julio Cesar Chavez to Floyd Mayweather, but seemed unable to compete with Richard Schaefer, who took to the big stage the way a fish takes to water.

Before their business partnership floundered, it was Schaefer who did most of the talking, at press conferences, to the media, to whoever would listen and not ask questions. When the partnership formally ended, it was Schaefer the alpha male who once again took charge.

There’s no telling what’s going on with Oscar. He is, putting it mildly, a complicated person. But it took him two days to issue a statement, a statement that is as impersonal, wishy-washy and devoid of character as Richard Schaefer might have hoped.

The statement, such as it is, reads, “Golden Boy Promotions is moving ahead on all fronts. We look forward to continuing and expanding our key position in the boxing world and to providing the public with the very best the sport has to offer.”

If anyone can parse anything from the above they’re a better man than I. It could be that airing dirty laundry isn’t De La Hoya’s style. It could be whatever you want it to be because whatever Oscar knows he isn’t telling.

We can, however, expect Richard Schaefer, before too long, to offer a thorough explanation. It may not be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, but it will be more than two sentences.

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  1. Doh Sllubs 07:55pm, 06/05/2014

    So,no more croc in GBP…before Schaefer has the big boxing in his hands,controls everything about matching and make shits of them including the serve and protects Floyd Mayweather Jr. from Manny Pacquiao….Good for you,Schaefer! hope you will be banished in boxing forever!

  2. bikermike 03:15am, 06/05/2014

    ..and you wonder why fighters get treated the way they do ?

    Boxing is run by a bunch of buffoons or crooks…with little interest given to Boxers.
    That includes the fighters tryihg to come up…and they are legion…and the fans keep getting what we get…take it or leave it

  3. Mohummad Humza Elahi 12:30am, 06/05/2014

    Could be the spark that finally sets the two party domination of boxing in the US alight.  If GBP and TR suddenly leak talk of some cross-collaboration, Mayweather and Schaefer could be in a really bad place.  I think that’s unlikely to happen but we really need to see how the fighters react to this, that would be the most telling in terms of who has the stronger hand in this game.

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