De La Hoya’s the One

By Robert Ecksel on September 10, 2018
De La Hoya’s the One
”Why don’t you represent, why don’t you, you know, stand up and have a bigger voice?”

Don’t scoff—the boxing legend says he’s very seriously considering running for the highest office in the land…

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any weirder, and with 2020 on the horizon, Oscar De La Hoya is on the cusp of deciding if he should run for President.

Granted, the door has been flung wide open for someone devoid of experience, charm, gravitas and principles to enter the Oval Office, but, to quote a flabbergasted, “President Oscar De La Hoya?!?!”

For those inclined to scoff, TMZ has some advice.

“Don’t scoff—the boxing legend says he’s ‘very seriously’ considering running for the highest office in the land ... and he’s already putting together an exploratory team.”

“I am actually very, very serious,” Oscar said on TMZ Live, “and I strongly feel that, you know, if a Kanye West can do it and announce and maybe tease the world that he would maybe one day run for President, why not me?”

That’s a fine question for which there is no easy answer. But nobody in their right mind would vote for Kanye West, even with a cabinet of Kardashians. But common sense or a lack thereof never stopped anyone from anything, so Oscar might as well Just Do It and let the chips fall where they may.

“I actually want to pursue it,” continued Oscar, “and there’s obviously many reasons. I’m actually in the works of putting a team together to explore and further detail if this makes sense. But I’ve had literally over the years, ever since I became a professional in boxing, millions of people, um, um, um, tell me, ‘Why don’t you represent, why don’t you, you know, stand up and have a bigger voice?’ And obviously the biggest voice you can have is being President.”

That’s literally millions of potential votes available for the asking, so what in the world is holding him back?

“If the numbers are right and they tell me it looks good, I’m gonna go for it.”

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  1. Kid Blast 01:08pm, 09/11/2018

    there are dog tics, deer tics, and now a new one from California—the luna tic

  2. Chico Salmon 07:36am, 09/11/2018

    Unfortunately, America has fallen so much that the Kardashians, thinks to the IDIOT BOX, have become the unofficial “first family” of America. I imagine that Oscar could pull a lot of votes from the Kardashian fan base. After all, Oscar and Caitlyn have something in common with the cross dressing thingie. Is Kanye pimpin’ the Trump fan base for some future votes? lolol


  3. Kid Blast 07:26am, 09/11/2018

    Insanity like this makes me glad I am old.

  4. thrashem 07:12am, 09/11/2018

    Maybe he can get the Chicano vote. That would be California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Florida and Minnesota vote. Add in cross-dressers, trans… vote. More dilution, we can get rid of the Trump pollution. How about Don King for Prez, what is he up to.
    As long as Trump does not stop Afghan, Iraq invasion the Oligarch will keep the Orangutang in power. US dollars is Arab oil based.
    War huhhh what is it good for! I agree Chico, it has to stop!

  5. Casanovita de Ahome 07:06am, 09/11/2018

    “Nobody in their right mind would vote for Kanye”?! This is by far the most outrageous yet at the same time the most prescient thing you have ever written on! He might not get the nomination but if he ran as a Democrat he would get millions of African American and wack-a doodle leftist votes in the New York, Illinois, California primaries and on and on and on! You might not think that they would be “in their right minds” but they would and that is the scariest part of the shit storm that this great nation is experiencing now and into the foreseeable future!

  6. Chico Salmon 05:47am, 09/11/2018

    Trump repeats in 2020 IF he does the right thing and pulls America out of the Middle East and sheds war hawks like John Bolton. War drums are beating for yet another FAKE gas attack again. Here it is 9-11 and 17 years later, Americans are still dying for what exactly? With all due respect to Oscar, I think he might be a little bit too naive to know what he would be getting himself into by running for the highest office in the land. Maybe start small, say like running for governor of the state of Commiefornia. I hear they have a severe dookie problem on the streets of San Francisco.

    KAG Trump 2020

  7. Pete The Sneak 04:40am, 09/11/2018

    I like Oscar, but I think he’s taken too many hits to the head…Then again,  the photo of him in fishnet stockings may very well rival that of President Trump’s P—-y grabbing locker room tapes, so it’s not like he doesn’t have the necessary humiliation experience that may very well get you elected…Peace.

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