De la ongoing troubles of Oscar

By Robert Ecksel on October 21, 2019
De la ongoing troubles of Oscar
She said Oscar talked about his “fetish for transgender porn.” (Brad Barket/Getty Images)

She screamed in pain and told him to stop, but he laughed and told her to have a drink, at which point she fled the house…

Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, Oscar De La Hoya, whose hijinks were public relations disasters in the past, is “being sued by a woman who claims he sexually assaulted and battered her during a booze-fueled 2017 hookup,” according to, warning that “the allegations are graphic.”

In a lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court by attorney Greg Kirakosian, a woman named “Jane Doe,” using an alias to protect her identity, describes herself as a licensed vocational nurse who met De La Hoya in 2016. The two apparently clicked and had a consensual sexual relationship which went awry in November 2017 when Oscar invited her to see his new home in Pasadena.

When she arrived and led to the kitchen, there was plenty of booze on hand, in addition to “a bag of what appeared to be cocaine”—into which he dove and he proceeded to get ripped.

De La Hoya led her to his bedroom. She said he talked about his “fetish for transgender porn” and asked if she wanted to “experiment” sexually.

The woman declined Oscar’s “various unusual requests,” when he allegedly made his move.

Pinning her down with free arm, Jane Doe claims in her suit that she “repeatedly said no and demanded that De La Hoya stop. However, De La Hoya overpowered her and suddenly and forcefully pushed his hand and fist into Plaintiff’s vagina.”

She reportedly screamed in pain and told Oscar to stop, but he laughed and told her to have a drink, at which point she fled the house.

Doe claims that after the incident, she “felt extreme swelling and pain for which she was prescribed medication at urgent care.”

She also “sought treatment with a Doctor of Psychology and Certified Sex Therapist who diagnosed Plaintiff with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder arising from the sexual battery by De La Hoya.”

The woman is demanding unspecified damages “for sexual assault, sexual battery, gender violence, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress.” She claims she “still suffers from extreme distress, humiliation, indignation and outrage—along with depression, anxiety and related symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder.”

‘The acts of De La Hoya, as alleged herein, were extreme, outrageous, and beyond all bounds of decency tolerated in a civilized society,’ read the complaint. ‘Moreover, De La Hoya’s conduct was malicious, oppressive, highly reprehensible and done with the intent to subject Plaintiff to unjust hardship, and as such warrants the imposition of punitive damages in an amount sufficient to punish De La Hoya and deter all others from engaging in similar conduct.’

The suit doesn’t say if Jane Doe ever filed a formal complaint with the police.

He didn’t do nothing

Whether they’re guilty as sin or pure as the fresh driven snow, nobody confesses to nothing. There’s self-preservation to consider. There are extenuating circumstances. There are lawyers who win at all costs.

In response to the latest salacious lawsuit leveled against De La Hoya, his promotional firm released the following statement:

“A frivolous lawsuit was filed recently alleging that Oscar De La Hoya sexually assaulted ‘Jane Doe,’ which is completely false. Oscar is a very successful businessman, running one of the country’s leading sports and entertainment companies — thus a prime target. It is worth noting that both recent lawsuits have been filed by the same attorney who is looking to make a name for himself. We vehemently deny these allegations and look forward to vigorously defending Oscar’s good name and reputation.”

Wherever this goes, the Photoshop defense won’t work in this case.

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  1. Thrashem 12:24pm, 10/22/2019

    Trinity, you are right about the Catholic Church Priests. If we legalize prostitution it will all go away.LOL This way the government can tax your ass, give good health care and protection for pimping people out.
    You know what you call 10,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? A good start!

  2. My Name Is Trinity 09:52am, 10/22/2019

    Thrash…. We have actually seen more often than not where the “haves” exploit and sexually abuse the “have- nots.”  The Franklin Scandal, Epstein and the pedophile island, Weinstein and Hollyweird, etc., etc. And not all the victims have vaginas, plenty of young boys also are victims as in the case of The Franklin Scandal. I definitely BELIEVE that Pizza-Gate was just as real as the other cases. And often the “haves” have expensive and corrupt lawyers at their disposal whereas the have-nots have to rely on incompetent boobs to represent them.

  3. My Name Is Trinity 07:56am, 10/22/2019

    I still remember reading about Gary Dotson, the first person exonerated by DNA. A teen girl had completely fabricated a rape story and somehow I guess this poor sap, Mr. Dotson, matched the description of the made up perp or whatever. Can’t quite remember how it all panned out or how the guy was charged, but he was found guilty. Poor guy spent several years in prison before the victim recanted her story and told them she completely made up the story. Dotson was a pretty small white guy and one can only imagine what he had to endure being sent to a maximum security state prison for a rape charge. I forget how many years the guy sat in prison or if he received any money for his pain and suffering, but money won’t or can’t buy back time. FAKING serious and even FAKING not serious crimes should be punished as harshly as the crime itself. No telling what this poor guy went through. Rape is such a serious crime, women should NEVER lie about something that serious, it only hurts women who are really raped and have to testify about it in public. Believe me, as a man, I know there are a lot of overly aggressive and perverted guys out there, so these women that lie about this sh*t only helps out these perverted sickos.

  4. Thrashem 07:30am, 10/22/2019

    Todays law is:“Guilty, until proven innocent’. These charges come from the have-nots laid onto the have plenty. False charges go unpunished and money from the rich gets siphoned into the pockets of corrupt lawyers or is that “liars”. We all seen it happen too many times. Dirty vagina leaves a bad taste in my mouth

  5. My Name Is Trinity 07:16am, 10/22/2019

    IF someone decided to do a remake of “Silence Of The Lambs,”  I think Oscar would make a good “Buffalo Bill.”  You can just imagine The Golden Boy saying, “It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again” or doing that little dance number that Ted Levine performed while wearing women’s clothes. I always think of David Lee Roth when I see Levine perform that classic scene. IF this is true, much sympathy for the girl involved and hope Oscar receives a REAL harsh sentence.  HOWEVER, IF this girl is lying, I hope she does time herself for putting the poor guy through this bullshit. Just as bad to falsely accuse someone of something like this as it is for a man to force himself on a woman. A lot of sick men out there, but there are indeed women who will lie about this sort of thing as well. Innocent UNTIL PROVEN guilty. I guess she has medical records that back her claim though so I would think Oscar might have something to worry about.

  6. Thrashem 07:09am, 10/22/2019

    Another bimbo looking for a cash grab! Yah, she must have a big one, checking for his watch he lost the last time…
    Where is the evidence, her word, too funny… It is amazing the psychological problems that comes with vaginas. Oscar is a switch hitter and no gay guy would do this to him????
    Who gives a shit, should stick to boxing, not unknown personal lives of celebrities compounded with BS reporters to sell scandle!

  7. Your Name 01:52pm, 10/21/2019

    “...and fist ” WTF