Dear Commissioners #2

By Ted Sares on September 15, 2013
Dear Commissioners #2
There will be the usual calls for an eye exam, an explanation, and a review of the scoring.

Quite simply and for the good of boxing, strong consideration should be given to pulling Cynthia J. Ross’s license as a boxing judge in Nevada…

“I was like, ‘Are you [bleep] kidding me?’”—Leonard Ellerbe, when asked his initial reaction when he heard ring announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr. announce the fight was a majority decision.

“ has a history of Ross’ controversial decisions. This is the sixth time since 2011 that she has scored a fight controversially, meaning she either scored it drastically differently from the other two judges, or gave more points to someone most felt did not deserve it.”—Larry Brown Sports

Back on June 10, 2102, I posted on ( an open letter blog titled “Dear Commissioners” in which I voiced my disappointment and disbelief regarding the widely criticized decision in the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley fight. I also stated, “With all due respect, I submit that the two judges who scored this fight in favor of Bradley, Duane Ford and C. J. Ross, should be suspended forthwith…”

Little did I know that I would be posting another such letter to the Nevada Athletic Commission, which was sent via email to

Dear Commissioners:

Before the Canelo-Mayweather fight, I expressed my concern about the outcome as follows: “…While highly-respected Kenny Bayless will be the referee, Judge C.J. Ross is cause for concern as she will be remembered for scoring the Pacquiao-Bradley fight for Bradley, 115-113. Craig Metcalfe is less established and experienced, and this hardly seems the fight for a learning experience. Thankfully, Dave Moretti is solid.”

Metcalf and Moretti delivered scores (117-111 and 116-112) and those scores, in and of themselves,  raised eyebrows, but 72-year-old C.J. Ross again astonished the boxing world by calling this one-sided fight an incomprehensible 114-114. What makes this particularly egregious is that her unacceptable work was predictable. Ross gave four of the last five rounds to Alvarez. Dave Moretti (116-112) scored three of the last five for Alvarez (bad enough) and Craig Metcalfe (117-111) scored two of the last five for Alvarez.  Many respected boxing people had the fight 119-109.

I suspect there will be the usual calls for an eye exam, an explanation, and a review of Ross’s scoring. That always seems to happen, but this was her second horrendous scoring in a mega fight. No investigation or explanation is required. Quite simply and for the good of boxing, strong consideration should be given to pulling Cynthia J. Ross’s license as a boxing judge in Nevada.

Thank you for your consideration and attention.


Ted Sares
Boxing Writer

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  1. Ted 12:29pm, 09/19/2013

    Thanks Audley

  2. Audley 11:14am, 09/18/2013

    Hot off the presses from Fox sports: C.J. Ross outta here.

  3. Larry Link 05:04am, 09/17/2013

  4. bikermike 06:14pm, 09/16/2013

    ...before you guys get all sanctimonious…....what in the name of the wide world of sports justified this match up in the first place…. somebody is surprised one of the judges had it close….given that this worthy opponent was supposed to BE THE ONE !!

    ...just another nail in the coffin…COMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIISSSSSIIIIOONNN!!!! Boxing is more fkd up than Baseball was…

    Clean it up…..or go back to fighting on barges

  5. Tex Hassler 04:50pm, 09/16/2013

    Blind people need to work also. Maybe a seeing eye dog with some understanding of boxing would be of help to some judges.

  6. Ted 03:37pm, 09/16/2013

    “Ross, Dave Moretti (116-112) and Craig Metcalfe (117-111) each earned $8,000 for the fight, based on the total purses, as much as a Nevada judge has made since Holyfield-Tyson II, which had more than $50 million in purses, Kizer said. The average for a headliner fight in Nevada is about $2,500”.

  7. Jack 02:53pm, 09/16/2013

    “could you imagine a fight judged by Ross, Eugenia, and Gale Van Hoy”

    Who needs to imagine anything Ted?  We get that shit in 1080 HD, Technicolor, Stereo, Dolby and everything else 24/7/365.

  8. Djata 01:48pm, 09/16/2013

    At least she didn’t say Mayweather lost…I know too well, unfortunately, from experience that there are far worse boxing judges and refs!!!

  9. Ted 01:13pm, 09/16/2013

    email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and voice your complaint

  10. Ted 10:02am, 09/16/2013

    Incredibly, Kizer is defending Ross.

    Writers are outraged. “Oh ain’t it awful!”

    But how many writers have written and/or emailed to Kizer complaining?

    I’m mighty sick of people talking the talk but not walking the walk. Where is the BWAA on this as collective group.? The other so-called bodies? Let’s make the outrage meaningful by preventing Ross from ever judging a championship fight again.

  11. Audley 09:52am, 09/16/2013

    Throw Ross, Eugenia, and Gale Van Hoy together for the fantasy fight of the Monty Python skit where John Cleese takes on a school girl .—Af1qo

    You know the girl would be declared the winner. 

    I too agree with Mike

  12. Ted 07:34am, 09/16/2013

    Jack and MRBILL, could you imagine a fight judged by Ross, Eugenia, and Gale Van Hoy? I don’t like fantasy fights, but I’d love to come up with a fight worked by fantasy judged. Oh me?

  13. Ted 07:31am, 09/16/2013

    Bang on Mike. I could not have said it better. The perception is probably that boxing is closer to Pro wrestling than it is to a real sport.

  14. Jack 07:25am, 09/16/2013

    Mr. Bill…
    They threw Eugina Williams on ice for about three years after the Holy-Lewis disaster. They needed to let the smoke clear for a while before they brought her back. Since then she has scored tons of fights, including world championship fights. But Williams humped the dog so bad in that fight, they brought back open scoring for a while.

    The other two you mention, Calvin Claxton judged maybe 30 fights and hasn’t been seen for about a decade. Larry Layton is still a regular in New Jersey.

  15. Mike Casey 07:18am, 09/16/2013

    Well expressed, Ted. The overriding impression I get, having suffered years of this gut-wrenching garbage, is that such decisions invariably have little to do with a judge’s ignorance, blindness or an inability to appreciate technique. They are just cynical politicking and/or very simple bribery. Do any of the self-serving, insular people who now run our sport ever climb out of their bunkers and look at the sports sections of newspaper websites? Nine times out of ten, you have to click on ‘Other Sports’ in order to access any boxing news. It grieves me to say it, but our little kingdom is no longer important to those living in the real world. They think it’s a joke run by jokers. I wonder how they ever got that impression?

  16. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 06:03am, 09/16/2013

    C.J. Ross is just another name on a long list of boxing crooks….... She was obviously approached by somebody who has a keen interest in Canelo Alvarez…... I have no proof, but Miss Ross was likely paid extra to favor Canelo…...... What else is new? Whatever happened to Eugenia Williams who scored a draw for Holyfield against Lewis in ‘99? Or them Jackass judges who gave Briggs the dec. over Foreman in ‘97??? The horse- manure never ends in boxing….......

  17. Leigh 12:53am, 09/16/2013

    Monte cox ,a great post mate explaining it like that just makes the decision even more ridiculous .

  18. ted 05:14pm, 09/15/2013

    a novel idea. why not?

  19. Ted 05:12pm, 09/15/2013


  20. Oscar Arum 05:11pm, 09/15/2013

    With respect to Hopkins, whom I believe didn’t say what REALLY was on his mind. Ross and the other usual suspects ARE NOT incompetent. These people are CROOKED. Ross knew damn good and well she was throwing that fight. NOBODY is that incompetant. Furthermore, the establishment is CROOKED as well. Who picks Ross for this fight??? The fight of the year, the countless numbers of judges out there and you select one of the known worse?

    You are not a stupid man nor am I. You and I know exactly why this happens. It is one crooked SOB, scratching the back of another crooked SOB and in turn the crooked SOB gets the call to sit ringside on fight night. You know it, I know it and honestly, with exception of Paulie Malignaggi… No fighter (to my knowledge) has had the balls to publicly say it! And I can understand why they keep their mouth shut but it is what it is.

    Hopkins asked YOU to take the bull by the horns. I say you take him along for the ride. He is partners with De La Hoya and pot calling the kettle black, they’ve been involved in a lot of lousy shit of their own down in Texas. Everyone knows it.

    I’ve been making this suggestion for years and if you want to take this idea and run with it, do so with my blessings and take all the credit for it. For years I have been saying that in contests like this, part of the contractual structure should be that the two fighters involved agree upon whom the judges will be. Take it out of the hands of the commissions and everybody else, they are CROOKED! They are not incompetent!

    We both know who the usual suspects are and DAMN STRAIGHT the fighters do as well.

    You, I, and everyone else knows that Mayweather and Alvarez don’t want a ROSS deciding their professional fates. The only way you are ever going to fix this mess is to hit those bastards where it hurts. The only place they hurt is in the wallet (or purse in the case of Ross, Williams and other crooked broads).

    Have it put into the contracts. Use whatever system you wish. Each approves of one judge and agree on the third. Both have to agree on all three (I would recommend this). Something, anything but put the fighters and their corners in charge of this because you are NEVER going to fix this by writing an article or letter to a commissioner or anyone else. This is an area I have been bitching about with Pedro Fernandez for years. You are screaming at the wall. The people you would be addressing already know everything you would be stating… They… Don’t… Care!—You’ve got to come at this from a different angle.

    If the fighters can’t agree to universally get on board with what I am suggesting re the judges (and BTW, I’d throw REF in there as well)... Then they deserve what they get. Ask Hopkins his take on this. He’s now a player, he’s no innocent bystander anymore.

  21. Ted the Bull 04:46pm, 09/15/2013

    Monte, I too had it 118-110.

  22. Monte Cox 04:13pm, 09/15/2013

    I was generous and gave Canelo two rounds so had it 118-110. It was a one sided fight. Afterwards Canelo admitted he couldn’t get to Mayweather and be effective. Floyd put on a boxing clinic and anyone who cannot see that shouldn’t be judging a fight. In all 4 categories of scoring:
    1. Ring Generalship - Floyd controlled the pace and distance of the fight, lead a clueless Alvarez around the ring and was the superior boxer throughout.
    2. Defense- Clearly this category belongs to Floyd blocking many punches with his shoulders, elbows, gloves and slipping away from others. Alvarez showed no head movement and lead with his face.
    3. Effective aggression- Alvarez was aggressive but not at all effective, he didn’t cut the ring, he didnt force the exchanges he simply followed Floyd around the ring who lead him into his punches. When Floyd decided to push the fight it wass he who was the effective aggressor not Alvarez.
    4. Clean and Hard Punching - Floyd landed more often cleanly and landed the hardest and most effective punches throughout. The stats speak for themselves.

    Floyd Mayweather dominated in all 4 categories of judging a boxing match.

    CJ Ross should be banned from boxing. She is even more incompetent than one Eugenia Williams.

  23. Darrell 02:45pm, 09/15/2013

    I had it 8-3 with 1 even.  What’s that, 117-112?

    So I have no complaints whatsoever with the other two scorecards though 116-112 seemed a tad too close…..Floyd took a couple rounds off & Canelo had no clues at all in quite a few of the other rounds, so there could justifiably be a case made for that one.

    Dead right about Mrs(?) Ross though, plain & simply inept.

  24. Jose 02:39pm, 09/15/2013

    72 years? Grandma ought to be in a home for old people and not officiating on fights.

  25. GlennR 02:05pm, 09/15/2013

    Well if standing in a pub in Australia, surrounded by casual fans as opposed to serious followers of the sport, and hearing the cries of outrage from everyone there when the 114-114 was read ..... well if that isnt enough to make you realise that judge is incompetent then i dont know what is

    FWIW i didnt see Canelo winning a round

  26. Ted the Bull 01:20pm, 09/15/2013

    Tim, with all due respect, I must say that anyone that would let the shrieking banshee Mauro Ranello and the Yes Man’s yes man Al Bernstein influence them is not a serious boxing fans. Those two appeal to Beiber groupies, fan boys, and tards, Moist despicable comment of the night came from Bernstein when he called Cano’s knockdown of Paulie a “flash knockdown.” Guy truly makes me ill

  27. Ted 01:16pm, 09/15/2013

    ROSS “EARNED” 8 K for her work

  28. Tim 12:31pm, 09/15/2013

    I had to turn the sound off while i watched this fight because the announcer was so pro-mayweather that i knew it was influencing my attitude toward the fight.  The announcer was super focused on all the great things Mayweather was doing, and disregarding Canelo.  I agree May won the fight easily, but he was fighting an extremely safe fight.  At the pace he was fighting, they could have gone 25 rounds.  Fantastic boxing.  The judges may have confused Mayweather’s illusive style with “running away”.  If I were Canelo I would have thrown a lot more hay-makers, needed to do more damage to the body.  Anyway everyone watched thier own fight.  I think 116-112 is a good score.

  29. Leigh 12:15pm, 09/15/2013

    I would gladly give her the opportunity to come on to this web site and explain to us and the rest of the world exactly how she is scoring her fights because I feel the paying boxing fan deserves to know what the hell is going on here.

  30. Ted 12:02pm, 09/15/2013

    I’m not going to email this until I get more posts so they can get a sense of our disgust. It’s all over the other sites as well. outraged PERMEATES.

  31. Ted 12:00pm, 09/15/2013

    eager to please

  32. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 11:54am, 09/15/2013

    Ted Sares-She must be scoring punches thrown as punches landed….no other explanation….other than what I posted on another thread regarding her scoring so many Draws.

  33. Leigh 11:43am, 09/15/2013

    We can live in hope ted ,should never of been allowed to even enter a boxing venue again after the Pac v Bradley farce but hey here we are !

  34. cnorkusjr 11:41am, 09/15/2013

    I can just shake my head at this and wonder. Because this fight is much hyped and off the radar on attention from around the world, it will be noted and acted upon (I hope). But do you know how many scoring dificiencies occur on the grass roots level of boxing ?  Is bad scoring part of the game ? It shouldnt be, not by any standard but it exists. Its the close matches, the ones where the decision goes to the wrong person in the split decision ending that takes away from the real winner, and leaves the crowd shaking their heads also. What is the adage “to err is human”.

  35. Ted the Bull 11:36am, 09/15/2013

    One other thing here. Those who did not complain when she was appointed to judge this fight need to temper their outrage because they too were part of the problem Where was Ellerbe, Hopkins, and all of the writers when Ross was a named a judge? There was plenty of warning and the advisors should have stepped up and complained to Keith Kizer. Do you think for one minute that Freddie Roach would ever agree to Ford or Ross judging one of his fights?

  36. Ted the Bull 11:29am, 09/15/2013

    Leight, Ross might get the axe on this because Kizer simply cannot risk a trifecta

  37. Leigh 11:27am, 09/15/2013

    I must admit I found it hard to give Canelo four rounds, and mabey two of those could of been halved and the other two because mayweather was taking a rest .I watched it live and again with sound on mute as I normally do and came to the same conclusion . Any one scoring this fight even just cannot be taken seriously in a professional capacity as a judge.Even the most anti floyd observer could not deny him at least 7 of those rounds .But will anything be done about this kind of judging? I very much doubt it.

  38. negrodario 11:24am, 09/15/2013

    Until there is an universal independent body regulating professional boxing, this disgraceful scorecards will continue to happen. The press is not doing its job. Front page should be given today to the incompetence/ corruption in boxing. Teddy Atlas alone crying foul won’t accomplish the needed change.

  39. Ted the Bull 11:22am, 09/15/2013


  40. kid vegas 11:17am, 09/15/2013

    Good one Ted but nothing will be done. Ross must have photos of someone in fishnets.

  41. Larry Link 11:05am, 09/15/2013

    email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and voice your complaint

  42. Ted the Bull 10:46am, 09/15/2013

    I had it 118-110

  43. John aka L.L. Cool John 10:08am, 09/15/2013


  44. Larry Link 09:29am, 09/15/2013

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