Dear Deontay

By Robert Ecksel on December 4, 2013
Dear Deontay
Whether it was sent by email, snail mail, pony express or carrier pigeon wasn't disclosed.

Letter writing is a lost art, but one wouldn’t know it from Dereck Chisora’s open letter to Deontay Wilder. They’re not pen pals. They’re not countrymen. They’re not even opponents. But if Del Boy has his way, he and the Bronze Bomber might soon meet in the ring.

The following was written by Chisora. No ghostwriter, promoter or editor has a hand in its composition. Whether the letter was sent by email, snail mail, pony express or carrier pigeon wasn’t disclosed. The disclosures, such as they are, are in the missive below.

Dear Deontay,

I’m asking you man-to-man and hope that you have the honour and courage to accept my challenge and fight me.

I’m in this business to prove that I’m the best and to become a world champion which I’m sure you are too, so take me up on my challenge and let’s do this and get it on early next year.

I’ll be honest, I don’t rate you. You’ve put together a record of 30 knockouts from 30 fights, but I believe that you are grossly overhyped for knocking over nobodies – which is understandable for the first two years as a pro when you’re learning – but after 30 fights you’re still knocking over nobodies. As a guide I fought Vitali Klitschko for the world title in only my 18th fight. When are you going to step up and fight a real contender?

There’s only one way to prove me wrong and shut me up and that is to get in the ring with me.

The fans want to see if you can really fight and back up your words by facing someone who will give you a real fight, where you can prove that you America’s saviour in the heavyweight division, and that someone is me.

You can punch, there’s no question about that, I can bang as well. It would be an explosive and exciting fight between us, but lets see who’s got the bigger heart for the fight when the heat is on.

If you beat me fair and square I’ll have no problem saying that you were the better man, but lets do it and prove who really is the better man.

Richard Schaefer from your promoter’s Golden Boy Promotions has a good relationship with my promoter Frank Warren so there’s no problem getting it made.

Deontay, if you are a proud fighting man then you will take up this challenge and give the fans and media what they want to see.

Dereck Chisora

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  1. Paul 08:34am, 12/06/2013

    His comment about Vitali must ruffle Deontay’s feathers. Somehow Deontay has bulldozed 30 opponents with 1 trick while Del Boy was getting tooled by the best in his in nearly half that many opponents. He’s right, Deontay needs to pay his damn dues already.

  2. Matt McGrain 10:53pm, 12/04/2013

    It’s a good fight.  Decent rehabilitation for Del Boy.

  3. Jack 09:43pm, 12/04/2013

    Guys, you are probably tired of hearing me say this. I can’t imagine Wilder getting past Del Boy, Arreola or Stiverne. He is sorely lacking in boxing skills. The only thing he has is power, mainly in his right hand. If you can’t connect with that power, except with guys that got pulled off a barstool in the local pub, then you can’t possibly beat top contenders. There is a REASON why his brain trust has not put him in with anyone who can “fight a little “, any guesses or speculation?????? I don’t think we can use the fine wine or aged whiskey angle!!!!

  4. Ted 08:51pm, 12/04/2013

    Yeah, he is actually starting to grow on me like a fungus.

  5. Darrell 02:58pm, 12/04/2013

    Ghost writer or no, I love this guy!  Chisora’s a natural self-promotion machine with some of his antics…the glassing with Haye being just one.

    Take it up Deontay!!

  6. Ted 12:57pm, 12/04/2013

    Let’s do it!

  7. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 12:01pm, 12/04/2013

    Robert Ecksel-I recognize the style and I say that Bill Ayers wrote this letter….every jot and tittle….don’t laugh and don’t you dare smirk…..if he was good enough to ghostwrite the President’s fictional autobiography and he was…’s pretty clear in this obvious case at least, that he was good enough to take care of Del Boy’s light work as well!

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