Devon Alexander Steps into Muck

By Ted Sares on June 28, 2015
Devon Alexander Steps into Muck
Devon’s most prophetic rant was when he tweeted: “This is the beginning of the end.”

“Say for instance that everyone in the world was gay. How the hell can the human race survive if nobody is producing…”

“I’m entitled to my own opinion which is Americans have let some stuff out of the hat that not suppose to be let out.”—Alexander

“Alexander is, of course, entitled to his own opinion. I am, too. Mine is that Devon Alexander is an idiot.”—Scott Christ (BLH)

“I stand behind President Obama and support gay marriage. I’m an American citizen and I believe people should live their life the way they want.”—Floyd Mayweather (2012)

As most Americans know by now, the Supreme Court of the United States of America has ruled in favor of same-sex marriage across the country. But anti-gay hate is alive and well—even in the boxing community.

Former junior welterweight and welterweight titleholder Devon Alexander (26-3) went to the always dangerous Twitter to voice his gay-bashing views and then—doubling down on his ignorance—expressed surprise that he didn’t know that many people used Twitter by writing, “I never knew it was so many of you people here.”

The following are some of his other rants as reported on Bad Left Hook and RAPPLER:

“So you have told Americans that they can marry there [sic] same sex. So basically we are facing extinction. Say for instance that everyone in the world was gay. How the hell can the human race survive if nobody is producing. This is not about judging it’s about forcing someone to accept something that not even supposed to happen. You gave men the right all over the place to penetrate one another.”

“Only a vagina, when it is stretched can tighten back up. But when your anus is stretched out you are destroyed. Shows how unnatural it is.”

“Adam and Eve was suppose to be with another woman”

Alexander, 28, is no longer the compelling fighter he once was. This unwise Twitter tirade could well anchor his already faltering career. He has lost two of his last three fights. There’s no changing what he said; the damage has been done.

Perhaps Devon’s most prophetic rant was when he tweeted:

“This is the beginning of the end.”

Ted Sares enjoys writing about boxing. He is a member of Ring 4 Boxing Hall of Fame (New England) and a member of Ring 10 (New York). He is one of the oldest active powerlifters in the world and competes throughout North America under the auspices of the RAW, USPA, and the Elite Powerlifting Federations and holds numerous state records. He is the 2015 EPF Northeastern Grand Master Champion and the 2015 Tri-State Grand Master Champion.

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  1. KB 11:26am, 07/01/2015

    Simon, some of the Supreme Court’s ruling was based on the simple question: Who is harmed by same sex marriage,

  2. simon jackovitch 08:21am, 07/01/2015

    People should do and behave in manner that they can live with as long as no harm is done to others. The problem has been and will always be that many people need to impose their way of life on others so as to validate the rightness of what they do. The imposition of will upon others becomes most blatant and apparent when there is a sliver of self doubt that needs appeasing through opinions of others. The idea that there should be collective opinion imposed by government through social/political correctness eliminates the possibility that each individual holds the reigns to determine destructive and creative processes they must abide by within themselves. The supreme court is not supreme; each individual is.

  3. KB 04:19pm, 06/30/2015

    All guts eh Billy?

  4. dollarbond 03:47pm, 06/30/2015

    I’ll second Tex’s post

  5. No10Count 02:38pm, 06/30/2015

    I guess someone should read to him about the “mark of Cain”
    see if he still believes that shit.

    Less homosexuality today than before.
    (see Romans and Spartans and ... LOL )
    And with the rate of births we need them to help depopulate this planet!

    This will F! most of you up.
    The human species can naturally transform from one gender to the other at puberty!  There also exist large scale cases of being born with the “opposite brain”.
    Remember we are all female at first.

    Also - maybe he is already punch dumb?

  6. KB 01:43pm, 06/30/2015

    Of course none of this has anything to do with Alexander stepping into political correctness Hell.

  7. KB 01:42pm, 06/30/2015

    I have been a movie fan for as long as I can remember. Started with Red River and cartoons and then into the 50’s with some great films like Blackboard Jungle, The Wild One, On the Waterfront, and the Sweet Smell of Success. The Killers with Lancaster was damm good as well. I could go on and on with those black and white classics. Also liked the Postman Only Rings Twice.

  8. Eric 09:13am, 06/30/2015

    KB…My uncle loves that movie. I think it is just a generational thing. I grew up with Eastwood & those spaghetti Westerns. I guess Eastwood vs. Wayne ranks right up there with Coke vs. Pepsi, Beatles vs. Rolling Stones, Chicago pizza vs. NYC pizza, or Batman vs. Superman.

  9. KB 08:42am, 06/30/2015

    “The Searchers” was pretty good Eric

  10. Eric 06:05am, 06/30/2015

    bikermike…The Shootist, was one of the few John Wayne movies that I liked. Always was more of a Clint Eastwood fan.

  11. KB 04:57am, 06/30/2015

    Thank you Biker, this one was not risk-free

  12. bikemike 08:07pm, 06/29/2015 ever Ted….an extremely provocative, informative article

  13. bikermike 07:55pm, 06/29/2015 for that observation about certain orifice being stretched or ..‘returning ’ to normal…..
    ...sounds like the voice of experience..

  14. bikermike 07:51pm, 06/29/2015

    clarencegerorge…..sometimes I’m reminded of John Wayne’s last movie…the Shootist….

    He said to somebody…‘You’re taking a long trip around the barn…’


  15. bikermike 07:02pm, 06/29/2015

    nowadays…when somebody becomes a ‘world champion’ could be of some ...fifty weight divisions(OK…I’m lie’n..but you get my point)
    and at least four ‘professional divisions’.....Each with their own ‘champions.’

    Try to explain Boxing to an up and coming Sport journalist…and have him or her.communicate that to what is left of Boxing fans….

    ..and this latest version of   Wrassling’s ....Gorgeous George….is getting pretty tired

  16. bikermike 06:54pm, 06/29/2015

    ..not to put too sharp a point on the pencil…

    When Clay….to become ALI….beat Liston…they’re was only one Champion per Weight Division….
    This was a big deal

  17. bikermike 06:51pm, 06/29/2015

    Irish Frankie…as ...most times…has it fkn bang on..

    I would remind any and all fighters…or public figures..that what yu say…is gonna be remembered…
    ..and in a contact sport….that is important….so…some guys…avoid some guys…..get it…???

    Only way Cassius a shot at Sonny Liston….was because he .....‘campaigned’....he beat everybody in line to be the challengert….and he wanted his shot….  To the point where Liston carried a revolver
    with blank loads…..and fired it at Clay..just to give the Champ some peace and quiet..

    once that bell rang for Clay vs Liston…..the ‘campaigns ’ are legit

  18. KB 05:32pm, 06/29/2015

    My pleasure John. Other might have a different take on it.

  19. John aka L.L. Cool John 05:27pm, 06/29/2015

    Thanks, Ted, for the breakdown on the financial situation. My financial knowledge is very limited. I appreciate you taking the question. If you say it’s scary, I believe you.

  20. KB 04:16pm, 06/29/2015

    Tex, that’s not exactly manning up

    But the exuberance out there seems to be increasing and building to a crescendo or some kind of CLIMAX..

  21. KB 04:14pm, 06/29/2015

    If that happened John, many benefits/entitlements would cease and we would lose our place in the world as the top creditor. But that won’t happen except on a temporary basis as part of a game of stupid political brinksmanship. The interest from Treasury bonds, for example, would not be paid and because so many depend on that, it would be a very bad, albeit temporary thing. Also, our reputation would suffer irreparable harm.

    Bottom line: It won’t happen any time soon. But Greece is something to worry about for a number of other reasons for which I don’t have the energy just now to explain. Later if you wish.

    As you know I am a private investor and stay close to this stuff. It is scary.

  22. John aka L.L. Cool John 04:05pm, 06/29/2015

    I agree, Tex. Ha!
    The (debt) question below is directed at Ted or anyone else that would like to answer it.

  23. John aka L.L. Cool John 04:03pm, 06/29/2015

    Question: What would happen in the event the U.S. defaults on our debt? Can you put it in a nutshell?

  24. Tex Hassler 03:58pm, 06/29/2015

    My comment is NO COMMENT ON THIS ONE!

  25. Big Wally 11:36am, 06/29/2015

    Greece needs to Man Up

  26. Libtarace 10:36am, 06/29/2015

    Financial Wiz has the beat!

  27. KB 10:11am, 06/29/2015

    You are welcome John but like the Downhill Racer, my eyes are on Greece and I don’t like what I see going on there. They really need to gird their loins and pay their debt.

  28. anonymous 10:08am, 06/29/2015

    And by
    “extension” so are we

  29. Financial Wiz 09:59am, 06/29/2015

    Greece is taking it in the a**!

  30. John aka L.L. Cool John 09:52am, 06/29/2015

    Devon Alexander is an IDIOT! Nuff said. Thanks, Ted, for enlightening us on how some boxers and boxing fans feel about same-sex marriage.

  31. KB 09:44am, 06/29/2015

    Dear God

  32. Koolz 09:39am, 06/29/2015

    Well Said Eric,
    divide and conquer

  33. Men On Film 07:19am, 06/29/2015

    Devon could be on the down low. He seemed a tad bit too upset, if ya ask me.

  34. KB 04:31am, 06/29/2015

    Good God!

  35. Clarence George 01:54am, 06/29/2015

    Despite the word “wet” being used with somewhat more abandon than perhaps might be advisable, given the context, your epicurean plan has much appeal (though I suspect my doctor would see things differently).

    Have you seen the futures this morning?  Ay caramba!  Thank you, Greece (no pun intended).

  36. GlennR 10:02pm, 06/28/2015

    I don’t see any hate coming from Devon, just a somewhat limited view on the anatomy and its recuperative abilities.

  37. Eric 09:09pm, 06/28/2015

    Koolz..Spot on. It is all about POLITICS. I could care less what two adults want to do, and I have no problem with someone’s sexual preference. Don’t understand why someone would prefer Jim Nabors over Angie Dickinson, but whatever floats your boat. We have all heard of the tragic Matthew Shepard case, but how many people have heard of the Jesse Dirkhising case. POLITICS ala divide and conquer.

  38. Eric 09:04pm, 06/28/2015

    Irish…Keep fighting the good fight. I hear ya, troop!!

  39. KB 08:17pm, 06/28/2015

    Please say more, John. Are you referring to Devon?

  40. KB 08:16pm, 06/28/2015

    I’m on the Acela and now moving rapidly into CT. Should arrive soon for a Cherry Lime Rickey and maybe a wet Pastrami on rye with plenty of mustard slathered all over it. I’ll end it with some Greek made rice pudding for which I kill for. After this taste teaser, we can pick a restaurant in which to have dinner—maybe in Little Italy or in Brooklyn. We can then solve all of the world’s problems over something red and marvelous after which we can have some nice wet Rum cake and espresso.

  41. John aka L.L. Cool John 07:43pm, 06/28/2015

    How can someone comment on that shit?

  42. Clarence George 07:24pm, 06/28/2015

    We’re pretty much on the same page here, KB.  Generally speaking, I don’t think people need go out of their way to make known their political views.  After all, who cares?  Personally, I’ve never liked or disliked anyone because of his opinions.  I’d still be delighted, for example, to have you buy me an egg cream.  Or maybe a cherry lime rickey, for which I have a great weakness.  All that said, nobody should be punished for expressing his views (leaving aside the explicit call for violence against an individual or group).

    OK, I’ve said my piece.  Now how ‘bout that rickey?

  43. KB 07:10pm, 06/28/2015

    and the most vile Human Recourses

  44. KB 07:08pm, 06/28/2015

    CG, ok, ok. I get your point and it has been taken.

    Still you can win the battle but lose the war on some of these things. I have seen too many careers slowed down by the PC Police for outrageous reasons that corporate swine was more than willing to jump on and use against the hapless victims. Sometimes, it’s best to just not say anything and keep your thoughts to yourself.

    Some years ago the detestable and most Human Recourses types tried to change the attitude people had when their job was to change behavior. They took it too far and were promptly thwarted—thank God, but that’s when I decided to just sit back and watch most of theses assholes engage each other in sanctioned lunacy.

  45. Clarence George 06:35pm, 06/28/2015

    If I may, KB:  That Alexander may have put his career at risk because he expressed politically incorrect views is precisely the problem.  I’m not convinced he has, by the way.  Pacquiao wasn’t much affected when he gave voice to similar opinions about three years ago.  That’s certainly not because political correctness, in all its perniciousness, is on the wane, but because nobody much cares what boxers have to say about anything.

  46. KB 06:00pm, 06/28/2015

    As for the PC, they will now eat up and spit out poor Devon. No pun intended.

  47. Kid Blast 05:58pm, 06/28/2015

    Holy moly, CG. I respect your right to your opinion. But I am not siding with anyone here or debating the larger subject, . I am just blogging that anyone who risks their livelihood with these kinds of rants is just plain stupid—which Devon is and then some. This blog is about that. Not about the pros and cons of same sex marriage.—though I am on the pro side of that issue.

  48. Clarence George 05:43pm, 06/28/2015

    Surprised you’re siding with the politically correct, Ted. 

    While I don’t necessarily agree with Alexander’s specific pronouncements, I am unalterably opposed to the oxymoron known as homosexual marriage.  Not only unalterably, but unapologetically.  Any are free to self-righteously despise me, if they’re so inclined.  I’ll add, if I may, that the Supreme Court repeated its “Roe v. Wade” blunder.  Instead of allowing the issue to work its way through the political process, as it should have, the Court determined the matter by yet another ill-conceived and infamous judicial decree.  And a deeply divided Court, at that.  Three women and two men decided a civilization-changing issue for the remaining 300 million or so rest of us.  Well, as long as there’s no arrogation of power, that’s the main thing.

    Bottom line (no pun intended):  There’s nothing more antithetical to who we are (or were) than condemning someone for expressing his political views.  And that includes views that I personally might consider anathema.

  49. Koolx 05:16pm, 06/28/2015

    It’s not the same sex as someones attraction to someone and in love, it’s the politics that is used and used to destroy family values, Christian religion, people’s psychology.
    Now am not going to post what’s really going on because I don’t think it would be posted here.
    But Same Sex attraction has existed since dawn of time in many forms.
    People’s opinions on a topic should not result in hate no matter what there opinions are.
    And yes it has existed in all sports.

  50. Darrell 03:53pm, 06/28/2015

    Bit disturbing Floyd’s quote in support of this madness…...ah well, it’s a good thing he’s just a boxer.

  51. KB 02:48pm, 06/28/2015

    Tru dat, but Al Haymon might not like it and that’s what will close his show,

  52. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 02:01pm, 06/28/2015

    Where’s the hate in what he’s tweeted…if that’s his heartfelt belief….so be it. I believe he still has the God-given right to express his opinion, just like Reverend Wright has the God-given right to say Goddamn America and I have the God-given right to say Goddamn political correctness and Goddamn the thought police.

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