Did Roger Rabbit Frame Tarver?

By Robert Ecksel on February 12, 2016
Did Roger Rabbit Frame Tarver?
“I don’t know who or what’s behind this. But all I know is I’m clean. I’m clean.” (Ecksel)

“They still haven’t said how it got in my system. I think they accused me of using some kind of cream or something…”

Antonio Tarver says he was framed. He points fingers. He names names. He insists he’s as clean as a whistle, the victim of a conspiracy, and it has nothing to do with having failed drug tests in the past.

The New Jersey State Athletic Control Board has suspended Tarver for six months after failing a drug test that was administered prior to his fight with Steven Cunningham in August, reports Yahoo! Sports’ Chris Mannix.

According to documents provided by Cunningham’s attorney Pat English, a drug test issued on August 11 indicated that Tarver’s results were “consistent with [the] exogenous origin of testosterone and 5a-androstanediol metabolite.”

That sounds bad, but Tarver, who is incensed, only made matters worse by going public with counter-accusations.

“Man, I gotta tell ya, man,” he said. “I just left the hearing in New Jersey with the New Jersey State Athletic Commission. To my dismay they upheld their opinion, or their findings, that I failed a drug test in my last fight against Steve Cunningham, even though the evidence show that the only legitimate testing company hired by the New Jersey State Athletic Commission was LabCorp. They tested me three times that week of the fight. All tests came back negative, of all PEDs, of all artificial testosterone, all steroids, and all masking agents. But the private company hired by Lou DiBella, who just happened to be the promoter of the show and the promoter of Steve Cunningham, all their tests are claiming that they found something. They still haven’t said how it got in my system. I think they accused me of using some kind of cream or something. But there’s no factual basis to their claims.”

Facts are stupid things, more so in boxing than other endeavors. 

“I’ve asked through my lawyer four times for the same samples that they claim are dirty, to have them sent so I can have them DNA tested, that will either exonerate me or find me guilty of something. That’s the only way I can prove my innocence. They still have ignored my claim for the DNA test, will not allow me to get it tested, claiming that it’s no use.”

That doesn’t sound right, at least as Tarver tells it. But who knows what goes on behind closed doors?

“Man, I’m here today to tell you that I did nothing wrong for the Cunningham fight and I’m not doing to sit still and idly let these people destroy my life, claiming I did something I did not do, when the proof of the fact is LabCorp is credible. Their test came back negative, saying that, oh, I must be using some sophisticated method that can beat the genuine test, what call generic testing from LabCorp. But their sophisticated test from a private agency that’s not an official testing company for the New Jersey State Athletic Commission claims I’m dirty. If it smells like shit, that’s what it is. It’s a frame job. It’s a fucking, y’know, I don’t know who or what’s behind this. But all I know is I’m clean. I’m clean, period.”

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  1. Da UnKnown Comic 08:10am, 02/13/2016

    I’m going to play advocate for a second. Where is LabCorp in all of this and what is their commentary?

  2. Akt 02:24am, 02/13/2016

    No smoke without fire. This is the 2nd or 3rd time it’s happened.

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