Dillian Whyte’s advice to Anthony Joshua

By Robert Ecksel on July 6, 2019
Dillian Whyte’s advice to Anthony Joshua
They could talk to him about strategy and what it means to fight back. (Heczar Designs)

Like Deontay Wilder, like Tyson Fury, like Anthony Joshua, Whyte believes he has what it takes to defeat Andy Ruiz…

Anthony Joshua needs all the advice he can get. Charley Goldman- or Jack Blackburn-level advice would be best, given the time constraints. They would talk about strategy. They would talk about fighting back.

But the last thing Joshua wants to hear is what Dillian Whyte has to say.

But like Deontay Wilder, like Tyson Fury, like Anthony Joshua, Whyte believes he has what it takes to defeat Andy Ruiz.

“With Andy Ruiz,” Whyte told Sky Sports, “you’ve got to get the double jab going. Good speed, good double. You know he’s going to come forward and you need to be patient. Take your time and walk him onto the big punches.

“You can’t just go out there and throw a big single against him, because he’s experienced, he’s had over 30 fights. He’ll see the big singles coming. You’ve got to set him up, back up a bit, use your range against him. Let him walk you down and clock him with a shot when he’s not expecting it. He only closed the distance quick against Joshua because Joshua tried to trade. Listen, you don’t go into a fight and start trading with someone shorter than you, with quick hands straight away like that. No, you’ve got to try and get yourself going, be a bit patient.

“You might not win the first one or two rounds. It’s Joshua’s thing, he always tries to win the first two or three rounds, and that’s his downfall. Patience is key. You start mixing it with him on your terms when you’re ready. Don’t let him force you to mix and that’s what Joshua did, Joshua started mixing with him too early.”

Whyte is offering a sage advice from an old pro to a novice. Whyte can be annoying—but he’s impossible to ignore, and like Andy Ruiz he comes to fight.

Dillian Whyte returns to the ring on July 20th, when he faces undefeated Oscar Rivas at The O2 in London, live on DAZN and Sky Sports Box Office.

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  1. Koolz 03:49pm, 07/07/2019

    I agree wtih Usyk but I need to see him fight again.
    I can’t really judge anything till I see him actually fight at Heavy Weight.

  2. AkT 01:42am, 07/07/2019

    Koolz. Gotta disagree with you there buddy. Usyk (if he comes back ok from injury), Wilder, Whyte deal with him. Time will confirm that. Fury is stop that list by probably some distance, I agree.

    Interesting thing is I believe we’ll yet hear more from Joshua. Time tells all. Exciting times in the heavyweight division nonetheless!

  3. Koolz 01:11pm, 07/06/2019

    Pretty awesome advice from Whyte.

    Not enough time for Joshua to change his game.

    Only Fury beats Ruiz.

  4. Your Name 12:48pm, 07/06/2019