Dirtbag? You Talking to Me?

By Robert Ecksel on August 8, 2017
Dirtbag? You Talking to Me?
“There’s something fishy about these people. They put me in some kind of crack house.”

“This guy is one of the biggest dirtbags I ever met in my life—bar none,” said Malignaggi. “I was amazed at what a dirtbag this person is…”

Three weeks. Just three weeks to go. Then it will be over and we’ll be back where we started. There may be a moment of silence, but it will crank up again with all the regularity of night following day.

At this point in the promotion, the unlikely general leading the charge is Paulie Malignaggi. He has always been a great talker. Now that he’s twice sparred with Conor McGregor, and twice got screwed, he has something to talk about.

Speaking with MMA Hour, Paulie spoke about the gym where he and McGregor sparred.

“It’s in a dilapidated neighborhood,” Malignaggi said. “It’s a rundown house. I mean, yeah, it works. But it’s not really what you expect…It reminded me of some kind of crack house that had been barely renovated a little bit.”

Paulie’s no egomaniac, but he’s got self-respect.

“They just didn’t rub me the right away,” he said about McGregor and his team. “It wasn’t like I was mad, but I said, ‘There’s something fishy about these people.’ They put me in some kind of crack house, they had me spar eight rounds after I just got off of a plane…he put up this picture. I wasn’t mad, but I was starting to become guarded.”

The second sparring session was no better than the first. Referee Joe Cortez was there, but the sparring, in his words, “got out of control.”

Paulie said it was a “fiasco.”

McGregor wanted it to be like a real fight. He wanted a staredown and everything. Malignaggi had met plenty of jerks over the years in boxing, but McGregor takes the cake.

“This guy is one of the biggest dirtbags I’ve ever met in my life—bar none,” said Malignaggi. “I was amazed at what a dirtbag this person is. I don’t care if we never speak again. My life is fine if I never see Conor McGregor again.”

Paulie will see him again, on August 26th if not before. Hopefully both men will calm down before then.

“I was dumbfounded by the way things were,” continued Malignaggi. “It’s just about status with him. It makes me doubt if he ever really went through a tough time in his life like they try to say he did. If somebody went through that tough a time in life just a few years ago, they wouldn’t treat people who were not as fortunate as him that bad.”

So McGregor is mean to the help. Who knew?

There were other issues as well. Paulie is happy to be done with it.

“People are going to have their own speculation about how this happened,” he said. “I have my own life. I don’t need this. I don’t need to be part of this. I didn’t ask for this. I went into it with the best intentions. Yeah, I knew we’d be competing, and it would be at a high level. But I was also excited about that. I was excited to make new friends. I was excited to be a part of something.”

Malignaggi wanted to make nice. McGregor wasn’t interested.

“It was definitely an experience,” Paulie added. “It just wasn’t the experience I thought.”

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  1. jim allcorn 08:15am, 08/11/2017

    A nice piece but a bit misleading in that it was the place where the sparring partners are housed that was a run down house that looked like a former crack house, not the gym that they trained/sparred in. That was the new multi-million dollar UFC training facility in Las Vegas. A state of the art facility.
    But, just the fact that a fighter of Paulie’s stature was put up in such a shabby abode is really telling about how unprofessional McGregor’s camp is. They should be ashamed of treating any sparring partners like that. Much less a former two time, two weight division champion.
    I spent several years as a sparring partner for world class fighters & I was always housed at a decent hotel or motel not a dilapidated house in some shady neighborhood.
    I’m far from being a Floyd Mayweather fan but I’m cheering for him in this contest. I hope he batters & stops the maniacally egotistical UFC lightweight champion in 6 rounds or less.

  2. Koolz 03:14pm, 08/09/2017

    The Magic Man would out box McGregor like nothing!  His experience is way way up there!  He has fought everyone.

    You can’t believe that in a sparring session McGregor got lucky and caught Paulie with a left hook or something.

    Nope.  Not happening.

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