Does King Kong Need Freddie Roach?

By Robert Ecksel on January 15, 2016
Does King Kong Need Freddie Roach?
“My job is being in the gym and to reach the best physical condition for my next fight.”

“I am happy with the work I have done with my coach. If you do not need to repair your car, why take it to the mechanic?”

With Vitali Klitschko retired and Wladimir Klitschko having lost his last fight, there are more heavyweight titleholders than you can shake a stick at. WBA champ Tyson Fury, WBC champ Deontay Wilder, and the winner of the fight between Charles Martin and Vyacheslav Glazkov for the vacant IBF title may dominate the headlines, but interim WBA World heavyweight champion Luis Ortiz (24-0. 21 KOs), the undefeated southpaw from Miami by way of Camaguey, Cuba, may be the man to beat.

With Bryant Jennings behind him and Alexander Ustinov just ahead, all eyes are on Luis Ortiz.

Among those who are watching is Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach.

Talking with Radio Rahim, the always talkative Roach said, “I actually have an offer to take him…I just don’t know if I have time. I haven’t answered them yet, but there is a request. I have trained heavyweight champions before. But this might be one of the better ones coming up.

If Roach were to train Ortiz, it might turn a monster into something even scarier.

But there are issues. One is Freddie’s health. Another is his busy schedule. Neither is likely to change. Even Pacquiao’s imminent retirement will free up only so much time.

When he was reached by phone by and asked what he thought about Roach becoming his trainer, Ortiz said, “I have no information on that subject. I have no information on what Freddie Roach said and I don’t know anything about this…My job is being in the gym and to reach the best physical condition for my next fight.”

Maybe discussions are taking place behind Ortiz’s back. It wouldn’t be the first time management is cutting deals about which the fighter knows nothing. But one can also never be sure which end is up when Freddie Roach is involved.

Not that it concerns Luis Ortiz one way or the other.

“It seems that now all the coaches want to work with Luis Ortiz,” he said. “I just want to say that I am happy with the work I have done with my coach Herman Caicedo. If you do not need to repair your car, why take it to the mechanic?”

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  1. Koolz 06:27pm, 01/14/2016

    Oritz is the future!  Watch Ortiz, Povetkin, and Haye.

    I see Ortiz beating Joshua and Povetkin.  But are these fights going to happen.

    How long before Wilder and Fury fight?  When will Wilder fight Povetkin? 

    Heavyweight is wide open for lot’s of talking and deliberating.

  2. bikermike 04:46pm, 01/14/2016

    as the Heavyweight division is now ‘open’...we…as boxing fans should now see the best of the best ....reach contender status…and clean up the ..existing name fighters…

    But what do boxing fans do…when the most popular division…HEAVYWEIGHT..has all fighters and contenders ...locked up in promotional slave like chains/contracts…by promoters that destroyed boxing in the first place…king and arum and people like them…are part of the problem…not part of the solution..that boxing has succumbed to since the eighties….

    Boxing fans ,...and the amateur nor professional atheletes..trainers etc will never rise up…so long as promoters play such a role as they have for the last while…
    Mob is gone…but promoters are in their place..

  3. Steve 10:28am, 01/14/2016

    No, Kong needs better political connections to fight one of the alphabet champions.  His skills are fine and his age, learning new trick us unlikely.

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