Domestic Violence

By Sean Ness on August 24, 2015
Domestic Violence
I am just ecstatic that two unbeaten fighters from these shores are getting together.

Do I think Gary will win? I believe he has a healthier chance than the men who have gone before him…

A mouth-watering “Heavy Duty” domestic dust-up is just around the corner and boy is it a goodie. Heavyweight boxing returns with a bang on September 12th with two of the biggest prospects from Great Britain going head-to-head in the squared circle in an endeavor to walk away with the vacant Commonwealth Heavyweight Title around their waist. Watford native Anthony Joshua will be looking to add another win to an already unblemished record of 13 wins and no losses, all of which have finished inside three or less murderous rounds. Meanwhile his opponent, who is by no means a walkover, will attempt to put the brakes on Joshua’s own self-confessed “hype train.” Gary “Highlander” Cornish is undefeated in 21 fights with 12 of those wins ending in a knockout. The proud Scotsman by way of Inverness is certainly the biggest threat to Anthony Joshua’s undefeated record and like all Scotsmen, he harbors a fighting spirit that gives him the confidence to grab the win.

Recently, AJ spoke to Sky Sports in relation to his fight with Cornish stating that he hopes that the Scotsman can help him produce a boxing spectacle. “The main thing is getting that win. If I was to go the 12 rounds and knock him out in the last 10 seconds, it’s just about how I win. If I go out there and box him for 12 rounds and people say it was a master class then I’ll be happy with that.”

There is no denying that Anthony Joshua is an exciting fighter. I haven’t witnessed any heavyweight prospect burst onto the scene in the fashion that Anthony has demonstrated. With the ability to destroy his opponents with ferocious power and speed, it appears that Britain’s biggest hope of a heavyweight world title lies with the Gold-medaled Olympian. While early indications look encouraging for AJ, it’s the lack of blockbuster names in his résumé that has people in some corners reserving judgment until he has faced a formidable opponent inside the ring.

Joshua has showcased his size, speed and power throughout his professional career, but fans and pundits alike have yet to witness if he possesses the same skill set in defense as he does in offense. With a lack of head movement, he leaves himself open to attack but his opponents haven’t been able to capitalize. Can Gary Cornish expose any possible weaknesses in Anthony Joshua’s armor? He certainly seems confident of breaking down the man that many, including Wladimir Klitschko, believe is a future world champion.

“I’m predicting a Cornish win,” said Gary to “I believe I am the biggest threat to his career and I’m really looking forward to stepping into the ring with him come September 12th”

The Inverness native arrived on the professional boxing scene a day after his 24th birthday and has never looked back. Gary Cornish has built a fan base in his home city and beyond with his winning mentality and incredible work ethic both in and out of the ring. The Scottish fight fans are backing their man with many ready to travel to London in support of Cornish. “Everyone in Scotland seems to be buzzing,” said Gary. “I can’t thank people enough for their support, I’m just as excited as them.” But it could all very well have been different for the Commonwealth heavyweight title challenger because he was actually introduced to boxing via his footballing career. “I signed a professional contract with Brora Rangers Football Club,” said Gary before adding, “I wanted to get fit and got involved in boxing for the fitness, but I fell in love with the sport and rest is history.”

Having previously complained that it’s been difficult to get sparring partners in the past, it’s evident that it’s something Gary no longer needs to worry about. “My camp is progressing well and I’ve stepped it up a gear for this particular fight,” he said. “I’ve got some good lads up sparring including Richard Towers, Carl Spencer, Newfel Ouatah and another will be arriving next week.”

This fight makes sense on so many levels, but I agree with the sentiment that both fighters haven’t faced the same level of opposition as other British heavyweight contenders have faced. Still, I firmly believe it’s the right time for both men to showcase their talents against each other on a massive stage in front of 20,000 paying fans with a guaranteed audience watching at home on Sky TV. The bookmakers have already shown their hand and installed Anthony Joshua as the outright favorite, but I’m certain it will be a closer affair than many people seem to think. Gary Cornish has taken shots from some of the biggest hitters in boxing including Tyson Fury, Kubrat Pulev, Mariusz Wach and David Price during their respective training camps. Not only has Gary withstood each of these fighters’ power punches but he has eaten them up and kept moving.

“It was an honor to get involved with those world-class fighters,” Gary told me, “an amazing experience and the feedback I got was positive. I gave them a hard time and I am pleased with that.”

Many people are billing “Heavy Duty” as a Scotland versus England fight but for me as a Scotsman who embraces Great Britain, I am just ecstatic that two unbeaten fighters from these shores are getting together in order to entertain the punch purists of this country. In the last couple of months, it’s been refreshing to witness their domestic match-up gain the exposure that it deserves. Firstly because I am overjoyed for Gary Cornish arriving on the heavyweight scene, showcasing his talents on a broadcast that has the potential to be viewed by millions. Secondly because he is Scotland’s biggest hope in his fight class since Dundee’s Ken Shaw. The people of Scotland are all too familiar with waiting decades for a glimmer of hope when it comes to participating in Sports, however, come September, it could all be about to change.

Do I think Gary will win? I believe he has a healthier chance than the men who have gone before him. Will we see Joshua getting dragged into the latter half of the rounds?

I’d put money on it!

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Gary Cornish vs Igoris Boroucha

Gary Cornish V's Peter Erdos 28/09/2012 (Inverness Ironworks) (HD)


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  1. KB 09:41am, 08/26/2015

    Count yourself fortunate, mate

  2. Sean Ness 08:15pm, 08/25/2015

    TSS Ted? I’m not familiar with it.

  3. KB 07:15pm, 08/25/2015

    Sean, do you post from time to time on TSS?


  4. Sean Ness 09:18am, 08/25/2015

    Tester, I didn’t question AJ’s ability. I only pointed out that he doesn’t move his head much. Also I didn’t say my money is on Gary to win but I don’t believe he is going to get steam rolled like AJ’s previous opponents. AJ has got his head firmly screwed on and I admire the guy and both fighters are down to earth. I’m looking forward to this fight and may the best man win.

  5. Tester 07:49am, 08/25/2015

    In my honest opinion i think AJ is a breath of fresh for the heavy weight division.
    This guy is fast and throws punches like a brick. Many people are in doubt of his defense and agreeably i don’t think the world has had to see him defending much, but can we really blame the guy?! It’s hardly his fault that his opponents haven’t been able to put him to the test.

    Coming onto his attitude. Compare AJ with the likes of Chisora Mr i will shoot you and you will see how decent, level head Anthony really is.
    In all the interviews i have seen him in, he’s calm and he’s responses always put the sport in a positive light, I’ve NEVER heard his disrespect anyone or take it to a personal level. THIS is how REAL sportsmen should behave. Just let there boxing skills do the talking in the RING

    Really looking forward to this next fight, i’m sure he’ll come out victorious BUT if somehow he doesn’t then either way its no big issue, the greatest have lost and come back stronger!!!!!

  6. Tester 07:27am, 08/25/2015

    If i was a betting man i know who i would place my bets on…...

  7. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:45am, 08/25/2015

    If only….he was half the fighter that Ken Buchanan was….if only….he just might pull off an upset here.

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