Don King: Only in America

By Boxing News on December 4, 2014
Don King: Only in America
When HBO first broadcast "Don King: Only in America" in 1997, Don King was not pleased.

When HBO first broadcast Don King: Only in America in 1997, Don King was not pleased. A serio-comic dramatization of the life of the wild-haired promoter based on the book of the same name by thorn-in-the-side Jack Newfield, the film starred Ving Rhames as King, Vondie Curtis-Hall as Lloyd Price, Darius McCrary as Muhammad Ali, Keith David as Herbert Muhammad, Bernie Mac as Bundini Brown, and Teddy Atlas as Richie Giachetti. Although the film somewhat blurs reality, much as King has blurred reality himself, it stays true to the facts, which are considerably stranger than fiction…

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Don King - Only In America

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  1. Bishop Don Magic Juan 10:01am, 12/04/2014

    Pimpin’ ain’t easy, playa. Don is just a big old cuddly teddy bear, a gentle giant.

  2. russ williams 07:56am, 03/17/2012

    Boxing promoters have long been fascinating business people to me. It takes men with vision to create a fistic event into a multimillion gate. Tex Ricard was such a man who created million dollar gates with Jack Dempsey—making Dempsey into a household hero and “giantkiller”. Mike Jacobs turned a black man Joe Louis into a national hero at a time when America was thinking white. Jacobs made millions with and for Louis. It took an entertainment promoter, Jerry Perenchio. to turn the first Ali-Frazier into millions using close-circuit pay TV. King and Bob Arum have since refined the work of these earlier men of vision and kept the sport of boxing in demand in America as other sports began taking away sports dollars. Boxing fans should be thanking Don King and Bob Arum and their predecessors.

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