Don King Strives to Stay Relevant

By Ted Sares on August 21, 2015
Don King Strives to Stay Relevant
King may be an “icon,” I but am not ready nor will ever be ready to grant him sainthood.

“Don has been getting away with raping people so long that he got sloppy and sent over some forgery that was easily discovered…”

“When the aura fades, the seams start to show. And Don King, with his bombast, his circuitous way of talking, and his faded set of affectations is nothing but seams.”—Jay Caplan Kang

“When asked a direct question, especially one about money, Don King hems dozens of these phrases together into a dazzling yet utterly meaningless tapestry of pretty much everything that has ever happened in the history of the world.”—Kang

“The venue, the pay-per-view broadcaster, Mayorga and my trainers, the undercard fighters, and many others, all of them will suffer if the judge unfairly grants King’s injunction.”—Sugar Shane Mosley

“The truth is King is a semi-retired millionaire who wants to prevent Ricardo Mayorga and me from earning a living.”—Mosley

“When I’m doing good, the hair goes straight up…Now that things are difficult, the hair has gotten a little flatter.”—Don King

Thomas Hauser (who has gone 180 degrees on Don King) recently paid another of his homage’s to the King of Bling with a piece on the Sweet Science titled, “He’s Still Don King.” Hauser concludes in his interesting but fawning article as follows: “There are a lot of celebrities today but very few icons. King is an icon and a larger-than-life legend. His style, his hair, his verbosity, his smile, his charisma, his bling; all of it is his own creation. He still stops a room when he enters. He may be old. He’s no longer the force in boxing that he once was. But he’s still Don King.”

I have my own feelings about Don King and most have been molded by what I read in the classic “The Life and Crimes of Don King” by Jack Newfield. But these are just opinions. What is not an opinion is that Don King apparently wants to somehow, someway remain relevant in the world of boxing even though that world has clearly passed him by, especially since Cloud vs. Hopkins which Cloud lost in May 2013.  Hopkins said after this bore fest, “What a way to put the last nail in the coffin. Who thought it would be me that would shut him (King) down?”

King may be an “icon,” I but am not ready nor will ever be ready to grant him sainthood as his long career winds down.  Even now, the 84-year-old King has inserted himself into the upcoming and widely anticipated Mosley vs. Mayorga on August 29.

According to TMZ, Don King Productions has filed an emergency temporary injunction against Mayorga to stop him from fighting claiming Mayorga is under a promotional agreement the boxer signed in 2009 and reaffirmed in 2014 with a Memorandum of Understanding. Mayorga counters that the contract is a fraud due to his signature being forged by King.

Mosley and Mayorga

The fighters themselves say:

Mosley: “I think Don [King] has been getting away with raping people so long that he got cocky and sloppy and sent over some forgery and fraud that was easily discovered…I think it’s ironic that a fighter not even signed with him put him away. Fraud is a crime and I plan to prosecute Don to the fullest extent for this. Luckily for me his reputation precedes him so fighting this is an uphill battle for him.”

Mayorga: “He (Don King) will not stop the fight. This man is ridiculous, and his time has passed. He just has a desire to disrupt. Has he not stolen enough from me? Like he stole $21 million from the pay-per-view with De La Hoya. He told me it didn’t make any money and it was most successful event of the year.”

According to the lawsuit, King would be irreparably harmed if Mosley-Mayorga II went forward because Mayorga is “at risk of substantial physical harm, and in turn, will damage the reputation and goodwill of DKP by diluting or compromising it ability to promote Mayorga in future bouts.”

Huh? What had Don King done for Mayorga in the way of advancing his career and/or earning him money? When was the last time King promoted a Mayorga fight?

It is rumored that the judge will rule on this on August 20. Let’s hope he sees though King’s pathetic attempt to remain a force, albeit a meddlesome one.

For those who want a brilliant and balanced account of what Don King was and is all about, I strongly recommend the following: “The End and Don King—The crumbling of an American icon” by Jay Caplan Kang dated April 4, 2013:

These days, Don King’s hair seems to have gotten a little flatter.

Ted Sares is a member of the Ring 4 Boxing Hall of Fame (New England) and a member of Ring 10 (New York). He is one of the oldest active powerlifters in the world and competes full power raw in the Grand Master Class.

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  1. kb 06:55am, 08/26/2015

    Joe, he is a putrid b——

  2. Joe Masterleo 04:26am, 08/26/2015

    Every pot has a lid, as they say. Boxing got what it deserved in Don King, and conversely. Such was a marriage born and conceived in hell. Boxing and boxers have sold their souls to him. He’s an iconic image in the sport alright, a corrupt iconic image, the way the mob is an evil blight on the American landscape. That boxing associated itself with both the mob, and characters like King, speaks volumes about the sport, and those who define its character and populate its culture.

  3. Laurena 05:21pm, 08/25/2015

    Great article, Ted, followed by some very interesting comments. Glad I stopped by.

  4. KB 01:07pm, 08/25/2015

    On Tuesday, Don King Productions (DKP) has lost its bid for a preliminary injunction that would have prevented Ricardo Mayorga from fighting Shane Mosley this weekend. As a result of this ruling, Mosley is now free to promote this Saturday’s rematch against Mayorga, which is scheduled for the Forum in Inglewood, California.

  5. Buster 06:35pm, 08/22/2015

    Actually the phrase should be “Only in Boxing”. Because only in this miserable, out of control, and wretched sport (a situation that King immeasurably helped to create) could this murdering human virus run roughshod while bringing it down to his disgusting and depraved level. Boxing will never recover from the evil deeds of this sociopath.

  6. Your Name 05:41pm, 08/22/2015

    Bob Lee=prison I think

  7. Tex Hassler 04:06pm, 08/22/2015

    Don King has been around a long time and has not changed as far as I know. Great article!

  8. Joe Bruno 03:59pm, 08/22/2015

    Peter, In 1983 Don King was not happy with the new IBF because Bob Lee, the head of the IBF, was just as much a crook as King was, and King couldn’t control him.

    I know. I was there.

  9. nicolas 03:35pm, 08/22/2015

    PETER: I don’t think that you can accuse King of creating multiple championships. In fact, back in 83, he was not happy when the IBF came into existence. Not a good man though

  10. KB 12:28pm, 08/22/2015

    It’s all here lads:


  11. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:33am, 08/22/2015

    He steals $20,000,000 from Tyson and all Iron Mike does is call him names and kicks his ass…..Tyson was afraid of this devil just like all the other badass fighters who he screwed over were.

  12. peter 05:31am, 08/22/2015

    King is a greedy provacateur who is no longer relevant because he is largely responsible for making today’s boxing irrelevant. He has watered down the sport with his creation of multiple championships. I have never ever heard, read, or seen, anything positive about this despicable human being—except one thing—his intelligence.

  13. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:20am, 08/22/2015

    Only in America….. this psychopathic, subhuman, murdering piece of shit would steal the pennies off a dead man’s eyes. He’s a great American success story and if he weren’t a convicted felon (wait, I think he even got that fixed somehow) and disqualified from running there are millions in this country who would have voted for him if he ran for President….oh yes they would have (if Obama could get 99% of the black vote this rat could get a couple of million easily)...., that’s just how fuked up this country has become.

  14. Joe Bruno 05:10am, 08/22/2015

    What no one mentions, is that, besides being a two-time killer, he also stomped a man named Gompers to death on a Cleveland sidewalk, in 1966, King was also a rat for the police against Cleveland bigshot Shondor Burns (The story if in my books - Mob Rats - Danny Greene). Based on King’s testimony in court, Burns was convicted

    So King’s a killer and a rat, and one of the most duplicitous people I have ever met in 15 years covering the sport of boxing.

    Joe Bruno - Vice President of the Boxing Writers - 1982-1986, and vice president of the International Boxing Writers 1983-87,

  15. Dollarbond 11:59pm, 08/21/2015

    That last link is brutal.  This guy’s history is terrible.

  16. Ted Sares 04:30pm, 08/21/2015

    Here is another interesting article though perhaps not quits so balanced:

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