Donald Sterling vs. Adrien Broner

By Johnathan Lee Iverson on May 13, 2014
Donald Sterling vs. Adrien Broner
Broner may be labeled many things, even a bigot, but a racist he most certainly is not.

It appears that the age of pseudo outrage and hyperactive political correctness has found its way to the Sweet Science, of all places. Following his lackluster showing versus Carlos Molina, boxing’s resident would-be rapper, porn star and unapologetic Jackass, Adrien ”The Problem” Broner in his post-fight interview with the usually honest Jim Gray, somewhere around his profanity laced rant declared: “Anybody can get it. Africans, I just beat the fuck out of a Mexican,” to which Jim Gray, supposedly so disturbed by what he just heard urged Broner, “…let’s show some class and dignity…” — which was about the time I vomited in my mouth, because as we all know “class and dignity” is an Adrien Broner trademark.

No doubt inspired by the likes of the NBA and the NFL who are now being pressured into being more socially tolerant, the WBC has suspended the three-time champion, Adrien Broner, until he offers a formal apology (which is no apology at all), because as we all know May 3rd will be a day of infamy for the people of Africa and Mexico who were just beside themselves with dismay at the comments made by Adrien Broner. Who knows, perhaps Boko Haram will be moved by Broner’s newfound humility and release the near 300 Nigerian girls they kidnapped.

We all should have seen this coming, thanks in large part to the National Basketball Association being shamed into finally having to confront their longtime resident racist Donald Tokowitz of the Los Angeles Clippers (“Sterling” was added later. I suppose he just wanted to fit in). The NAACP award recipient’s now infamous diatribe against Blacks supposedly came as a shock to the suits at the NBA despite his very public track record of racist activity, which is evidenced by lawsuits brought against him by the government of the United States and housing rights groups, as well as, a lawsuit brought by his former GM Elgin Baylor. To believe that NBA brass were surprised by Sterling’s racist convictions is as authentic as their sudden open armed endorsements of all things LGBTQ.

The problem with doing the right thing at the wrong time is that it ends up being all wrong. The right time to have ousted Sterling was when he was knee deep in his nefarious practices, which were authentically racist, not when your league is shamed into making an example of him to save face, despite knowing what he was and what he’d done for decades. Adrien Broner may be labeled many things, even a bigot, but a racist he most certainly is not. Racism requires power. Thus, it is impossible for most people to be racists, and that includes a large majority of white people. Although the argument can be made that many have enjoyed the benefits of racist policies prevalent in employment, education, housing, etc. The fact is, many of us do not possess the power to create or even endorse policies that could harm a person or people based on race. We may feel or express ourselves anyway we like, which may very well be bigoted, but bigotry has no power.  Only when a person or a society endorses behavior that creates an environment of racial hostility ala those famous soccer games in Europe where Black players are pelted with bananas and spat upon or legislation such as the infamous Crack Laws designed specifically to target particular communities for mass incarceration or when property moguls such as Sterling engage in discriminatory practices do you have racism. Those who marched, bled and died for basic human dignity did not do so because they didn’t take well to what people said or might have thought. They sat in, boycotted, risked their very lives, etc., because they were systematically restricted from rights and opportunities based solely on the color of their skin. 

Broner for all his antagonistic brash enters his place of business versus a variety of men, within parameters designed to give each participant a level playing field, the antithesis of racism. Boxing as an institution is rife with a legendary history of flaws, some of which were race based, yet, the ultimate realm of equality has always been in the squared circle. Therefore, the best thing for the sport and its respective sanctioning bodies would be to adhere to the standard it requires of its combatants, and thus, not be lured into joining the chorus of corporately operated sports leagues in what promises to be an insult to those who endured and valiantly fought the stain of authentic racism. After all, as George Foreman soundly reminds us, “Boxing is the sport to which all other sports aspire.”

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| Adrien Broner vs Carlos Molina Racist Speech | "Africans, i just beat the fuck of a mexican"

Clippers Owner Donald Sterling to Girlfriend: Don't Bring Black People to My Games (Audio)

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  1. Clarence George 01:27pm, 05/15/2014

    Which is on my reading list.

    Not just “not conventional”...non-existent.  Arm candy, that’s all.

  2. Thresher 01:20pm, 05/15/2014

    Now I know this is probably on everyone’s mind, but given Sterling’s mental and physical condition, exactly what kind of sex could he possible have had with his young mistress. Certainly not conventional. Ugh.

  3. Thresher 01:17pm, 05/15/2014

    He inspired some of the chapters in my crime book,

  4. Clarence George 01:09pm, 05/15/2014

    He died only a few years ago, Thresher, after some 60 years in a hospital for the criminally insane…brings whole new meaning to “dreary existence.”

  5. Thresher 12:11pm, 05/15/2014

    Howard Unruh!! WTF Clarence, you are not old enough to remember him but I am. heh heh

  6. Clarence George 09:13am, 05/15/2014

    ESPN commentator, and black man, Stephen A. Smith got that ball rolling (hopefully) with his “When I give a damn, I’ll let you know.”

  7. Mike Casey 08:23am, 05/15/2014

    The political correctness trend will turn in a flash when one brave man with a sense of humor looks again at his ‘offensive’ remarks and says: “Folks, you’re absolutely right. ‘Bastard’ was far too inappropriate and moderate a word to use in this case, so here’s one that’s four letters shorter. By the way, I neglected to mention that I smoke and drink, keep a hand gun in my bedside draw and have no wish to explore my feminine side by cuddling up to my best pal Ernie. As for that other apparently offensive word I used to describe black people, I’ll have you know that I am an Albino Rastafarian and therefore not a racist.”

  8. Clarence George 07:36am, 05/15/2014

    Camden…and who popped into my head?  Howard Unruh.

  9. Eric 07:26am, 05/15/2014

    Communism went out with a whimper and so will political correctness, or maybe not. As long as a significant part of the population benefits from this brand of a Marxist Feudal System, they might not be willing to give it up so easy. Everyone knows that political correctness is based on lies and propaganda, but human nature being what it is, most don’t want to play fair. I’d venture to say that political correctness has proven more powerful than the bombs the Allies dropped on Germany and Japan. If you were to compare Hiroshima with our cities like Detroit or Camden, New Jersey in 2014, you would have thought that the Allies lost the war.

  10. Eric 07:09am, 05/15/2014

    I’ll take a vanilla cream and a lemon filled with a large black coffee.

  11. Clarence George 03:36am, 05/15/2014

    Mmm…alliterations.  My reaction to them is the same as Homer Simpson’s to donuts.  Come to think of it, I, too, have a weakness for donuts.  Nothing like dunking a plain in a cup of coffee—light and sweet, and with cream.  I’m hungry.

  12. angel segarra 02:41am, 05/15/2014

    Thresher,Clarence ,Bundy’s heroic"our women get it firs"white,tip of the lance heroes need some money to go back home,can you guys help? Oh ,Gympel, Crawford LOST to Sayjo,sorry to give you the bad news old boy.

  13. George Thomas Clark 08:55pm, 05/14/2014

    Invading the Axis through the Balkans, rather than France, was an intriguing alternative but probably would have backfired since it would have put Western troops nose to nose with the Russians, who were huge and fired up at the time, in 1944.  This situation would’ve been even more volatile than the 1941 Russo-German standoff that Stalin inanely concluded was solid since “Hitler can be trusted.”  About this viewpoint Churchill said it was the “final fatuity,” a wonderful alliteration.

  14. The Barker 08:11pm, 05/14/2014

    @robyn bunting
    “Racism requires power. Thus, it is impossible for most people to be racists, and that includes a large majority of WHITE PEOPLE.”

  15. Clarence George 07:54pm, 05/14/2014

    A lot of people hate political correctness, but as long as powerful cultural institutions—the entertainment industry, academia, and the media—rely on it to forward their political agenda, victories will be few and far between.

  16. Thresher 07:29pm, 05/14/2014

    Yes. I think he called Cooper a racist. He’d be better off if he put a gag over his foul mouth. Guy is one ugly dude.

    I think what I meant to say was there appears to be a tad of a “fed up” backlash going on re political correctness.

  17. Clarence George 05:58pm, 05/14/2014

    Eric:  We should have followed Churchill’s plan—i.e., invading Germany through southern Europe, rather than from the west.  But that would have meant Stalin not getting his hands on eastern Europe, so Roosevelt said nyet.

    Thresher:  Not that I’ve heard.  In fact, didn’t his interview with Anderson Cooper just make things worse?

  18. Thresher 04:36pm, 05/14/2014

    Am I mistaken or is some kind of backlash happening re Sterling?

  19. Eric 02:43pm, 05/14/2014

    Clarence… From what I’ve read, Roosevelt didn’t have a favorable opinion of Stalin at first, but politics make for strange bedfellows. Perhaps once the Germans had invaded Russia, the West decided it could use Russia’s help in defeating Germany. Don’t know if it would have been possible for the West to defeat the Germans without the help of the Russians.

  20. Clarence George 02:19pm, 05/14/2014

    Eric:  Didn’t FDR agree to return Russian deserters to the Soviets, knowing they’d be executed?  A vague memory.  Anyway, Roosevelt had a man crush on Stalin, which Churchill found no-end disconcerting.

  21. Eric 02:09pm, 05/14/2014

    @Clarence… I can only imagine how a war can harden and change someone, and always never try to judge someone unless I walk in their shoes. Would like to think that someone would be able to keep it together and not kill innocent civilians, especially women and children. The movie, “Casualties of War,” even though it was a movie, was disturbing. Seems like after “Platoon,” every other movie was about Vietnam in the late 80’s. In regards to Japan and the Holodomor, I was more or less wondering why there was never any sort of trial held for those responsible for the Holodomor. I don’t know enough about history to know, but surely, our government must have been aware of this atrocity before getting in bed with Stalin and the Soviets.

  22. Clarence George 01:51pm, 05/14/2014

    Eric:  You remind me that I wrote to Lieutenant Calley when he was at Ft. Benning, asking for his autograph…which I got!

    A very good novel on the subject you raise is Shusaku Endo’s “The Sea and Poison.”

    GTC is quite correct that plenty of Japanese war criminals, including Tojo himself, were executed.  But there were too many monsters who weren’t.  They wound up in senior government positions.  Didn’t one become Prime Minister?  I can’t remember.  I read about these creeps in Gavan Daws’ “Prisoners of the Japanese,” but that was a long time ago.

  23. George Thomas Clark 12:45pm, 05/14/2014

    Eric - Many Japanese - including Tojo and Generals Yamashita and Homma - were tried and executed for war crimes after World War II.  MacArthur made sure Yamashita was executed, primarily because Yamashita had routed him in battle.  And I must point out that MacArthur is my favorite general…

  24. Thresher 11:54am, 05/14/2014

    “The Rape of Nanking” is chilling. Nothing worse than what the Japanese did to the Chinese. Look up the “Human Towers” if you ever get a chance.

  25. Eric 11:00am, 05/14/2014

    @Clarence, Thanks. Will definitely take a look. War is hell and it definitely brings out the worst in people. I remember seeing some movie back in the eighties titled, “Casualties of War” with Michael J. Fox and Sean Penn. Anyhow, it is allegedly based or inspired by a true story, where a group of Americans kidnap a Vietnamese girl and rape and subject her to all kinds of brutal treatment. You have to wonder about all those little behind the scenes moments that happen in times of war. It really shows how evil people can become when they don’t have to worry about repercussions for their actions.

  26. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:08am, 05/14/2014

    Gotta love those Progressive propaganda photo ops in Iraq and Afghanistan in the last decade with the grinning “colorful” troops as background props. The reason they were available for the “event” was because that’s where they serve…. well away from the fight. The truth is that white Americans are the ones that make up the tip of the spear as they always have and the combat deaths statistics for Iraq and Afghanistan bear this out… a ratio of damn near 10 to 1. Blacks make up a whopping 25% of the army and their combat deaths in these wars add up to about 10% of the total while white Americans comprise about 60% and are over represented in total combat deaths at more than 70 % of the total.

  27. Clarence George 09:18am, 05/14/2014

    Eric:  “The Rape of Nanking” is an excellent book on the subject.  And who was the hero?  A Nazi, amazingly enough, who used his swastika armband for good.  Couldn’t be written as fiction.

    No country’s military during World War II committed worse or more atrocities than the Japanese, with the Russians a close second.

  28. Eric 08:21am, 05/14/2014

    @robyn bunting, “Racism requires power.” That is yet another Marxist construct that has come along within the last decade or so. The social engineers can’t refute the amount of racism directed towards Whites, in the form of “The Knockout Game” or “Polar Bear Hunting” and countless other attrocities, so they manufacture some more bullsheet. Here is what baffles me,  Whites are less than 10% of the world’s population, so shouldn’t we be given minority status? So if we make up such a small portion of the world’s population, how in the hell are we in power?

  29. Eric 08:10am, 05/14/2014

    I always was very curious as to why the attrocities the Japanese committed against the Chinese in WWII basically remain a footnote. Tens of millions of Chinese were brutalized by the Japanese. I’m also pretty curious as to why the those responsible for the Holodomor were never brought to trial. The Holodomor was going in 1932-1933,  and yet this genocide of millions is also left out of the “history” books.

  30. Clarence George 07:39am, 05/14/2014

    GTC:  No, no tears for the loathsome Gauleiter.  But it doesn’t sit well with me that a man who never killed anyone was executed.  A sower of poison?  Sure, but that ain’t (or shouldn’t be) a capital crime.

    By the way, one of my favorite books on this overall subject is “The Nuremberg Mind,” which details how key Nazi war criminals responded to the Rorschach test.

  31. robyn bunting 07:36am, 05/14/2014

    “Racism requires power”? Rubbish, that is no part of the definition and its inclusion raises the suspicion you have some agenda to indicate only whites can be racist. Also rubbish.

  32. George Thomas Clark 07:11am, 05/14/2014

    Clarence - Those are good points, except that what Larry Flynt has done was never designed to bring about the destruction of a people.  What Streicher did was much in concert with Hitler’s Final Solution to the “Jewish Problem in Europe.”  He aided in that plan and met the hangman.  Shed no tears for Julius Streicher.  And the reason he was never tried for child molesting is he was the most powerful politician in Nuremberg - and the best public speaker there - and a powerful Nazi…

    Maybe Johnny Cochran could’ve gotten him off.

  33. bikermike 03:29am, 05/14/2014

    Great read.  Reminds me of the old saying…..IGNORANCE IS FIXABLE..STUPID IS FOREVER !!!

    There will be no harmony until racism ...from all quarters…is gone.

  34. Clarence George 03:15am, 05/14/2014

    GTC:  Streicher wasn’t accused of child molestation.  Even if he were, we don’t execute people for that (though perhaps we should).  Rather, he was accused of crimes against humanity.  But what exactly did he do?  Did he plan the Holocaust?  No.  Did he implement it?  No.  Did he order murders?  No.  Any atrocities?  No.  Did he participate in them?  No.  He didn’t even hold political office or wield political power from 1940 on.  All he did was publish a whole lot of ugly.  Given that this was essentially a military tribunal, and given the temper of the times, one could perhaps argue that his actions warranted some sort of charge, resulting in a few years in prison.  But death by hanging?  For what?  What it came down to was execution for commissioning and publishing Philipp Rupprecht cartoons.  (By the way, “Fips” only served a short prison sentence.)  If we’re going to execute people for publishing filth, then Larry Flynt should have fallen through the trap long ago.

    Mind you, GTC, I’m very much in favor of capital punishment, and am not at all troubled that Clayton Lockett writhed before he died.  More specifically, I’m glad we executed war criminals (we should still do so).  In fact, we didn’t do enough of it, particularly with the Japanese.  But that doesn’t mean that everyone executed should have been, and that includes Julius Streicher, Untermensch though he undoubtedly was.

  35. George Thomas Clark 09:57pm, 05/13/2014

    Clarence George - I’m surprised anyone would object to Julius Streicher being hanged at Nuremberg.  Streicher was a child molester as well as a virulent anti-Semite whose rag “Der Steurmer” was an important part of the Nazi campaign to systematically dehumanize, isolate, and ultimately liquidate the Jews of Europe.  Am I an expert on these matters?  Damn right.  I spent 20 years researching and writing the biographical novel “Hitler Here.”

  36. Eric 12:53pm, 05/13/2014

    And the way women are treated in some Muslim countries, damn. Talk about “slavery.” And women think they have it tough in the West, yeah right.

  37. Eric 10:16am, 05/13/2014

    The Arabs have dominated the slave trade for certain. I believe the word slave is derived from Slav, who were yet another race of people enslaved by the Arabs. The African Slave Trade was an horrific example of how cruel people can be, but it certainly wasn’t the only time in history people have been enslaved. The Romans and Vikings enlsaved many people, most of them whites.

  38. Clarence George 10:14am, 05/13/2014

    Irish:  Exactly why I was always so annoyed with Ali for rejecting “Cassius Clay” (a fantastic name for a boxer), his master’s name, in favor of “Muhammad Ali,” the name of the guy who sold him into slavery in the first place.

  39. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:48am, 05/13/2014

    Gaddafi referred to the Sub-Sahara African Presidents as “black slaves”.... when they made “state visits” to get money from him he would tell his aide de camp to “bring in the black slave” or when they left, “give the black slave something”. One can only imagine what terms he used when referring to Farrakhan and Wright when they paid homage to him in their hands out, groveling visit to Libya. The greatest slavers in the history of the world were and continue to be Muslims of all ethnic strains…Arabs especially excelled in this despicable enterprise long before the time of Muhammad…..they were ever present with the victorious African chiefs who transported their captives to the coast for delivery to greedy, naive, short sighted white Americans who came late to this vile, disgusting, soulless, form of capitalism…. to this day all of us black and white are suffering the consequences. Thanks a fuking lot Eli Whitney….your invention is what made all this shit possible…..much better if you hadn’t bothered.

  40. Clarence George 07:49am, 05/13/2014

    I think Rose was at the Stiverne-Arreola match, looking wonderfully fat.

  41. Eric 07:42am, 05/13/2014

    “Racism requires power.” Well I would think when a group of 5 “youths” beat down a lone elderly victim, that is indeed a show of “power” and “racism.” Just once, I would love to see A TRUE ANTI-RACIST individual, one who condemns all forms of “racism.” Leon Trotsky coined the term “racist” to be USED against Whites, and that is the ONLY time the Marxist manufactured term has “power.” I NEVER see so-called “anti-racist” protesting crimes like the case of the Detroit man beaten by a group of “teens,” the Christian-Newsom murders, etc. Obama will chime in when some 80 year old pervert does his Archie Bunker impression, but he won’t utter a peep when some white victim is beaten into a coma by a group of “teens.” Michelle Obama seeks to rescue “our girls,” which is commendable, but yet she could care less about Whites being slaughtered in South Africa.

  42. Thresher 07:09am, 05/13/2014

    Maybe we can get Cattle Rancher Bundy to delve into boxing history for us.

    BTW, Clarence, I’d rather have Pete Rose spend some private, albeit quality time with Gray.

  43. Clarence George 05:57am, 05/13/2014

    I don’t know (or care) if Adrien Broner is a racist, a word that’s been so loosely employed in the cause of political correctness and racial hucksterism that its true meaning has been blunted to a point beyond honing.  Indeed, Broner’s remarks following his defeat of Carlos Molina constitute a good example.  They weren’t particularly classy (hardly surprising, given their source), but they were in no way racist.

    As for the hullabaloo over Donald Sterling’s distasteful remarks…proof positive how infantilized we’ve become, what with our insatiable hunger to remain in a perpetual and corrosive state of outrage and offense.  I’m far more disconcerted by our following in the footsteps of the UK, Europe, and Canada in our punishing speech deemed “offensive” by self-serving mountebanks and their useful and pusillanimous idiots.  Just wait until these reprobates manage an end run around the First Amendment.

    There’s an unfortunate precedent in our history.  I was always appalled that we executed the admittedly repulsive Julius Streicher for war crimes.  The man was repugnant, to be sure (even his fellow Nazis thought so), but he didn’t kill anyone.  Nor did he order anyone’s death.  He published no end of bile in “Der Stürmer,” but how or why that called for the services of Master Sergeant John C. Woods, the hangman, is beyond me.  I once scored a major coup by getting a Jewish friend of mine, a lawyer and a Holocaust historian, to readily concede that it was a gross miscarriage of justice.

    I’ll close by pleading for someone to arrange a session between Jim Gray and a Corona girl.  Perhaps the experience will render him less of a Miss Priss.

  44. JohnnyC 05:57am, 05/13/2014

    Eloquent ? quite the opposite. The article is very good for an english term paper, but to reach the majority of readers involved in boxing, it’s in the clouds. This would explain the number of comments left.

    JohnnyC, The Italian Battalion…

  45. andrew 05:19am, 05/13/2014

    Excellent article…the word eloquent comes to mind.

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