Drug Interactions

By Robert Ecksel on March 20, 2015
Drug Interactions
The May 2 superfight will go on as scheduled. I just wish it would hurry up and get here.

Drug testing, for those whose memory extends no further than Kim Kardashian’s latest selfie, played a role in delaying The Fight…

All they have to do is fight.

But that which has preceded the May 2 superfight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, including delays, subterfuge, backslapping, hoopla, and skirmishes over niggling details, is growing more tiresome by the day.

The latest concerns drug testing. Drug testing, for those whose memory extends no further than Kim Kardashian’s latest selfie, played a major role in delaying The Fight.

In 2009, Mayweather accused Pacquiao, and not for the first time, of juicing. How to else to explain his evolution from skinny Asian to spark plug with a big head? The “take the test” chorus of Floyd, Roger, Mayweather Sr., and Leonard Ellerbe was as off off-key as it was dissonant, and they were sued for defamation of character.

The case was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum.

But that was then and this is now. The drug testing issue, however, has resurfaced again. The only difference is that this time, Mayweather is on the short end of the stick.

In order to insure that everything is on the up and up, Team Pacquiao proposed that a $5 million penalty clause be inserted as a rider to the original contract should either fighter fail a drug test.

Mayweather, who presumably has nothing to lose or fear, rejected the offer, for reasons that neither he nor anyone in his camp has revealed.

“It was very simple,” Manny’s advisor, Michael Koncz, told USA TODAY. “If Manny failed a test, he would have to pay $5 million. If Floyd failed, he would have to pay $5 million.”

However reasonable that appears, the unreasonable put the kibosh on the proposal.

“They have made derogatory statements for years about Manny,” added Koncz,” and now we challenged them by asking for the $5 million fine, and they refused to do it. It’s disheartening.”

Disheartening or not, Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions, put things in perspective.

“If this moron (Koncz) didn’t convey his fighter’s wishes when the negotiation was going on, that’s their problem,” he said. “This is a lame-ass attempt to generate publicity.”

On one hand, it seems like a great opportunity for the Take the Test Gang to earn a cool $5 mil by catching the sneaky Pac-Man in the act. On the other hand, maybe Mayweather has something to hide.

According to Thomas Hauser, “Floyd Mayweather had tested positive on three occasions for performance-enhancing drugs and…in each instance, the test results had been covered up by Golden Boy and USADA.”

Whether that’s true or not, only Hauser’s hairdresser knows for sure. But it does raise interesting questions.

Is it possible that a steady diet of fatburgers composed of steroidal beef might show up in a drug test? That seems unlikely. What doesn’t seem unlikely is that Team Mayweather wants complete control of every aspect of everything and isn’t willing to make concessions.

Rest assured that the fight will go on as scheduled.

I just wish it would hurry up and get here already.

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  1. Old Yank 12:42pm, 03/25/2015

    Two points: When negotiations are concluded and the deal is signed, introduction of additional conesssions is often a prelude to a party walking. Note who introduced the additional concessions. Pious talk about how clean any sportsman is was put to an end when Lance Armstrong fell off his bike.

  2. FrankinDallas 05:04pm, 03/21/2015

    Robert…I want a copy of that picture? Where did you get it?

  3. Steve 05:37am, 03/21/2015

    Not a single fan, serious or casual know ANYTHING about what transpired concerning the first attempt at THE FIGHT and the drug testing. Only abject idiots can label Manny a PED user. Same with JMM and his last fight with Manny or the attempts to claim Fraud is a user. We all have our OPINIONS which are worthless pretty much.

    Keep focused on the fight, not rumors, allegations, assumptions or BULLSHIT that has been thrown out there since Fraud threw the accusation of PEDs out there for the Floydiots to run with.

    It is clear to astute observers that stalling tactics have been employed for the last five years.

    Let the best man win. IMHO Pac will walk away with the victory, potentially getting Fraud to quit before the 11th.

  4. Eric 12:24pm, 03/20/2015

    Two things I won’t pay for are, an overpriced cup of weak coffee with a written political message written on it, and an overpriced PPV fight featuring two past their prime fighters.

  5. AKT 12:18pm, 03/20/2015

    Someone asked Arum this question during the presser on the 11th, and I thought it was clarified. Arum confirmed that the Pacquiao camp put forward the challenge, but that the Mayweather camp declined it on the grounds that they would prefer a much higher fine if any such irregularities are detected.

    I say, someone just wants to do some stiring, and I’m not talking about a pot of porridge.

  6. pikkon 12:01pm, 03/20/2015

    I agree Mayweather wants to control everything..I am just hoping drug testing result is not one of them..

  7. val 11:54am, 03/20/2015

    Mayweather will do everything to win this fight at all cost. Armed with black check He instructed Ariza to negotiate with Memo Heredia to provide Mayweather the “power pellets” that Marquez used to KO Pacquiao. Al Haymon was instructed to bribe the USADA staffs. If there’s no KO, all judges will declare Maywether the winner just like Pacquiao vs Bradley I, the 3 blind mice was in Mayweather payroll. In case Pacquiao KO Mayweather, the USADA will declare Pacquiao blood test result is positive on PED. On fight night Mayweather body will camouflage with pimples.

  8. Eric 10:36am, 03/20/2015

    I’d like to see Manny and Floyd have a friendly competition of arm wrestling. Could be a way to promote their bout. Their would be a risk of injury, however, slight though. Throw in a one on one game of basketball, hitting a baseball (we know Manny sucks at that one), bowling, ping-pong, 1-mile run, obstacle course, etc., like a “Superstars” competition to promote their bout. It can’t be any more dangerous than a sparring session. I predict that Floyd would probably win handidly in a “Superstars” type of competition and he takes the boxing bout by UD12.

  9. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:26am, 03/20/2015

    Must be galling to Oscar to have to cover up the very shit that gave Floyd just enough juice to get the nod over him….enough to make a guy turn to modeling garter belts and crotchless panties.

  10. Kid Blast 08:29am, 03/20/2015

    “Whether that’s true or not, only Hauser’s hairdresser knows for sure. But it does raise interesting questions.”

    Excellent, I bet he knows.

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