Easter Decisions Shafikov

By Robert Ecksel on July 1, 2017
Easter Decisions Shafikov
“I give my performance a B- tonight. I could have done better.” (Rachel Nearhoof/PBC)

Robert Easter defended his IBF World lightweight title against Denis Shafikov, the veteran Russian southpaw…

Friday night at the Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio, IBF World lightweight champion, Toledo’s Robert Easter (20-0, 14 KOs), successfully defended his title a second time with a unanimous decision victory over mandatory challenger Denis Shafikov (38-3-1, 20 KOs), the veteran southpaw from Miass, Russia.

At the end of 12 rounds the judges scored it 116-112 (Carlos Ortiz) and 120-108 twice (Eugene Grant and Jamie Garayua).

Easter used his six-inch advantage in height and eight-inch advantage in reach to good effect. His challenger was tough and reliably competitive, but he was outclassed, if not as outclassed as two of the judges determined

“I’m thankful for my team preparing me for this victory,” said Easter after the fight. “I give my performance a B- tonight. I could have done a lot better. I fought on the inside more at the beginning of the fight but my team wanted me to box so I was able to do that late and get the win.

“I know a lot of guys’ weakness is their gas tank so I wanted to go after him and test him early. Shafikov proved that’s he’s a tough opponent but we were able to get the job done.”
Shafikov doesn’t lack for courage and brought the fight to the champ. Fighting out of a crouch he was able to land a short right hand on the inside, only to be hit repeatedly for the impertinence.

“I thought he was tough, but I thought I would be the first one to break him down,” Easter added. “I started on the inside, and my team told me to box. Later on we got to boxing.

“I was able to get the win and I’m going to be ready for everybody out there.”

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  1. Koolz 02:31pm, 07/01/2017

    I enjoyed this fight and the corner is saying some hilarious things!
    I also find it funny that this person is moron and is recording off the net waits and waits to clear the picture.  Sorry this is the best I can find out there of the fight. 

    Williams vs Conley


  2. Koolz 01:33pm, 07/01/2017


    I just watched this and is that a JOKE!  Easter was getting beat all around the ring.  He can’t handle being spun.  Lomachenko would light this guy up!!

    Shafikov is Shorter then east so he needs to move his head and faint when he comes in.  But he was landing constantly, getting Easter’s Body, throwing long hook, spinning him and getting him in the face. 

    Easter was only landing as a counter defense jab and when he tried to use combos as Shafikov was on the inside.  Easter struggled a lot in this fight.

    Povetin vs Rudenko
    Welcome back Povetkin!!!  Heavy weight division missed you!

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