Eight questions for the Brook/Spence fight card

By Cain Bradley on May 25, 2017
Eight questions for the Brook/Spence fight card
For me, the fans are the game changers and for that reason I make Brook slight favorite.

Brook may have a good chin but can the body stand up to a vicious attack? That is the wildcard and I think it is a definite possibility here…

1. How will Anthony Fowler look when adapting to the professional game?

Anthony Fowler (0-0) will make his debut against Arturs Geikins (3-7-1) of Latvia. Boxers with a less impressive résumé than Fowler have defeated the journeyman. He won a bronze medal in the 2013 World Championships but was dominated at the Olympics. He was also the Brit I believed least likely to succeed at the professional level. Of course he is a great boxer, he got to the Olympics. He just reminds me of Tom Stalker, another Scouse with an impressive amateur pedigree who struggled as a professional. His best tools as an amateur were his workrate and power and we have to see how well they transfer. I think he probably wins by stoppage on Saturday and everyone lauds how good he looks. The real tests will come after awhile.

2. Did Eddie Hearn find the easiest possible route for the popular David Allen to win a title?

The “White Rhyno” has seen his popularity really grow over the last year. He spoke on Twitter of selling more tickets than for every previous fight combined. After losses to Dillian Whyte and Luis Ortiz showed him to be tough but limited, Eddie Hearn had found him a Commonwealth title shot. It will come against Lenroy Thomas (20-4). The Jamaican is coming over a bout of inactivity but is a mobile southpaw with a nice jab. In that sense this can be a difficult night for Allen (11-2-1). You don’t want to let an underdog get momentum at the start of the fight and grow into it. The only issue for Thomas could be he tends to struggle when the going gets tough. Allen should be aware of this and able to make it a tough night. Allen will be hoping to win and unify with the British title which looks an easier title to win right now.

3. Is this the end of George Groves?

George Groves (25-3) has stated this could be his final attempt at winning a world title. He is taking on Fedor Chudinov (14-1). Groves has lost all his title shots which came in stoppage losses to Carl Froch and split decision defeat to Badou Jack. His jab is a great weapon and he throws with impressive power and speed. Since training with Shane McGuigan, Groves has become a high volume pressure fighter who does his best work at range but he has also experienced success as a counterpuncher. His chin can be questioned; even against Martin Murray, a career middleweight, he often seemed like he could not take many more clean shots. Chudinov has been out of the ring for 15 months after a shock defeat to Felix Sturm who he already had a win over. “The Machine” is pretty relentless and fights in a typical Eastern European style. He is technically proficient and likes to come forward throwing shots in twos and threes. He looked powerful early in his career but at world level, despite dishing out punishment he did not manage to stop Sturm or Buglioni. He also comes in a little bit short for the division at 5"9. Groves should be able to dominate here with his speed and movement. The worrying bit of the fight will definitely be early. Chudinov is a strong pressure fighter and if he can keep Groves from working out his timing and range then it will be a long night. If Groves can use his lateral movement and land early power punches on Chudinov this should be an easy night. I think George Groves become champion at the fourth time of asking, getting through a few scary moments to win a comfortable decision.

4. Is Errol Spence “The Truth”?

Well, yes. He is known as “The Truth”. He is also a legitimately great boxer. The problem may be that he is in such a deep division. If he really is “The Truth” then it may not even matter. I think he has proved with the way he has got rid of some of the gamekeepers in the division that he is a seriously good boxer. I absolutely believe he will be a world champion at some point in his career and this experience could make him. He will learn from whatever happens in much the same way that we will.

5. Can either boxer in the main event hurt the other?

Quite possibly. Spence has been impressive as he stepped up, stopping Samuel Vargas, Phil Lo Greco, Chris van Heerden and Alejandro Barrera. His two toughest tests have come against Chris Algieri, who Amir Khan, Ruslan Provodnikov and Manny Pacquiao failed to stop and Leonard Bundu, who Keith Thurman failed to stop. That is pretty impressive and suggests his power is above those contemporaries. His chin has looked very impressive, never being dropped which includes going up 13 pounds to fight the monster Golovkin. He has issues with his orbital bone and nose which Carson Jones broke. Can he see as well out of the eye? What about when it takes a big shot? The other factor is that Spence is probably at his best to the body. Brook may have a good chin but can the body stand up to a vicious attack? That is the wildcard and I think it is a definite possibility here.

Brook has shown good power as he developed through his career and after starting his career with four stoppages in his first ten fights, has since stopped 21 opponents in his 26 wins. He may not have one-punch knockout power but he is relentless with strong accurate punches. Arguably the biggest question mark over Spence is his chin. He was rocked by Emmanuel Lartey which has led many to doubt his chin. People seem to think his matching suggest they are scared of a big hitter but really welterweight is a division without a power puncher, especially at gatekeeper level. He does seem open vulnerable to a left hook and can be too hittable. I think both men may hurt the other on Saturday. If not then it will be more learning about the chin and power of Spence.

6. Will Kell Brook feel the effects of a trip to 160 lbs. and defeat to Golovkin?

Brook seemed to enjoy the easier cut to middleweight suggesting that light middleweight could be his division of the future. Social media suggestions have been that he is making weight comfortably but as we saw with Chavez Jr., the stories only tend to come out after. He could be making the weight but having to concentrate his camp on weight loss rather than a game plan. The other lasting factor from the Golovkin bout will be his eye. His orbital bone was broken and sparring probably could not recreate the intensity or speed that he will face Saturday. The eye may struggle once it has been hit and that will cost the Brook if it does happen. Perhaps the best comparison though is Sugar Ray Leonard who claimed he “never thought about my eye once the doctor gave me the green light.” If Brook loses I imagine this will be his last fight at the weight, moving up to light middleweight.

7. What does the winner of the fight do next?

In the deepest division in boxing, there are many intriguing options. Keith Thurman unified a couple of belts when defeating Danny Garcia and stated “both fighters are men I would be open to fighting as I continue to unify the division in 2018.” Danny Garcia and Shawn Porter are looking to bounce back from the defeats. Amir Khan and Adrien Broner are big names while Crawford and Pacquiao could also be around. I think the Thurman fight will happen early in 2018 but before that the winner will either do a rematch, fight Khan or Broner.

8. Will Brook defending his title in Britain play a part in the result?

If this goes to the scorecard then being in Britain will surely play a part. The decisions seem to have gotten progressively worse in Britain. Anthony Joshua being ahead on the card against Klitschko when it was stopped is an example while Jamie McDonnell and Ricky Burns have also been given bouts they could have lost. I think Brook needs to be within four rounds of Spence and this bout is prime for a robbery. Danny Garcia stated he believes “the person with a better game plan is going to win.” Everyone thinks this bout will be a close one and it looks that way unless one can stop the other. I believe the judges will come into it and even the home fans will give Brook a boost and maybe increase the pressure on Spence. For me, the fans are the game changers and for that reason I make Brook slight favorite.

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  1. Lucas McCain 05:50am, 05/27/2017

    The girls are better served during the weigh-in ceremony.  They have a something to do there, handing their hands on their belts as if promising to flash the crowd.  Of course, the shorts never come down, but at least there’s something to look at the fighters do the usual flexing and squaring off.

  2. Koolz 05:34pm, 05/26/2017

    Lucas McCain

    you contact those Tecate girls and tell them it’s hard to concentrate on the fight when you look so hot!
    They would love to hear that and you would get a real smile out of them.

    As for the cigar burns I didn’t notice that but what I did see is Chavez trying to tell Chavez Jr what to do before the fight and Chavez Jr ignoring him.  Chavez Jr was never there for that fight.  Weight drained or not he just wasn’t there.

    Now Canelo thinks he is the greatest thing in the world because he was able to punch a moving heavy bag.

  3. Lucas McCain 02:28pm, 05/26/2017

    Waiting for Brook-Spence, I forced myself to watch Canelo-Chavez all the way through (don’t ask why) and I have two questions about that one
      1. Am I the only one annoyed out by the fake smiles plastered on the Tecate girls?  They may be better looking than the Watson brothers who used to photo bomb every post-fight interview, but these walking, grinning advertisements look absurd. 
      2. Were those deliberate cigar burns on both of Chavez’s shoulders?  Too perfectly symmetrical to be training injuries.  Is this some sadomasochistic ritual to demonstrate toughness before a fight?  Should save that for the fight.

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:35am, 05/26/2017

    Groves still crab walking around the ring and wearing himself the fuk out in the process. Still….he should be able to beat this little guy up before his thighs catch fire! Brook has to hit Spence hard and often early or Errol is gonna’ quick twitch the shit out of him!

  5. Koolz 03:30am, 05/26/2017

    Brook has the speed but he needs to set to be able to unleash his combos on the inside.
    Spence can fight on the outside and move backwards and circle while controlling the range.
    I think Spence has this fight.

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