“El Distinto” Wins by KO!!

By Ted Sares on March 12, 2013
“El Distinto” Wins by KO!!
Let me put it this way, Distinto will never make the Argentine killer quintet a killer sextet.

In June 2005, Cesar Rene Cuenca (aka El Distinto) decked Andres Pablo Villafane twice en route to a TKO victory. Cuenca was 19-0 at the time and in his next fight he would beat the capable Carlos Wilfredo Vilches (43-6-2) by UD for the Argentina (FAB) light welterweight title. El Distinto would then engage in 24 consecutive fights without a loss, but also without a stoppage victory raising serious questions about his power or lack thereof.

Going into his bout with Diego Jesus Ponce (25-6-3) on March 9, 2013, Cuenca’s record was a distinct 43-0 with just one KO victory to his credit. Lo and behold, Cuenca waxed Ponce in the fifth stanza to up his KO% to mindboggling 4.35.

Of course, the more well known fighters from Argentina these days raise no questions. Luis Carlos Abregu, Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez, rugged Lucas Matthysse, powerful Marcos “El Chino” Maidana, and Omar Andres “El Huacain” Narvaez (38-1-2) form as rugged a killer quintet as there is in boxing, though Narvaez needs more exposure outside of Argentina.

As for Cuenca, he is now undefeated at 44-0 but has only two KOs to his credit. Moreover, he has yet to fight outside of Argentina, though he holds the WBA Fedecaribe light welterweight title, the Argentine (FAB) light welterweight title, and the WBC Latino light welterweight title. While question marks loom, 44-0 is still 44-0, and two of those wins did come against Victor Hugo Paz (74-43-5) and the aforementioned Viches (43-6-2).

Video footage shows Cuenca is primarily a defensive fighter with reasonably quick hands, a solid chin, good stamina, and decent technique. At one point three-division champion Juan Manuel Marquez was set to fight Cuenca in April 2012 in Mexico City for a vacant interim junior welterweight title. Fortunately for Distinto, this potential butchering never came off.

And this all begs the question, how good is Cuenca? Let me put it this way, Distinto will never make the killer quintet a killer sextet. While he may retire with a “great” albeit unusual record on paper, he is destined to wither on the vine of obscurity.

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César René "El Distinto" Cuenca vs. Nazareno Gastón "El Lobo" Ruiz II

César René "El Distinto" Cuenca vs. Walter Sergio "Polvorita" Gómez

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  1. Sam 1969 05:55pm, 03/12/2013

    Well, I’d like to see Cuenca facing tougher opponents, the article mentions an easy or what it was suppose to be a “potential butchering” back when he was gonna face JMMarquez, the logic would’ve been a KO for “dinamite” but every fight has to be done and sometimes it only takes a cut at the wrong place to lose a fight, this argentinian might not be the beast but quick hands and the knowledge of walking the ring keep him unbeaten for the moment.

  2. pugknows 04:21pm, 03/12/2013

    Change his nickname to El Distinko!

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