Elevator Khan Ride

By Michael Schmidt on July 14, 2012
Elevator Khan Ride
This is a thinking man’s sport and Amir Khan has thought it through in calm, cool fashion.

Khan lowers his eyes and looks downwards. He minds his business. What is one to think in these types of circumstances?

PANAMA—A six-foot-two-inch bald 180-pound man and a five-foot-nine 200-pound-plus Hispanic man who has played a drug dealer in a movie with 50 Cent enter into an elevator the sole occupant of which is Champion Amir Khan. Khan lowers his eyes and looks downwards. He minds his business. What is one to think, as a public figure such as Khan, in these types of circumstances? There are of course all kinds of “crazies” out there in fan land. If in fact these guys are fans. First floor, silence. Second floor silence. Third floor…the bald man looks at Khan, “Amir Khan how are you?” The Champion responds “I am fine thank you” and looks back down. The bald man is not finished. “I sat front row ringside for your fight against Zab. Damn fine work. I really enjoyed it, boxing, lateral movement, controlling the ring with your length and jab.” Khan smiles and gives a big thanks. He is now engaging and asks questions of the men in the elevator and asks if we are coming to the awards dinner later that night. So goes Schmidty’s and Cutman/Movie Actor Carlos Varela Jr.’s first meeting with Champion Amir Khan. Later that evening Khan accepts an award at the dinner and shows nothing but humble class the whole night long.

This coming weekend Amir Khan goes head-to-head with Danny Garcia which on paper looks to be an entertaining fight. Give or take, both guys the same age, reach and height. The entertainment value has gone up by way of comments of Garcia’s Dad, Angel. Dear Old Dad has often looked, during the press junkets, like a cowboy at his first rodeo. He has been in turn bombastic, shaking mad, close to out of control and has sprinkled idiotic and classless comments into his first big rodeo. This is the fight entertainment business of course so latitude is perhaps given move towards entertainment value than political correctness but there are lines to draw. “I have never met a Pakistani who could fight,” Garcia, the elder but clearly not wiser, has commented. He will be front row and corner not center to see otherwise this weekend. “I aint beating around the bush or trying to sound racist. I’m being honest with you.” Sr. Garcia enlightening all of us!!!!!! Garcia Sr. has also commented, “It’s going to come down to who’s stronger mentally, physically and spiritually. And I know Khan’s god already. Khan’s god is a punishing god. My God is a loving god. And I’m not ashamed to tell nobody that….” Good God!!!! I will keep God out of this and thank God, oops, that Khan has as well. This boxing business, God aside, is about who is going to punch who in the schnozz, and elsewhere, scientifically, as hard and as often as necessary. This is a thinking man’s sport Dear Old Dad and Khan has thought it through in calm, cool fashion. This is not his first Rodeo, Dear Old Dad.

Khan’s response has been measured. “I let my fists do the talking in the ring and, with whatever I’ve heard, I’m going to let Danny Garcia’s father sit in a corner and sweat buckets when I’m going to beat his son. I think he is putting pressure on his son and he’s making me want to knock his son out. I’m respectful.” Sweat buckets indeed. Garcia Jr. I suspect is not feeding off of Sr.’s antics in a positive way. Sr.’s actions are born of a man, first time to the rodeo, who is very, very nervous.

This is a huge career fight for Amir Khan. With the likes of Berto, Ortiz, Peterson, Jones, and Mayweather in their current “positions” a win for Khan can open up some very interesting fights. There is suddenly a short list of marquee names out there in boxing land at Khan’s weight. Bradley looms large. The Elevator ride is going up in a big way. A loss on the other hand would put Khan in a not-so-nice position future payday wise. The Elevator going down in a hurry. Despite his only knockout loss Khan has proven to be a resilient and tough fighter—physically and mentally. When he boxes, using his length, size, speed and world-class jab, like he did against Paulie and Zab, and when he moves laterally rather than backward when under fire, he is an exceptional talent. What does this hold for Danny Garcia?

Garcia has some very good wins on his record. Some of them have been against older, ring-worn fighters. His knockout percentage is not great and his hand speed will not even remotely match Khan’s. Predictions? Yes, sure, why not. Khan may have some rough spots but Khan is going to bust Danny Garcia up from the outside. I suspect Khan by stoppage before ten. Khan has it right. He is an elite fighter.

Our week ends in Panama and as I cross the front of the Hotel, Champion Amir Khan waves from a taxi taking him to the airport and rolls down the window. “I look forward to seeing you again and I hope you can make it to my next fight,” he exclaims. I will not make it to this Garcia fight. The Elevator ride is “up” and I will, I suspect, be seeing Amir Kahn at a bigger pugilistic endeavor soon enough. Danny Garcia will have other days of course and he is an exciting young fighter. I may be wrong of course as this is boxing and when fists begin to fly things, surprising things, often happen. Khan knows of this. Khan is going to box, box, and box some more and he should break Danny Garcia down bit by bigger bit as the fight wears on. There is much riding on this fight for Khan. He appreciates the magnitude of this fight. As for Garcia Sr., the less said the better. I would not put God’s word on it but I think the fight will itself speak volumes. Khan has proven he can fight!!!

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  1. MIKE SCHMIDT 03:17am, 07/11/2012

    Thanks Irish—too bad we could not get that Insurance guy for a pay per view!!!!

  2. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 07:56am, 07/10/2012

    Mike Schmidt-Thanx for another nice visit to Panama…..were you there when Golovkin was kicking ass….I guess you know that guys like him will fight you in your own living room…just like an insurance agent I used to know, who ended up trading punches in a prospect’s living room after making a stupid ethnic joke at the potential client’s expense because he couldn’t close the sale!

  3. mike schmidt 07:23am, 07/10/2012

    Thanks Bull—coming from the master—what can I say…..

  4. efraim 06:37am, 07/10/2012

    khan the next pacquiao

  5. The Thresher 05:34am, 07/10/2012

    Well done. I enjoyed this and the beginning hooked me which is what it is supposed to do.

  6. mike schmidt 04:55am, 07/10/2012

    Thanks Sneak, one way or another, style wise, it looks to have the making of a good scrap.

  7. Pete The Sneak 04:35am, 07/10/2012

    Another nice write up Schmidty. Always enjoyable. As it is, I do believe Garcia will give Khan a much tougher fight than most folks anticipate. But yes, Khan should be able to break him down eventually and win a very physical, tough decison. As for Mr. Garcia Sr’s racist rant (always shake my head when someone say’s they’re not trying to sound racist just before they say something completely racist), he will have to amend his quote to “I have met a Pakastani who can fight” after this match is said and done. Peace.

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