Ellie Scotney interview

By Cain Bradley on May 10, 2017
Ellie Scotney interview
"I'm a strong believer that God’s plan will always find a way. I just need to play my part."

“My main aim is to hopefully get onto Team GB. Representing GB at Tokyo would be an absolute dream of mine!”

Ellie Scotney, 2017 senior elite English champion, firstly how does that feel?

I can’t tell you! It doesn’t feel real haha! Really is a pinch me moment…

Can you tell us about yourself?

I’ve just turned 19, I’m from South East London. I box out of Nemesis Boxing club.

How did you get into boxing?

My brother (Michael Shannon) used to box and I’d follow him all over the country, shadow boxing ringside! I really looked up to him and still do, so it was only right I followed in his footsteps.

What are you interests outside of boxing?

Going to sound like a right weirdo here! Haha boxing is my only interest…oh and food!

What is your record?

I’ve had 27 lost 4 — all splits haha! Let it go Ellie.

What achievements have you had in the boxing ring?

As a youth I won the ABAS, GBs, Golden Girl Championships and a Bronze European Medal. Then the Senior Elite Championships.

How did it feel to be boxing as a youth and doing well against the best in the continent?

It was crazy how quick it all happened. I never really looked at what I did as a youth as I never wanted to lose sight on what I was ahead.

How would you describe your style? 

What style? Haha. Erm I think I can adapt now to what is in front of me, with my state of my nose you’d think I always had a punch up haha. Honestly I do try to box!

Tell me about the weekend and the fights that you won to become elite champion?

My Quarters finals was my first fight as a senior, and first fight for 7 months! I boxed, didn’t get involved and took my time. The girl (Lindsey Buczynskyj) was game and was persistent so I made sure I was composed. Then in the Semis I had I’d say possibly one of the hardest fights of my career against the Army (Kariss Artingstall). We both knew what each of us was like as we had sparred, I knew it was a very tough task. We both left everything in the ring, it was a constant war for 3 rounds. So much respect for her! Then in the final I boxed Nina Hughes, I listen to my coach Samm and worked off my jab and boxed, it was a good fight.

Does your team have game plans for you depending on opponents or do you figure you can adapt and make opponents box however you want?

Going in to the Abas Samm looked into it all and we had certain things to work on which he thought would be best. Haha I wish it was like that for everyone, of course sometimes it’s all unknown and you adapt in there. That’s what makes Boxing so exciting!

What is coming up next for you?

I have the Three Nations next so everything from now is working towards that. Hopefully it all goes well.

How about future goals, Tokyo 2020 has to be on the map?

My main aim is to hopefully get onto Team GB. Representing GB at Tokyo would be an absolute dream of mine! But no running before you walk they say! Step by step.

Is the end goal to turn professional?

At first I was always saying no to that option, but since seeing the likes of Taylor and what she is doing for Women’s boxing speaks for itself. People aren’t just looking at her as a women boxer, they’re looking at her as a boxer. Got to respect her a lot for that. I feel as though maybe my style would suit that better, but I’ve got a awful lot to learn still as a amateur I’m a baby still ha!

Give us five bouts you would like to see made (amateur or pro)?

George Groves vs. Callum Smith
Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua
Charlie Edwards vs. Andrew Selby
Dalton Smith vs. Luke McCormack
Michael Conlan vs. Shakur Stevenson!

You mention a Dalton Smith vs. Luke McCormack bout, when you are in Sheffield do you ever see a pair of boxers sparring and just have to watch?

When I’m up Sheffield, it tends to be for England. So I don’t really get to see any of the GB team. But I’m sure it’s better than most fights!

Who do you think is the best amateur in the world?

I loved Michael Conlan but now he’s turned over. So I’d say Pat McCormack, I find him absolutely class. If he chooses to not turn over, I’d definitely be having a bet on him for 2020.

Who gave you your toughest fight?

Army girl (Kariss Artingstall) or Stephanie Thour (Sweden)!  I can still feel those body shots now haha and that’s 2 years later!

Can you give us an under the radar boxer we should keep an eye on?

My little mate Harry Mullins! Not being biased or anything haha. Never seen a kid graft like him!

You have boxed for Hoddesdon, Lynn and Nemesis, what differences have been instilled in terms of training or style?

Got about a bit haha! Nothing’s really changed always been with the main man Samm! Lynn was my home and has a place in my heart. Sab is a very good coach at Hoddesdon with what he does for his boxers. And at Nemesis it’s a very close knit club, I really like that.

Is there a reason that young females (You, Shona, Emma, Ebonie and Shelby) were so impressive at the elite championships?

Class of 98. Was thriving, they all were. I think we had a lot to prove and that drove us on.

Did seeing Shona beat Sandy Ryan encourage you even more to believe in your ability?

Shona boxed unreal! She made a very big statement, fair play to her!

Nemesis ABC also had a great weekend, is there a particular reason that the club seems to be performing so well right now?

So proud of everyone that weekend. Honored to wear the colors. I think we was all bouncing off each other, and it’s a tight circle so everyone had each other 100%.

Romans 8:18 is in your twitter bio, does that help you get through tough training sessions?

I’m a strong believer that God’s plan will always find a way. I just need to play my part. Training kills me near enough every night!

You often talk on your twitter about the pain of weight loss, what did you eat to celebrate your victory?

Haha I love my food me! But surprisingly I didn’t eat until the next day!! I think I was so much on a high, my appetite was gone.

And finally, as a Crystal Palace fan, can you beat Tottenham tonight for Chelsea!

Haha we’re red and blueeeeee! Everyone loves a underdog don’t we! I’m going for 2-1 Palace. (They lost 1-0.)

And finally any thanks you wanna give or where to follow you or sponsorships?

Just to my Coach Samm Mullins, Team Nemesis. And my Family. What they do for me is second to none. Also thank you to Sports Aid, for the backing this year. Really helps!

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