Emails from Money and Maidana

By George Thomas Clark on April 19, 2014
Emails from Money and Maidana
"I’ll target your body. I’ll bang some ribs. I’ll bust your stomach. I’ll test your heart."

Late last night Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana exchanged the following emails forwarded to me by confidential sources…

Late last night Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana exchanged the following emails forwarded to me by confidential sources…

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  1. Darrell 06:02pm, 04/21/2014

    Hey WonTonMan… know, or maybe you really don’t know [egads!], these are not really emails between the two foes.

    You would know if they were the real thing….they’d be text messages instead!  Hahaha.

    In all seriousness though, who can Floyd fight at this time?  Pac & Bradley have just fought….and the promotions cold war makes things extremely difficult to get things in motion there anyway….particularly with how Arum is unwilling to match cash cow Pacquiao against Mayweather.

    Marquez doesn’t want it.  Khan is simply undeserving.  Alexander has dropped off.  There’s a host of undeserving Latino fighters, a few whom he’s already beaten.  Lara is a comer….so there is an option at JMW, Carlos Molina possibly.  Porter has just fought impressively, so there is an option there too, along with Thurman….both at WW.

    In reality, right now, Maidana is a comer off his impressive victory over Broner.  I see no controversy in the match up.

  2. mateng 04:41pm, 04/20/2014

    and you think this article will sell the fight?  dont be fooled boxing world,  coz thats what floydie is thinking of all the boxing fans. bunch of morons in the palm of his hand.  fight somebody worth watching. prove how good you are, show some courage, take some risks, thats what a great champion do. solidify your legacy. man up, have some balls even for once!

  3. Jorge70 01:32pm, 04/20/2014

    regardless of how hard timmy punches hes ten times the fighter of any of floyds last 5 opponents, timmy was top 5 p4p when was the last time floyd fought anyone considered p4p? you floyd fans always have a double standard

  4. Douglas Nareau 10:42am, 04/20/2014

    I apologize for not leaving my name on the last missive.  I again reiterate that it is up to George Thomas Clark and, as leading purveyors of thought in the boxing community to insist that Mayweather and Pacquaio meet-soon.  No more excuses, please.

  5. Douglas Nareau 10:38am, 04/20/2014

    Mayweather-Pacquaio would be a great fight between two all-time greats and it’s one we should all be clamoring for.  They have several common opponents and quite frankly, Pacquiao was as impressive with wins over Ricky Hatton and Miquel Cotto as Mayweather was leaving us a taste of what if they met each other.  Pacquaio dominated Oscar De La Hoya and Mayweather beat De La Hoya with a well deserved split decision.  Neither Mayweather or Pacquiao has been knocking them all out recently.  In Mayweather’s last 10 fights against, for the most part, sub world class talent, he has two knockouts against Ricky Hatton and Vicious Victor Ortiz.  Ortiz obviously shouldn’t have been in the same ring as Mayweather that night and maybe didn’t belong in the same profession.
    True, Pacquiao hasn’t been knocking them all out recently either but he comes to fight every fight and knocking out counterpunchers or defensive minded pugilists at the world class level is a tough feat even for these all-time greats. 
    No knock on Maidana who is a tough one but his loss to Amir Khan doesn’t wet my appetite for the match up with Mayweather the was a Pacquiao fight would. 
    Clark has become one of the consummate boxing writers of this publication if not this generation and it is incumbent upon him to set the tone for these great fighters to meet.  Time flies and although we have seen accomplished fighters fight well in their 40’s, I personally want to see Mayweather-Pacquiao before they do their best Bernard Hopkins imitations.

  6. jess 06:45am, 04/20/2014

    Pacquiao has not KO’d his opponents since Cotto. He is saving. He is saving his next KO punch to erase the o-loss of somebody. Who this is? Your guess is as good as mine.

  7. jess 06:39am, 04/20/2014

    It has been Pacquiao who is saying he is willing to fight Mayweather jr. We never heard Mayweather said he wanted to face Pacquiao without outrageous excuses. Everytime he has alibi when he is asked when he will fight the most deserving boxer who will fight him.

  8. Galvar 06:20am, 04/20/2014

    As tired as I am of hearing Pac and Mayweather, we will never hear the end of it until they fight.  Whether Pac is good enough to fight or beat him, Mayweather will forever look like he’s ducking Pac until he actually fights Pac. Please don’t start the argument whether he is ducking or not, or if he will beat Pac or will Pac beat him, etc.  We as fans will never know until they actually fight no matter how it looks on paper.

  9. WonTonMan 08:09pm, 04/19/2014

    It is clear with his admittance that Mayweather only picks those who he thinks he can beat. Straight from the horse’s mouth…“Canelo Alvarez didn’t, and he’s bigger and better than you. If I didn’t think that, we wouldn’t be fighting.”

  10. Santonil 06:32pm, 04/19/2014

    Beat him up, Floyd!! ROB (04:15pm, 04/19/2014) is gay.

  11. pikkon 04:28pm, 04/19/2014

    it’s a good fiction…shots to the body is what really needed for mayweather to give up his head..

  12. ROB 04:15pm, 04/19/2014

    pacman got erased by 40 yr old marquez = I don’t see how beating a soft puncher like Bradley or a light weight like rios qualifies him for a compelling must see match with Mayweather especially since Mayweather has been fighting real strong hard hitting fighters. it’s just a pacman fans dream of redemption for the marquez knock out that they know they won’t get by him rematching what will be a 41 or 42 yr old man

  13. tim 03:56pm, 04/19/2014

    I don’t really believe that these are authentic “emails”. Why would a guy tell his gameplan to his opponent. other than that. go Maidana!

  14. ZelFabFootaski 02:45pm, 04/19/2014

    I would like to see Mayweather get knocked the fawk down & then out!

  15. Douglas Nareau 02:30pm, 04/19/2014

    Mayweather is an all time great and worth seeing anytime but this is not the fight fans want to see.  Mayweather and Pacquiao is the only compelling fight that Mayweather can take to cement his legacy as the best ever.  Both Pacquiao and Mayweather are elite all-time greas albeit both a little past their prime.  Having said that, Mayweather is beatable.  Just ask those who saw Jose Luis Castillo beat Mayweather in the ring 12 years ago, in April 2004.  The judges didn’t see the Castillo win but the majority of the unbiased fans in Vegas saw that Floyd can be beat.  Maidana is a tough, crafty Argentine who can do some damage to Floyd but probably isn’t fast enough or skilled enough to finish him off and if you don’t finish off Floyd, you don’t beat Floyd.  Clark has written another interesting and thought provoking peace but needs to take an even greater interest in helping insist on a Mayweather-Pacquaio matchup.  Anything less than that at this stage of their careers is just not in the best interests of boxing.  Having said that, don’t take Maidana lightly Floyd.

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