Errol Spence Meets the Press

By Robert Ecksel on March 11, 2019
Errol Spence Meets the Press
“I don't know who I would be fighting or where I would be fighting if he didn't call me out.”

“People who say that he doesn’t stand a chance I feel don’t really know anything about boxing or don’t know the history of boxing…”

On Saturday, March 16, in a fight televised live on FOX Sports Pay-Per-View from AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas, the reigning and defending IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. (24-0, 21 KOs), the explosive boxer-puncher from nearby Desoto, Texas, will defend his title against Mikey Garcia (39-0, 30 KOs), the ballsy four-division world champion who hails from Ventura, California, and who, like an old-school fighter, is moving up in weight to challenge the bigger, stronger man.

Spence met with the press last week via teleconference call and appears primed for center stage. He was the hands-down favorite when the fight was first announced, but with the fight less than a week away, the odds have narrowed and some now see Garcia as a live underdog who might just surprise the young champ.

“That’s not something I pay attention to,” said Spence. “It’s tight enough from what I’ve seen. I can’t worry about that. I’ll just worry about what my camp thinks and how our preparation is going and my focus is 100%. I’m just ready to put on a great show. So I don’t care if that changed in his favor. It just means he’s going to get in the ring and fight.

“I think he definitely brings a lot to the table and…people who say that he doesn’t stand a chance I feel don’t really know anything about boxing or don’t know the history of boxing.

“He does have a title at 140. That’s just one weight [below] 147. He does have a lot of skills and he is fundamentally sound. He comes from that boxing pedigree. So he definitely has a chance.”

It seems that Spence took the fight, at least initially, against his better judgment.

“At first I didn’t really care too much for fighting him. I was pretty much busy, like Shawn Porter, like Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia, they all had their dates. Manny Pacquiao too. They were the obvious options for me. Then when I found that I could be fighting at AT&T Stadium, then it just made sense.”

Spence expects to win, be it by decision or early stoppage. But he respects the man who hopes to dethrone him.

“I really respect Mikey Garcia and his skills and his talent,” Spence said. “Garcia has a good body of work. But at the end of the day, he’s very traditional. I’m very familiar with his style and what he does, things like that. I’ll be prepared for anything that he brings to the table. But other than that, I’ll respect him after the fight depending on this whole game plan and things like that…I don’t know who I would be fighting or where I would be fighting if he didn’t call me out.

“This is a real boxing event, a real boxing match between two great fighters, two top 10 pound-for-pound fighters who are undefeated. That’s rare to have in today’s time, especially in boxing.”

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  1. Koolz 11:35am, 03/13/2019

    I just don’t see what others see.  There are really two camps ones that agree with Garcia and once that agree with Spence.

    Will be heck of fight.

  2. aSwanamedCabbagge 11:29am, 03/13/2019

    Koolz- no worries man .. I was just giving u shite, u know taking some skin of the back. .  .cause u were sounding like u were fifteen years old. Stay forever Young bruh.- enjoy the fight.

  3. Kid Blast 11:04am, 03/13/2019

    I am going on record right now and predicting that Garcia will win by UD or SD.

  4. Koolz 12:59pm, 03/12/2019


    I have been watching boxing for over 20 years Cabbages…

    yea I don’t consider Garcia anything special I have seen all his fights since he broke his nose from the Salido fight.  and probably once before that.

    opinions opinions

  5. SwansandCabbages 11:46am, 03/12/2019

    Koolz- you are absolutely trippin…  To call Mikey Garcia a hype job?- well I can’t be mad at you either, there is nothing wrong with being a casual boxing fan, watching it for its blood and guts aspect…  And yet I feel that your missing out on the intricacies that make the sport great. .  .

  6. Old Yank 09:25am, 03/12/2019

    Spence has struggled with weight for a while now. With each bout, something more gets taken from him before he steps in the ring. I don’t care how much natural size advantage he has; if he comes in wrung out, he’s going to pay a price.

    Garcia’s last bout was at an extraordinary reach disadvantage against Ester—this was his, “I an’t no Duran fighting Hearns” moment.

    Look, I’m a realist. Everything on paper favors Spence. But fights are not fought on paper, they are fought in a ring and anything can and often does happen.

    I like Garcia a lot for this bout. I liked him enough to have taken the long odds when they were available. He’s not just a “live dog”, he’s a coin toss in my eyes and with Spence dried out, I lean Garcia.

  7. tlig 08:56am, 03/12/2019

    This fight will go to the judges and will be more competitive than most anticipate.

  8. Your Name 07:38am, 03/12/2019

    It’s a “pick em” for me. Mikey’s Ring IQ is superior to that of Spence as is his level of opposition. His fundamental/technical skills are also superior. Can these things offset size and body punching? I frankly don’t know but I’m not betting against Garcia.

  9. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 06:48am, 03/12/2019

    Well we saw what happened when an all time great lightweight named Roberto Duran went up against a tall welterweight named Thomas Hearns for a unification bout at junior middleweight. You don’t measure size in fights like this by the amount of flesh the fighter is carrying, rather you look at the skeletal structure of each man. Spence Jr. is the MUCH LARGER man even though when they step on the scales they will only be separated by a few pounds. Garcia started out as a featherweight and Spence Jr. is a LARGE welterweight. Garcia is no Henry Armstrong or Roberto Duran, don’t expect an upset in this one, but expect the more common result of the good big man being too much for the good little man. Spence Jr. by stoppage sometime in the middle of the fight.

  10. Koolz 05:11am, 03/12/2019

    Spence isn’t just bigger he is better boxer.  I think Spence isn’t troubled by anything Garcia does here and stops Garcia with body shots.

    I just consider Spence the better boxer and Garcia the hype job.  Broner did a better job against Garcia then he did against the PacMan.

    Garcia must think he is going to be landing the right right up the middle all night.

  11. The Tache 01:56am, 03/12/2019

    Yes, Garcia has a title at 140 but he also has them at various weights lower than that and it doesn’t look like he has enough punching power at 140, let alone 147, especially against a guy who is a full size welterweight. Respect to Garcia for campaigning for the fight, but I really do think he has bitten off more than he can chew this time. Spence obviously has everything to lose, but from a size/strength point of view, if Kell Brook couldn’t put a dent in him I don’t see how Garcia can. Also, it’s not as if Spence doesn’t have any speed or skills, so I don’t think Garcia can box rings around him for 12 rounds either.

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