ESPN Suspends Max Kellerman

By Robert Ecksel on August 8, 2014
ESPN Suspends Max Kellerman
In a stupor, harsh words were exchanged. She slapped Max. Max slapped her back.

Domestic abuse is the love that dare not speak its name, unless Max Kellerman is careless behind the mike…

Honesty may be the best policy, but some things are better left unsaid.

Max Kellerman, HBO boxing analyst and ESPN radio stalwart, has been suspended by the latter for remarks he made regarding domestic violence.

In conversation Monday afternoon on the “Mason & Ireland” show, the topic du jour concerned footballer Ray Rice and the slap on the wrist he received for allegedly knocking out his fiancé in an elevator. (The two lovebirds have since married.)

In an attempt to personalize the discussion, when depersonalization is de rigueur, Kellerman shared a story about him and his girlfriend, who is now his wife. They were drunk at a college party many years ago. In a stupor, harsh words were exchanged. She slapped Max. And Max slapped her back.

End of story? Not in the eyes of the brass at ESPN.

Coming three days after the suspension of Stephen A. Smith for suggesting that women should be careful not to “provoke” men who are prone to beat them up, Kellerman’s timing couldn’t be worse.

But all’s well that ends well. According to the Daily News, an ESPN spokesman said, “Max Kellerman will return to ESPNLA Radio and SportsNation on Thursday.”

Domestic abuse is the love that dare not speak its name…unless Max Kellerman is careless behind the mike.

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  1. jesse kaellis 05:12pm, 08/11/2014

    If Max Kellerman died tomorrow I would forget the very next day that he ever even was alive.

  2. Darrell 06:49pm, 08/09/2014

    I bet Max & his fiance had mad sex that night!!

  3. Matt McGrain 09:59am, 08/09/2014

    The fact that GTC’s article on Dick Tiger has 2,000 hits in four days and this has 13,645 hits in four hours makes me feel like vomiting.

  4. Eric 09:43am, 08/09/2014

    Like to see Ray Rice or Mad Max try that same sh*t with Ann Wolfe, or even Ronda Rousey. Ann is getting on up there, but she’s still in shape and could kick both their arses.

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:34am, 08/09/2014

    Kellerman’s lame attempt to raise his street cred and be one of the guys…..he forgot to mention that he took a knee when his fiancee bitch slapped him and that he cheap shotted her as she relapsed into nurturing mode!

  6. Eric 09:21am, 08/09/2014

    I don’t know whether to classify “political correctness” as a religion or as a disease. Nothing like a few “show trials” to keep the faith or cause the disease to spread among the masses.

  7. Eric 08:15am, 08/09/2014

    It’s bad enough when I wear my Joe Flacco jersey having to hear how people hate the Ravens because of Ray Lewis, but now I’ll have to hear how they hate the Ravens because of Ray Rice.

  8. Robert Ecksel 04:31am, 08/09/2014

    I agree. In the age of pre-crime and thought police, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

  9. Clarence George 01:59am, 08/09/2014

    Political correctness run amuck…and with a lot more muck to run.

  10. nicolas 01:49am, 08/09/2014

    Stephen Smith’s comments were very stupid from what I heard, however what Kellermen is quoted here as saying is certainly not something that he should have been suspended for. Is there more to this story than that? Or is political correctness run amuck?

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