Et tu, Antonio?

By Ted Sares on June 22, 2012
Et tu, Antonio?
It will be interesting to see what the "Magic Man” has to say about this tomorrow night

“High-level athletes in every single sport have cheated. Why in the world would boxing be any different?”—Scott Christ

Antonio Tarver reportedly tested positive for a banned substance (as yet to be named) in post-fight drug tests administered by the California State Athletic Commission. However, Steve Feder, Kayode’s manager said, “I have been informed by the CSAC that Antonio Tarver tested positive for the drug drostanolone, an anabolic steroid. The substance was found in his pre-fight urine test…”

Feder also said, “I’m aware of the situation, and I’m going to meet with Lateef…and we’ll come out with an official statement. We’re just surprised that someone of his stature would even take a risk and even to do this.”

Tarver, who fought to a boring draw with the strange acting Kayode, has yet to issue an official statement following the positive C SAC test. However, it will be interesting to see what the “Magic Man” has to say about this tomorrow night assuming he works the commentary booth on Showtime for the Ortiz-Lopez bout. As one wag said, “This invalidates every result of Tarver’s career. He now never beat Roy Jones. But since Roy was ruined by a drugged out monster, I also don’t count his subsequent fights. Roy Jones 49-1. Roy is now best in the world.”

I like Tarver and consider him a friend so I hope he has a good explanation for this. Maybe there was a mistake in the testing or maybe the supplements were somehow tainted, maybe this will all prove to be a false alarm—maybe.

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  1. Cab Driver 05:52am, 07/01/2012

    Unfortunately, Roy Jones failed a couple of drug tests himself that his fans fail to want to acknowledge.

  2. Calico-uk 06:04am, 06/26/2012

    It’s going on in MMA and Boxing all the time, just face it, it’s an easy way for the big boys on top to wobble the odds, as though to speak, if they turn a blind eye to the tests on certain fighters, it gives them a inside on “who going to win the fight”, it doesn’t give them a guarantee, but it gives them enough room to drive their production assets in the future.

    You would be suprised just how deep the rabbit hole of corruption really is in this sport and MMA.

    I’m 38 and out of the sport for good. Not going to waste anymore time.

  3. The Thresher 04:17pm, 06/25/2012

    Tarver says:

    “Regarding the California State Athletic Commission positive test against Antonio Tarver for use of a anabolic steroid against Lateef Kayode on June 2, Tarver has issued the following statement:

    “I have always been a proponent of a clean sport and an advocate for the most rigorous drug testing in boxing. The positive test results came as a complete surprise to me today. I will be examining every potential cause and ultimately, I am confident that my fans will see that I was not at anytime attempting to gain an unfair or illegal advantage in my performance.”

  4. TEX HASSLER 02:46pm, 06/25/2012

    A FACT we will probably never know is how many deaths in the ring were drug related. Drugs allow a man to take more punishment than he could otherwise. I like Tarver but regret his actions.

  5. The Thresher 08:59am, 06/25/2012

    Thanks Robert

  6. Robert Ecksel 06:58am, 06/25/2012

    If your local cable provider doesn’t have it, you can go to and register for free. Well worth a minute of your time.

  7. The Thresher 06:52am, 06/25/2012

    How do you get EPIX by the way?

  8. The Thresher 06:52am, 06/25/2012

    Don’t go to the John because this one will be over as soon as he connects with his first long right. TT is as shot as Osama Bin Laden.

  9. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 08:53pm, 06/24/2012

    Thompson stopped Owen Beck in 2010 and Mo Harris in 2011 on ESPN…. In 2012, that there is more than enough to get another title shot…. Yeah, yeah, both Beck and Harris were more shot-up than a block of Swiss cheese, but that’s besides the point…. The rematch is on in Germany come July 7….. EPIX will televise…....

  10. The Thresher 09:12am, 06/24/2012

    Tony Thompson makes a corpse look good. This is a disgraceful mismatch of infamous proportions. Disgraceful. What on earth did TT do to deserve this payday?

  11. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 08:37am, 06/24/2012

    I don’t get regular EPIX channels, but right now I am temporarily receiving EPIX Drive-In from Satellite… They’ve been airing a lotta old horror and sci-fi flicks…....

  12. mikecasey 05:04am, 06/24/2012

    Tony Thompson is actually Turkey Thompson from the forties under a slightly different name. He is eternal, forever wandering through time in search of the heavyweight crown. Ditto Wlad, who has been a time travelling terminator through the centuries. The truth will out eventually and I might have to kill myself for telling you this.

  13. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 04:29am, 06/24/2012

    I see that 141 year old contender Tony Thompson gets another shot at Wlad Klit next month…. Geez Louise…....

  14. EZ E 03:03am, 06/24/2012

    Well, the Chavez Jr “negative” result doesn’t really conclude the “test controversy” in his particular case. That all depends on WHICH SIDE of the fence you’re on, especially if we care to consider the WAY, the CIRCUMSTANCES and the direct VIOLATIONS of the procedure of which the tests were carried out. It’s cool that BOTH came out negative but both DIDN’T go about it accordingly. I’m sure that the Chavez camp had no problems with how Lee’s test were taken as so long as they are allowed to give Junior’s sample the way they deemed it ‘convenient’ for them, which they most certainly did according to the eyewitness account of Lee’s manager, which we’ve all reviewed already. End all doubt?? Yeah, but ONLY if anyone agrees that proceduers and rules are established only to be violated. Yes, we ALL know that this ‘testing issue’ will fade away like a smelly fart, we’re not that naive. The networks will only vaguely make mention for convinient hype “controversy’, thus to arouse the viewers interest, all of which is nothing new, especially while the ‘boxer in question’ is the cash cow/meal ticket. The story is the same, only the names have changed.

  15. The Thresher 09:31pm, 06/23/2012

    Holy Moly. Where do I start. EZ Z may have the beat here. Start early.

  16. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 07:29pm, 06/23/2012

    Steroids are rampant now in sports…. In fact, they are all over…..... Even kids in high school playing meaningless high school football are juicing…... So, anything else new on the front page of boxing??

  17. kelso 01:08pm, 06/23/2012

    mosley, tunney, peterson, berto and now tarver. what is up with the brotha’s. the flomos think that the pacman looks like a brotha so they accuse the pacman of juicing, great ghetto logic there from the brotha’s.

  18. Donald 12:13pm, 06/23/2012

    Before there is a rush to judgement about Antonio Tarver’s guilt or innocence, it should be understood that there is a certain probability of error in any diagnostic tests for substances. That error can have various origins. For example, there is laboratory error—a technician may have had the results simply wrong; there may be equipment error—the analytic equipment may be calibrated incorrectly or just “broken,’ a not uncommon error; there may be error by contamination of a sample, or something as simple as incorrect identification of an unusual substance. Mr. Tarver is a very personable individual and clearly very intelligent. One would hope he would be too smart to place his reputation and career as a boxer and announcer at risk. I suggest that the jury is out until either Mr. Tarver admits he knowingly used the substance, or clearly definitive testing or retesting demonstrates the use of the substance. The series of disasters that has beset boxing of late, both the drugging issues, and the atrocious judging lately seen, does not bode well for the sport. One can only hope Mr. Tarver will be exonerated.

  19. EZ E 11:06am, 06/23/2012

    And yes, FRANKINDALLAS, I’m with you, random testing would definitely help.

  20. EZ E 11:00am, 06/23/2012

    TEDDY, although I’ve always considered Tarver quite overrated and definitely not HOF stock there’s no doubt that he’s made his mark & a name for himself in this game. IF.. this is a false alarm, hopefully so, then all is well, although situations like these leave a rather ‘bad taste’ and ‘lingering odor’ regardless. It’s the way it is. But in all honesty, I’m not that optimistic. I visit a few gyms here on the island, mainly at the Carolina Gym, where Jose ‘Boni’ Bonilla, trainer of Thomas Dulorme, Carlos Quintana.., has striclly warned his fighters that he will discontinue to train any “juicers” immediately upon knowledge and that they will be BANNED from entering the gym to aviod them influencing others. That’s the way it should be done. Teach them while they’re young amauers/prospects that although Boxing can be a dirty game, the fighter’s themselves MUST BE CLEAN!!!

  21. FrankinDallas 10:06am, 06/23/2012

    Only option is random testing….as in baseball.

  22. The Thresher 10:03am, 06/23/2012

    The list of fighters so far named as cheaters is inclusive of: Lamont Peterson, Andre Berto, Eloy Perez, Larry Olubamiwo and, the latest to be named and shamed, Antonio Tarver

  23. The Thresher 09:57am, 06/23/2012

    Yed, Dickie is alert

  24. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat saijo 07:48am, 06/23/2012

    Major props to Knockout CP Freshmart for his big win over Cabilla….which reminds I have to go shopping today!

  25. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat saijo 07:43am, 06/23/2012

    Is a “false positive” the same as a negative positive as opposed to a positive positive…..anyway I’m glad Tarver cleared this whole thing up….I was worried there for a minute!

  26. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat saijo 07:35am, 06/23/2012

    Conte is working with Gonzales who steamrolled his opponent on last night’s fight card… can’t make this stuff up…you really can’t!

  27. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 07:19am, 06/23/2012

    Ted Sares-This problem could be solved in a heart beat….just outsource all testing to Dickie Cole in Texas!

  28. The Thresher 04:47am, 06/23/2012

    “Today’s news of a false positive caught me as well as my family and supporters by surprise, I apologize for the embarressment it caused. ... I’ll appeal and submit to the California Commission everything that I’ve consume(d) prior to June 2 that could (have) caused this honest mistake.” says Tarver

  29. The Thresher 04:30am, 06/23/2012

    It’s an epedemic. Berto, Peterson, and now The Magic Man.

    Gary Shaw says:

    “...the horrible scoring by the judges, the excessive use of PED’s, and the inability of promoters working together, is only going to kill this sport,’’ Shaw continued. “Something needs to be done and major changes need to be made, and the time is now. The boxing business is getting worse by the day and we are losing fans by the minute. Boxing has been around longer than any other sport and we must keep the integrity of the game pure. I implore the commissions around the United States to take severe action against any fighter who doesn’t abide by the commissions’ standards. We need a strict drug testing policy to rid the sport of those that don’t want to play by the rules, and we need more competent judges.”

  30. raxman 02:17am, 06/23/2012

    well i can’t imagine that all these guys have been caught if the testing is the same as it were before floyd put the issue to the forefront of boxing. floyd’s stance with pac shone the light on the poor quality of testing in the world of boxing, all of a sudden we have more guys caught in the last month - not to mention guys with some sort of profile - then i can remember ever being caught

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