Evander Holyfield—The Tourist?

By Robert Ecksel on July 31, 2012
Evander Holyfield—The Tourist?
The man who interviewed the anonymous tourist needs a remedial course in observation.

In what could be rightly classified as a sign of the times, NBC, who has devoted its heart and soul, endless hours of airtime, and god knows how many millions of dollars to broadcast the Olympics, mistook former Olympian and heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield for a mere tourist.

It wasn’t because he was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, had a camera strung around his neck, and was talking too loudly about nothing at all. No. It was because there are people in show business, not to mention sports, who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

Granted, it’s been some time since the Real Deal has been a household name (almost as long as it’s been since boxing was a household sport). But one can glance at Holyfield and know he’s a man of substance, a man of accomplishment, with a physique that only the rarest of athletes possess.

The person who interviewed the anonymous tourist and failed to recognize the above qualities needs a remedial course in observation.

Holyfield of course, mellow as always, took it in his stride.

“The Today Show did interview me yesterday,” he wrote on Twitter. “They didn’t mention who I was.”

It’s just like Holyfield to play his cards close to the vest. Better to keep the uninformed guessing. But those of us who know—really know that Holyfield is no tourist.

No sir. He’s the Real Deal.

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  1. Bob 01:50am, 08/01/2012

    These are the same people in charge of televising a jerk like Adrien Broner. They think it shows character for him to comb his hair in the ring and going to eat at a diner despite being overweight for a fight.  They find merit in that kind of behavior, but can’t identify a former Olympian with a tremendous list of pro accomplishments. Go figure?

  2. Fas 01:04am, 08/01/2012

    A similar thing happened to Usain Bolt…


  3. procopy 12:59am, 08/01/2012

    maybe a punch in the jaw would make them recognize him?

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