Exclusive Interview with Frank Bruno

By Will Vickers on October 17, 2017
Exclusive Interview with Frank Bruno
“Tim won fair and square. He was the toughest fighter I ever boxed.” (rexmailscanpix)

“I had a simple mantra throughout my career—to beat my opponent as quickly as I could. Boxing is not a sport to mess around with…”

“Tim Witherspoon was the toughest fighter I ever boxed.”—Frank Bruno

Frank Bruno has a professional record of 45-5, 38 KO’s. In the 1990’s he was adored by the UK fans, and seen as the people’s champion. Fighting in the era with some of the all-time greats such as Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson. Frank Bruno without a shadow of a doubt will be remembered as one of the greatest British fighters to have ever lived.

What originally got you into boxing?

As soon as I stepped in a boxing gym I knew it was the place I wanted to be. As a kid I was a bit of a tearaway, but I was petrified of my mother’s reaction if I ever bought the police to the family door.

The beginning of your career started with a twenty-one fight winning streak. Do you think this is because you were hungry? Or just being built as a fighter?

I was hungry from the start. And I had a simple mantra throughout my career—to beat my opponent as quickly as I could. Boxing is not a sport to mess around with. Get in get out.

You were part of the 90’s golden era. What was it like being in the ring with the likes of Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis? Could you tell us what it was like fighting them from your perspective?

I loved fighting these guys. Mike, I knew from when I was much younger. We sparred together in America. So, I knew what he would bring when in the ring. With Lennox it was a big fight so I was gutted not to win. But, nothing was going to hold me back from winning the title.

Can you tell us when your film is going to be released? And what can we look forward to?

We’ve not got a release date just yet, but my team is working hard and we have a great script. When it comes out people can look forward to a few twists and turns that’s for sure.

You fought and lost to Tim Witherspoon. Did it affect the outcome with it being outside and early in the morning?

No way. Tim won fair and square. No messing. He was the toughest fighter I ever boxed.

Your book is soon to be released. What can we expect?

The Truth About My Life. I want people to understand the real reasons why I have had some problems since I retired and why I am now in the best place I have ever been.

Over your career you were reported as having mental health issues. Do you think more should be done to help sportspeople who suffer with mental health illnesses? And how could this be done?

We definitely need more support. Boxing in particular could do a lot more. We need more centres where boxers who are having problems could go to get support. There is enough dough in the sport. We need to put a bit back.

What is your opinion of Anthony Joshua? How good is he? Do you think he would have fared well with the likes of you Tyson and Lewis?

He’s a very good ambassador for the sport. I rate him very highly. He treats the sport seriously, trains hard and doesn’t get caught into the trash talk. It’s impossible to say how he would have done against myself, Mike or Lennox. Different fighters, different eras. I am just enjoying watching him. He might dominate for a fair few years.

Frank Bruno’s new book “Let Me Be Frank” is available now for a signed copy…


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  1. Leigh 11:22am, 11/26/2017

    Must give props to Frank good pro at the end of the day won the proper World title ‘the green and gold’ which by the way Joshua would gladly swap all of he’s for. Let’s get it right mickey duff matched him ridiculously easy at some points but this was before he was a world champion, now days promoters are matching fighters who are world champions very carefully and are telling us oh he’s learning he’s learning for me I’m afraid that if your a world champion earning world class purses then you must learn very fast. Met Frank Bruno a number of times what a great guy he truly was the peoples champ.

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