F for Fake?

By Robert Ecksel on September 24, 2014
F for Fake?
If Floyd Mayweather is telling the truth, All Access is contrived, a fiction, a 24-karat fake.

The fight to the death was staged for the cameras, as was the gambling, and the girls were smoking oregano…

Boxing’s pound-for-pound king and pay-per-view monarch appeared before the Nevada State Athletic Commission Tuesday to answer some questions. The questions concerned the second episode of All Access: Mayweather vs. Maidana 2, of which Mayweather the fighter and promoter is also the executive producer and star.

Those not running a boxing commission might not have been alarmed by what they saw, but those running a commission were alarmed, alarmed enough to request Mayweather’s presence at their monthly meeting for a “discussion” to “provide information.”

The first item on the agenda concerned a sparring session that last 31 minutes with no one-minute breaks. The second item on the agenda concerned Floyd’s blonde and brunette, who were filmed smoking marijuana, which is one of the few illegal things in Nevada.

Whatever one’s feelings about marijuana, showing babes getting high on TV is less offensive than most of what appears on the tube. But the law is the law and Mayweather, who doesn’t smoke, appeared to be sanctioning bad behavior when he told one of his gophers to buy the girls some rolling papers.

The 31-minute sparring session between Donovan Cameron and Hasim Rahman Jr. is another matter entirely. When the NSAC issued Mayweather a promoter’s license two months ago, they assumed he would play by the rules. That he has never played by rules other than his own was somehow overlooked. Also, during the sparring session, bets were wagered, much to Mayweather’s delight, and much to the Commission’s chagrin.

Watching Cameron and Rahman Jr. slug it out, as though the Marquess of Queensberry had never existed, wasn’t enhanced by Mayweather stating, “Guys fight to the death. It’s not right, but it’s doghouse rules.”

When asked about that remark and the gambling and marijuana, Mayweather cleared the air.

“With All Access we’re able to edit and chop footage the way we want,” he said. “We are given props or whatever we need. We asked to do something different. We think outside the box. I think that was the most interesting show we’ve ever done on Showtime. I don’t like to just sell the fight. I like to sell a lifestyle.”

In other words, the fight to the death was staged for the cameras, as was the gambling, and the girls were smoking oregano.

If Mayweather is telling the truth, All Access is contrived, a fiction, a 24-karat fake. But who in their right mind takes TV at face value? Could it be the same people who take Floyd Mayweather at face value?

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  1. jackbenny 12:49am, 10/04/2014

    @rob I say it all plays a part, and Mayweahter, whether he likes it or is a role model, to kids and adults. Adults and kids look up to him, he influence millions with his actions and words.  What message he would send if the show profiles the women going to school or doing a home improvement project, like who can remake a room the best. I was joking about the next show, I think Mayweather is the kind of guy that learns, his next show will not show any images of illegal gambling (although they are in Las Vegas a gambling city lol) no images of smoking “weed” and no images of extreme boxing. He might try the titillating thing with the women (last time that’s what the yoga was supposed to be). Watching Mayweather counting money gets boring real quick I think he knows this. You would be foolish to think that in sports like, boxing, mma, football, basketball, soccer etc somewhere along the athletes career they did not or don’t currently have a coach that yells to motivate, or had or have them working out beyond their limit, extreme conditions this is what brings mental, and physical toughness

  2. Rob 05:32pm, 10/03/2014

    @jackbenny - society can be as messed up as it wants. And Floyd is smart and old enough to take care of himself. I don’t care about the weed or the women. The NSAC should really care about the young fighter’s safety more than weed and women. Floyd is a big boy and he ever tests positive, it would only be his own fault. But the young fighter’s careers depend on being brought up correctly. And hey, maybe those young fighters were. But the NSAC a needs to make sure of that because that is the reason Athletic Commissions were formed in the first place. That is my problem with the situation. It looked like a dog and pony show because it was.

  3. jackbenny 03:02am, 10/03/2014

    @rob here is the hearing live,
    check out the guy on the board on the left, you can tell he wanted to get at mayweather. notice how they kept reminding him about his promoter license, other licenses that are not in place and he needs to get them in place. Like I said it can all turn on a dime. They brought up everything in the all access, gambling, drugs, over sparring. The all access got very high ratings, the ppv was very high. Now he has to explain was it real or not. I wonder what he will do for his next show. Picture if he does the exact same thing, he already has the disclaimer out there and what if the ratings are even higher, what does that say about society even throw in the women doing titillating things hey we know sex sells.

  4. jackbenny 12:28am, 10/02/2014

    @rob of course Showtime has a vested interest, the NSAC has to walk a finer line especially now a days. We are in different times, it used to be if your someone famous you use to get away with a lot now any move they make is scrutinized and if it’s something offensive or “illegal” or repeated the powers that be are compelled to go after them. Or they get dropped by sponsors etc. Example Tiger Woods, Martha Stewart, too many pro athletes to name, movie stars etc. Sure they have clout but it only goes so far its not like it used to be where they can practically get away with murder. Let Floyd Mayweather walk into a bar in Las Vegas pick a fight with a guy knock him out, it will be on social media before the guy hits the ground. After that things will get very bad for him, jail time, endorsements gone, law suits etc. Just recently there was an article about a NFL player who did not tip because he got bad service. He was getting a hard time for not tipping for bad service lol. I see it like this the NSAC saw it serious enough to tell him to come in and what did he do come in. Think about what would have happened if he did not come in. There is a vested interest in him but if he screws up all that can be gone in a snap, that simple. Look at the video again notice how they all are puffing and blowing out right away, not inhaling and they look like they are inside a large room, light coming from above, floor looks like an indoor floor, curtains. I would say inside.
    According to the article the A B test, is scored in this way, they have the A sample if its slightly positive they test B. BUT if B is negative or below the guide lines they still go with the “positive” hit on A.  Which to me does not make sense. Could it be in Josh Gordon’s case his history played a part and he was warned if anything comes back of a hint of weed you will be suspended. If you think about it, it does mean he was around weed smoke, if I were him I would say I am now a no smoke anything within 30 yards of me zone, if you with it that’s cool,  if you’re not with it that’s cool too peace.

  5. Rob 03:22pm, 10/01/2014

    @jackbenny - I’m sure a LOT of people would love to dig at Floyd but the NSAC and Showtime are not those people. The NSAC a makes a LOT of money from Floyd and Showtime are in the hole for some serious cash with Floyd so they are not going to allow their golden goose to look bad. I’m sure there is a possibility that the sparring was fake, but if they really cared about fighters they would have asked for the video to make sure. But those fighters don’t generate the revenue that Floyd does so it would actually cost them money to go after Floyd. In regards to the weed; did you notice they were outside? That would make second hand smoke highly unlikely. As far as the tell all books, just wait and see. Once Floyd isn’t giving all the hangers-on any money or gifts, the books are going to be coming in left and right. Although it will be hard to believe anyone at that point.

    I agree that not using dual samples is stupid. And we still don’t know how real are the tests in boxing since, when not done by the commission, they are paid by the boxers themselves. Like in the cases with VADA and USADA. The commissions are unreliable as well since they get paid from the fighter’s purse. I have always held the opinion that drug tests should be done by a Federal agency that oversees the sports regulation with regard to anti trust laws and so on. In boxing however there is the problem that there is no fighter’s union to actually look out for their benefit. And anti trust laws don’t apply as they would in baseball and the NFL a.

  6. jackbenny 02:54am, 10/01/2014

    @rob this is very interesting topic you bring up. Here are some good reference articles I used on the topic.  http://www.itsalloverfatman.com/prime-cuts/slice/report-gordons-drug-test-wouldnt-be-a-failure-by-olympic-standards
    NHL drug testing has less restrictions, and is more open than MLB,NFL and the NBA.
    The Olympics has one of the strictest drug testing protocols in all sports. But they do not use the A B test which some say does not make any sense. And is how NFL wide receiver Josh Gordon got caught. “Gordon’s “A” sample tested at 16 nanograms per milliliter, a bare one nanogram per milliliter above the 15-nanogram-per-milliliter threshold, while Gordon’s “B” sample—which should theoretically be consistent with the “A” sample, as it comes from the exact same specimen—tested at 13.63 ng/ml, lower than the threshold.”
    Josh Gordon is saying it was second hand smoke that got him and according to NFL league policy they do not suspend for second hand smoke. Keep in mind Josh Gordon has failed multiple drug tests in both college and the NFL, and had a two game suspension for failing the drug test from last season and needed to stay clean in order to play this season.
    Regarding Floyd Mayweather, with the way folks hate this guy. Folks would jump at the chance to take him down, that includes the person he hands the piss bottle too, and he is not stupid to put himself in a situation where he could come up positive on a drug test. And those people around him, come on you know if anything slightly crazy was going on they would jump! at the chance to be on tv and right a tell all book lol.  He appeared in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, they felt it was serious enough to have him come in, and you know that session was recorded and can be used as evidence if they go further lol. Come on think it through, just way too much too much to lose and we know “Floyd Money Mayweather” loves money lol

  7. Rob 01:59pm, 09/30/2014

    @jackbenny—Don’t mean to sound like a know it all, but what piss test are you talking about? The ones the commissions ignore when it fits their agenda? Because the Olympic standards for weed are far lower than the standards for piss tests in the case of job applications, for example. Check out what the NFL just did in changing their ‘accepted’ levels. You will get a kick out of it. And just as an FYI, when you’re generating almost 10% of the commission’s yearly revenue by yourself (like Floyd is) I’m sure they’ll hide any piss tests where he tested positive (or by pass them all together like the Texas commission does with Chavez Jr.). Did you notice how quick they believed his side of the story? They could have just asked for the video of the sparring session, Showtime has the video and has repeatedly declined to comment.

  8. jackbenny 08:27am, 09/28/2014

    the thing to me that is funny is you read how sensitive piss test are, second hand smoke shows up as if you were smoking it yourself. you think he would have risked being around weed smokers lol that one was a no brainer.

  9. The Barker 09:39am, 09/24/2014

    Give ‘em the ole razzle dazzle…

  10. Eric 06:48am, 09/24/2014

    Psssst. Reality shows are fake. Pro wrestling is fake. That trash called the Jerry Springer show was fake. And the baby-daddy episodes of Maury Povich were probably staged as well. Even half the news we receive from the controlled media is fiction. They’ve been tinkering with history and replacing it with fairy tales on the so-called “History Channel” for years now. You would think that Nevada would’ve been one of the first states to legalize marijuana. Kind of reminds me of the “dry counties” in the rural South, where meth has now replaced moonshine as the drug of choice.

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