Fair, Firm, and Unemployed

By Robert Ecksel on September 30, 2011
Fair, Firm, and Unemployed
The WBO president decided it would be best for all concerned if Joe Cortez was replaced

Referee Joe Cortez isn’t the only one in boxing who is fair but firm.

After being designated referee for the Oct. 8 bout between WBO junior flyweight champion Ramon Garcia Hirales (16-2-1, 9 KOs) and Donnie “Ahas” Nietes (28-1-3, 16 KOs), the WBO had second thoughts about Cortez’s competence, which they gratefully and decisively acted upon.

Cortez was the third man in the ring during the Mayweather-Ortiz fiasco and has been lambasted for losing control of the fight. That he was given another plum assignment, with neither a slap on the wrist or reeducation, seemed a miscalculation that was not fair, firm, nor justified.

WBO president Francisco “Paco” Valcarel decided that it would be best for all concerned—the fighters, the fans, and the WBO—if Cortez was replaced, and referee Robert Byrd will take over his duties.

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  1. SteveO 12:27am, 06/16/2012

    So sorry Joe. But, you lost control at what turned out being the MOST critical point of the bout.

  2. Jermey Tebow 02:49pm, 02/15/2012

    Cortez is the embodiment of crony capitalism.  He just happens to be in boxing, not for the sake of merit mind you.

  3. Gajjers 10:42pm, 11/03/2011

    While I agree that Cortez dropped the ball somewhat in a couple of high-profile fights, shouldn’t the fair-but-firm approach by governing bodies apply across the board to hold any weight, like Juicy Peach suggests? Even the ref who handled Hopkins-Dawson goofed big-time in my opinion. It doesn’t look good for the sport when the arbiters slip up so badly & so frequently…

  4. Juicy Peach 05:26am, 10/03/2011

    David I did say this was just my opinion.  I’m just saying what he looked like at the end of the fight.  Both fighters got knocked down but only one of the was out of breath and sweating badly.  I record fights and watch them again to make sure I see what I thought I saw.  Like I said it is just my opinion.  If you don’t record fights, start recording them and take another look at them.  You just might be suprised at what took place the second time you see them.  Would even love to talk to you on the phone.  It would only be about boxing.  I used to have a friend to talk about boxing but he left so I don’t have anyone to share my real thoughts with! lol

  5. David Matthew 02:58pm, 10/02/2011

    Peach - I’m not sure what you’re implying…are you saying Ortiz was on something? (PEDs)?

  6. Juicy Peach 12:55pm, 10/02/2011

    Mr. Matthew, If you are in a fight, any fight for that matter, would you not protect yourself and especially since it’s a championship fight?  The guy seemed he didn’t mind giving up his belt.  He lost it on the first defense.  I don’t believe he won it fairly with Berto.  This is just my opinion.  When the fight was over, this guy wasn’t breathing hard or even sweating that hard nor was he out of breath.  Made me wonder what was going on with him.  Berto was sweating profusely while Ortiz was just barely sweating and breathing normal; they WERE in the same fight.  Can you tell me what you saw in that fight?

  7. David Matthew 06:05pm, 10/01/2011

    I’m pleased to see Cortez take a hit - while he may have motioned for time to be in - he was not definitive and lost control of the fight….He should have definitively brought the fighters together - made them touch gloves and then said ‘fight!’ - he did none of that.

  8. Juicy Peach 06:58am, 10/01/2011

    You guys need to take another look at that film slowly and see that Joe Cortez had motioned for the fight to continue.  He was also calling for time in.  There was not that much riff when Russell Mora called a fight between Agbecko and Mares when he let Mares keep doing the low-blows!  Why wasn’t he fired?!!  I believe the only reason that everyone is so miffed is that Ortiz is young and looked on as white and that he had a hard time growing up; but who hasn’t.  Give Cortez his job back and let him continue to referee.  A lot of fans don’t like Floyd because he has a mouth and flaunts what he has. Arrogant, and sometimes obnoxious.  But he is what he is.

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