Fantasy Springs Mismatch

By Ted Sares on May 28, 2015
Fantasy Springs Mismatch
As for Dong, unlike the slow-witted and untalented Moreno, he appears to have potential.

Lance Gauch beat one Dakota Talbot (2-14) two times in a row in preparation for his fight with the Chinese giant…

“Disgraceful. I would be too ashamed to even raise my hands after a ‘fight’ like this.”—Poster named Krifko

Taishan Dong is 6’11” or 7’ (depending on which hype you wish to believe) but he does weigh a well distributed 284 pounds. His record is now 5-0 with each of his fights being held in the U.S. under the watchful eye of Golden Boy Promotions. One of his wins—against Jamal Woods (6-18 coming in)—came by way of MD suggesting that he may not be quite the mountain he is named after. Nevertheless, He is being brought along at a less-than-Toro-Moreno-pace and that could bode well for the big guy.

Lance Gauch, out of Missouri, is a 26-year-old who is badly out of shape (he weighs a flabby 291 pounds) and sports a 5-9-2 mark. Lance beat one Dakota Talbot (2-14) two times in a row in preparation for his fight with the Chinese giant on May 22 at the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, California.

The very likable Gauch was a two-time state finalist while at Hannibal High School in the 189-pound weight class. While wrestling for the Pirates, Gauch set the Hannibal High tech fall record. He was also an outstanding football player at Hannibal High and signed to play football at Culver-Stockton College.

Gauch started well enough and even caught Dong (who fought just 30 days ago) with a couple of hard shots, but then, with 32 seconds remaining in the first round, the Chinese giant landed an overhand right that caught Lance behind the ear and sent him down like he had been shot. The knockout has already been billed as a highlight reel and that’s fine and dandy. What is not so dandy is the way Lance Gauch was carried out of the ring in a stretcher and sent to a hospital. Thankfully, he is OK.

As for Taishan, unlike the slow-witted and untalented Moreno, he appears to have potential but until he steps in with someone who can get inside his wingspan, the jury is out.

Ted Sares is a member of the Ring 4 Boxing Hall of Fame (New England) and a member of Ring 10 (New York). He is one of the oldest active powerlifters and strongman competitors in the world and is the 2014 EPF Nationals Champion in the Grand Masters Class.

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Taishan Dong vs. Lance Gauch- 5/22/15

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  1. Kid Blast 07:46pm, 05/29/2015

    Andy Ruiz would knock Dong on his giant ass. Andy has great hand speed and can hit with pop.

  2. procopy 04:53pm, 05/29/2015

    damn they should have sent Andy Ruiz Jr instead

  3. Tex Hassler 02:48pm, 05/29/2015

    You are correct it was a total miss-match. Taishan is being brought along very slowly and carefully. He may not get far.

  4. NYIrish 02:40pm, 05/29/2015

    Look at the size of that Dong! He’s got a LONG, Hard road ahead.

  5. Kid Blast 10:01am, 05/29/2015

    But not very fluid in his movements,  I think he is very vulnerable if someone can get inside and work him over, That’s a big “IF.” Still, they are brining him along slowly and that’s smart. He must graduate from Circus Curiosity to boxer and then to potential prospect. It will be a dong gone long journey.

  6. John aka L.L. Cool John 09:43am, 05/29/2015

    Damn, he’s Dong-gone huge!

  7. Kid Blast 06:43am, 05/29/2015

    CG, Your post is a case of the kettle calling the POT black—pun intended

  8. Kid Blast 06:19am, 05/29/2015


  9. Eric 05:29am, 05/29/2015

    Dong is built well for a giant. He is much, much, larger than his more famous uncle, Long Duck Dong. Kind of hard to believe that the 6’1” Liston had the same reach as Dong. How much roadwork did Gauch do in preparation for this fight?

  10. Clarence George 04:42am, 05/29/2015

    What most strikes me about this article, NYI, is its blatant and virulent fattism.  I have a file on the author as thick as Lance Gauch’s waist, which will soon be forwarded to the Committee Against Fatty Fat Fat Haters (CAFFFH), conveniently located in Tony Galento Plaza in beautiful downtown Orange, New Jersey.  Action will be swift and sure…perhaps even a strongly worded letter of disapproval, if not outright condemnation.

  11. NYIrish 04:07am, 05/29/2015

    Events like this used to take place at obscure carnivals. Now they are televised. Progress!
    Taishan Dong sounds like a Brooklyn basement porn star.
    Clarence, are you on the air?

  12. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:26pm, 05/28/2015

    Ted Sares-I’m thinking that when Taishan Dong goes down and he will at some point, he’s going to have a hard time getting back up….I could be wrong. Way too soon to compare him to Valuev even though Nikolai only had a handful of amateur bouts himself.

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